The Star Wars galaxy is home to many weird and wonderful things. In the “Yoda’s Secret War” arc of the Star Wars Marvel 2015 comics, we are introduced to the Vagadarr system and its living mountains made of a beautiful blue stone that is strong in the Force.

The Feats

In issues 29 and 30 of this comic series, we see that these Giants of Living Stone can unleash violent tremors merely by waking up and walking around. Kenobi’s narration even says that their voices can crack the ground and shake asteroids from their orbits.

Now the latter has so far gone unproven, but the former is indeed true.

Here are some scans. I apologize for them not being in the proper canonical order.

The Science behind the Feat

Now the tremors these beings can unleash are so powerful that they can cause severe damage to solid stone structures, make it difficult for healthy warrior people to even maintain proper balance, and collapse portions of cliffs.

Mercalli Intensity Scale


BCIT Unit 1: Earthquakes

BCIT Unit 2: Earthquake Effects

CSM Quake Article

Based on what I’ve read in the above links, this all corresponds to an intensity of at least VIII on the Mercalli Intensity Scale or Magnitude 7.0 and higher on the Richter Scale.

Per our own Earthquake Power Chart, that is 1.995262e+15 Joules or 476.879 Kilotons.

Final Tally

Strength of the Giants of Living Stone:

= At least 476.879 Kilotons = At least High 7-C (Large Town level)


Yoda blocked multiple attacks from one of these giants and then proceeded to overpower him with his telekinesis. So Yoda is also at least of this level.

Of course this scales to Papa Palpatine. And Mace Windu in turns scales from Papa Palpatine. Mother Talzin is also on this level or only just below.

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