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Finally, here we go. Here, this video skips a bit to avoid copyright but the part where Thanos pulls a moon is fine.

EDIT: RIP, copystriked. Try to search for another video, I think this one is fine due to having health bars therefore not copystriked.

Thanks to TTGL on Naruto Forums a lot of scaling is done already.

Speed of meteorites

2*atan(401/(1080/tan(70/2))) = 19.955394639887441 degrees

He uses the moon Dione due to assuming the Titan is the moon in our solar system, however that is not true. It is a planet, Thanos's homeland.

So I'll just use standard assumptions, our moon's size. 3475 km in diametre.

Plug that into the angular size calculator it's 9.8763e+3 km away.

3.31 seconds, so

9.8763e+6/3.31 = around 2 983 776.44 m/s, just extremely slightly less than sub-rel, Massively Hypersonic+

Iron Man tanks a meteorite

The Moon's density is 3.344 g/cc.

I'll use TTGL's scaling again:

A quick search reveals that Iron Mans suit is 6'5" tall (1.9558m).

9 pixels = 1.9558m

1 pixel = 1.9558m/9 = 0.217311111m

0.217311111m X 134 = 29.1196889m

29.1196889m/2 = 14.5598444m

Volume as a sphere.

4/3 X π X 14.5598444^3 = 12 928.8177 m^3

12928.8177*3344 = 43 233 966.3888 kg

Then KE

0.5*2983776.44^2*43233966.3388 = around 1.92e+20 Joules, Island level

Ripping and dragging a moon

Again, with TTGL's original scaling, with my modified values.

R = (h/2) + c^2/(8h) = (12/2) + 173^2/(8 X 12) = 317.760417

317.760417 X 2 = 635.520834 pixels

635.520834 pixels = 3475 km

4 pixels = 21.87 km

3475/2 = 1737.5 km

1737.5-21.87 = 1715.63 km

Halving because it mainly seems to be the front side.

(4/3*pi*1737500^3-4/3*pi*17156300)/2 = around 1.1e+19 m^3

Violent fragmentation of rock is 69 000 000 joules/m^3

1.1e+19*69000000 = 7.59e+26 Joules

Now for the KE:

1.1e+19*3344 = 3.6784e+22 kg

0.5*2983776.44^2*3.6784e+22 = 1.64e+35 Joules

Now total energy

(7.59e+26)+(1.64e+35) = still around 1.64e+35 with negligible difference, Large Planet level