The Netkings Cloud Movement

  • Mech City compared to the black cloud
  • Mech City compared to how far the cloud's move within 3 seconds
In order to shield the public from the FORBIDDEN POWER, the Netkings spread thick black clouds all throughout the Island.

Comparing the clouds to Mech City, comparing it to New York City due to it being it’s inspiration, which would make it about 330 miles or 531,084 meters

Cloud Volume: 3.603241969491E+17 meters cubed

Density of clouds = 1.003 kilograms per meters cubed

Mass: 361405169539947300 kilograms

Comparing the city once again to the overlapped frames before and after the cloud moved within 3 frames,

3 frames / 60 frames per second = 0.05 seconds

Speed = 11545.3043478 meters / 0.05 seconds

Speed = 230906.086956 meters per second

Kinetic Energy = 9634631927280872300620338481 joules or 2.3027322961952374 Exatons of TNT (Multi-Continent Level)

Since we don’t know if a single Netking was responsible, which is likely but just as a lowball, let’s assume all 5 contributed equally

9634631927280872300620338481 joules / 5 Netkings = 1.926926385456174460124E+27 joules or 460.54645923904746496 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent Level)

Kajet surrounds TOME with his aura

Kajat's Aura Speed

First by finding the distance TOME was away from the camera using Mech City as the object to compare,

2atan(tan((70 deg) / 2) * (253 / 768)) = 0.453404189 rad or 25.978146443316 degrees

Mech City’s Width = 330 miles or 531084 meters

Distance = 1.1512e+6 meters

12 frames / 60 fps = Timeframe

Timeframe = 0.2 seconds

Speed = 5,756,000 m/s or 1.919994932 percent the speed of light (Sub-Relativistic)

Gamecrazed moves in tandem with light

TOME Gamecrazed flies past light

Gamecrazed moving in tandem with a beam of light summoned by Webmaster.

Gamecrazed movement: 149 px

Light movement: 542 px

149/542 = 0.27490774907

that's 27.490774907 percent the speed of light or 82,415,269.8 m/s (Relativistic)

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