This feat happens in the Canon comic Star Wars: Thrawn, Issue 5. This battle is described more in detail in the 2017 Thrawn novel (the comic is an adaptation of the novel).

The Feat

Two Arquitens-class light cruisers bombard Scrim Island on the planet Batonn.

Thrawn 2018 Issue 05 Page 03

There is no official diameter for the planet Batonn. As a low end, mid end, high end respectively, I'm going to assume diameter of planet Jakku (6400 km), Scarif (9112 km), Coruscant (12240 km).

It should be noted that Coruscant is the standard to which planets in Star Wars are generally compared. Hence the decision to use its diameter for the high end rather than our real life Earth.


Shitty attempt at pixel-scaling:

Thrawn 2018 Issue 05 Page 03 - Copy

Spherical cap calculator

Note: Using a circle segment calculator gives the exact same results.

Red right triangle:

Face a = 80 px

Face b = 650 px

Hypotenuse = Cap Chord AB = 655 px

Blue right triangle:

Face a = 40 px

Face b = 325 px

Hypotenuse = 327.5 px

Purple line:

= Cap height = 56 px

Sphere radius:

= 985.65 px = 3200 km | 4556 km | 6120 km

Explosion 1 diameter: = 14 px

Explosion 1 radius: = 7 px

Low end = 7*(3200/985.65) = 22.73 km

Mid end = 7*(4556/985.65) = 32.36 km

High end = 7*(6120/985.65) = 43.46 km

Note: Explosion 2 is too damn irregular. It's a pain in the ass to pixel-scale. So I won't bother. It's only slightly bigger than Explosion 1 anyway, so the yield would actually be only slightly higher.

Explosion yield

I explained on this blog that turbolaser blasts are nuclear in nature. So there is no need to divide by 2. And I'm going to go with Fireball method. Fireball radius (ground contact airburst) was suggested by Kepekley and accepted by Zanybrainy. So that's what I'm going with this time as well. Makes sense since those detonations are from the turbolaser bolts hitting Scrim Island's planetary shield.

Star Destroyer Net Nuke Calculator

Low end = 6.04 Gigatons

Mid end = 14.60 Gigatons

High end = 30.60 Gigatons

That jackass Admiral Durril ordered full salvoes from all of the ships in his flotilla in a stupid and desperate attempt to brute-force his way through Scrim’s shielding. These were Arquitens-class light cruisers of the true blow-your-shit-up variety, not those piece of crap Arquitens-class command cruisers. They’re armed with four dual turbolaser cannons, which can all be focused on one point thanks to the vessel’s shape and their placement across its hull. I’m going to divide the above results by 8 to get the yield per shot.

Final Tally

Arquitens-class light cruiser turbolaser yield per shot:

Low end = 755 Megatons = 7-A (Mountain level+)

Mid end = 1.825 Gigatons = High 7-A (Large Mountain level)

High end = 3.825 Gigatons = High 7-A (Large Mountain level+)


  • These turbolasers are not of the "heavy" variety. These would be "medium" turbolasers.
  • This shit should scale to anti-capital grade proton/concussion warheads. They should be at least comparable.
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