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    Frisk is, unfortunately, one of the most downplayed Indie protagonists around, due to how rather difficult it is to scale the characters.

    Thusly, a lot of misconceptions exist which people make use of to say Frisk is low or mid tier in Undertale's scaling. I will go through these misconceptions to show people why Frisk is actually on full power Asriel's level, if not higher.

    To understand some of my answers, first I must explain how Frisk's powers work. Frisk essentially works like the Incredible Hulk, except instead of rage, the more Determined that Frisk gets, the stronger she is. It's how Frisk was able to beat Asgore despite the massive power difference between Asgore and Undyne (who Frisk struggled against earlier in the story), how Fri…

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  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    Undyne was, one day, fascinated by the fact that humans can wield swords up to 10x their size

    So her and Alphys made a a sword just like it.

    Thusly, this sword would be able to go up to 10 times Undyne's size

    Undyne is 6'3" tall

    She is~2.1683 feet wide

    And roughly a half foot thick (that's what most people are)

    6.25 * 2.1683 * .5 = 6.7759375 cubic feet

    Now, for the actual sword:

    6.25 * 10 = 62.5 feet
    2.1683 * 10 = 21.683 feet
    .5 * 10 = 5 feet

    62.5 * 21.683 * 5 = 6775.9375 cubic feet of sword.

    The mass of steel is 490 pounds per cubic foot

    6775.9375 cubic feet * 490 pounds = 3320209.375 pounds

    3320209.375 / 2000 = 1660.105 tons Undyne can lift, or 1,506,021.6 kilograms.

    Class M Lifting Strength feat for Undyne.

    And this is a casual feat as she would be wieldin…

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  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    Kris is the main protagonist of Deltarune, and the character which the player controls directly.

    Tier: 8-A

    Name: Kris

    'Origin: Deltarune (Undertale)'

    Gender: Left ambiguous

    Age: Unknown, likely slightly older than Frisk

    Classification: Human child

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Information Analysis, Soul Manipulation(Can tear out people’s souls, even their own), Fear Manipulation(Kris gets spookier than before while holding the Spookysword and the Jevilstail, Ralsei admits the sword is scary), Empathic Manipulation via ACT(Can make even the most violent enemies calm down, every enemy has a different way to be calmed down), Sleep Manipulation(Can talk enemiesto sleep) Enhanced Senses(Can smell abstract concepts such as teamwo…

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  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    All credits to this calc goes to Crimson Azoth.

    The All-Star Zombie, upon charging, instantly has his entire body catch fire upon him moving.

    American Football armour is made of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has has a ignition point of 853.15 kelvin. I will assume that the temperature is rising from room temperature, or 293.15. Which means that the polycarbonate shell needs to get 560 K hotter.

    Specific heat of polycarbonate=1.3kj/kg K


    I will assume that the zombie is heating up just the front of his helmet, and the fire is trailing back, which is a half-sphere with no core. The helmet has a diameter of 40.64 cm, and a thickness of 1.27 cm (standardised) That means that the total volume of the helmet is approx 25000 cc. That mea…

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  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    Brain Freeze instantly freezes an entire waterpark at once.
    Second picture to prove the waterpark was indeed frozen.

    Traditional water parks carry about 900,000 gallons of water in them.

    900,000 gallons weighs 3,406,870.61kg
    (taken from

    Latent heat of water is 334,000 J

    3,406,870.61 * 334,000 = 1,137,894,783,740 J


    271.9633804349904267 tons of TNT; well into Multi-City Block Level.

    And that doesn't count all the snow, the fact that he also froze the water in the hot tub, or the blocks of ice he froze each of the plants in.

    Solar Flare, while frozen, got so hot she melted the entire waterpark and even nullified Brain Freeze's powers.

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