My previous calc was not accepted since I did not account for camera panning. However, after analysing the feat again, I think the calc is correct. Here's why:

Btw here's the feat. The original video in my original calc was broken.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.02.50 AM

We see a flash of Cap's shield. Cap was at the end of the car.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.04.38 AM

Even though the camera panned, it's safe to say that in this shot, Cap has already completely passed the car.

It took Cap just 0.12 seconds to outrun a car. The scene takes place in Romania, but actually it was shot in Berlin, or more specifically, Messedamm Underpass. The two countries have like the exact same speed limits.

An underpass is a type of tunnel, and a tunnel is considered a type of non-building, according to Wikipedia. The speed limit in these types of area is about 50 kilometres per hour. Or about 13.9 m/s.

For the car's length, I can't find that car on the Internet Movie Car Database. A 1996 Mitsubishi Carisma appeared before the shot changes to Captain America.

So that car has a length of 4.45 metres. Seems like a solid mid-ball for a car's length.

In 0.12 seconds, the car would have moved 1.668 metres, if it was travelling at 13.9 m/s. Adding the length of the car itself, 4.45.

So Captain America ran 6.118 metres to pass the car.

6.118/0.12 = 51 m/s, Subsonic

tl;dr My previous calc was not accepted because of camera panning, but rewatching the clip, I think it is obvious that Cap passed a car in 0.12 seconds.

Also as you seen in the screenshots above, Cap is a blur, nearly invisible to the human eye. I think that supports Subsonic running speed too.

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