A redo of The Causality's calc

DokiDoki Sand Crater Redux

Regina Size = 66.31 px = 158.7 cm (Average size of 14 years old girls) =1.587m

Diameter=1330.22px à Radius=665.11px= 15.918105414m

Depth= 172px=4.116483185m

The spherical cap formula πh/6*(3a²+h²) where A = Radius and H = Height/depth

Volume: ((pi*4.116483185)/6)*(3*(15.918105414^2)+ (4.116483185^2))

= 2.15538555544*(760.158239914+16.9454338124)




Pulverization of sand is 3670j/cc

E=1,674,958,033.43cm^3 x 3670 joules/cc.

=6.147096e+12 (Small Town Level)

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