Putting everything we concluded on the content revision thread here so that it can be evaluated.

So there are two great feast, respectably:

Neville falls from a broomstick

Many Harry Potter-downplayers used this to say that wizards are only Human level, for Neville broke his wrist. However, that is definitely not human durability.

"Come back, boy!" she shouted, but Neville was rising straight up a cork shot out of a bottle - twelve feet - twenty feet
~ Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (The Midnight Duel)

20 feet = a bit more than 6 metres


Let's say Neville's around 60 kilograms.

60*6*9.8 = 3528 Joules, aka Street level+

Harry Potter falls from a bike

Kep calced this to be low-end Wall level here.

However, this is a low-ball. As explained by Heilergott, Kep assumed that Harry was falling FROM his bike with 0 starting speed. He did, however, crash into the ground on the bike with a starting speed of at least 150 miles per hour, due to outspeeding broomsticks. Even cheap ones can keep up with Harry's Firebolt. Also keep in mind that Kep didn't take into account the weight of the motorcycle.

So that's a low-ball.

Anyway, my take.

I'll be using terminal velocity. Terminal velocity prevents you from going over 320 km/h, and that's the case when it's 50 metres or up. Terminal velocity should apply to Harry Potter's case.

That's roughly 89 m/s.

Assuming Harry's at least 60 kilograms, or so, we can get the K.E. of it:

237 630 Joules. Slight improvement. Still Wall level.

We can't use Kinetic Energy for falls, so we'll just use Kep's original low-ball.

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