This won't be a Calc blog, more of a "How The Magi verse works" thread so if you wish to know, sit back and read. This won't be that long as i'll mainly explore the cosmic scale of the Magi verse. 

The hierarchy

There are is an infinite Hierarchy of worlds which are dimensions each with a universe within them.

Alma torran is one of these and confirmed to be a separate Universe and dimension when Ugo stated they'd travel through dimensional tunnels to a different universe which is the magi planet universe 

Aladdin confirmed far back that Alma torran was not merely another planet but an entirely different Space-Time.

However Alma torran is not a higher world but merely a world that is vertical to the Universe within which Magi is set in, this from the manga shows that as there are higher dimensions and universes there are also worlds that are alongside the other worlds. Each world should be around the same size.

So Essentially the verse has an Endless/Infinite amount of Dimensions/Universes both vertically and in an ascending hierarchy.

David states that the size of the Universes are Infinite, which should also be the size of the dimensions which harbour those universes.

The Gods

Each Dimension has a god within them 

Comparing the god of a higher world to the god below him is like comparing acharacter to his author character to his author (Essentially infinitely superior), meaning to the higher gods, High Multiversal+ characters such as Sinbad and Ugo are like characters and they are the authors and so on and so on, endlessly.

Each god looks down at the world below them and control the destiny of the universe and everyone within it, this means everything they ever do, have done or will dois merely the will of the god above them.

Ugo, Sinbad and David are all 5-D characters via transcending 1 dimensional level.

Solomon is implied to have gone even further, Potentially 6-D.

Low Gods who are basically pets to the likes of Ugo can casually create and exceed the size of a Universe.

What this means

This essentially means that Since we have Ugo, Sinbad and David at High Multiverse+, there are an infinite amount of characters that scale infinitely higher than them. That's pretty insane when you think about it, it makes Magi one of the strongest verses, essentially meaning the verse can't be solo'd by anything less than a High 1-B, 1-A/High 1-A or Tier 0.

That's all, might update this thread as i remember more about the Magi verse.

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