I was reading the Canon novel Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. In the very first short story, we learn that the Tantive IV, which is a CR90 Corvette, is capable of travelling from Scarif to Tatooine in under one hour.

The passage:

“Status”, Raymus requested as the door slid closed behind him.

“We’re maintaining lightspeed, for now,” the nearest officer informed him. “Remains to be seen how long the engines can keep this speed up. If we can hold this speed, we’ll be at Tatooine within the hour. But the drive’s still in bad shape; motivator could go at any time.”

~ From a Certain Point of View: Raymus

Their hyperdrive motivator fails and they end up exiting hyperspace at the edge of their destination system. Just a few minutes later, the Devastator, an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and personal flagship of Darth Vader, drops in behind them and starts firing on them.

Obviously the Devastator would have left Scarif a bit after the Tantive IV as Vader had to get his cybernetic butt on her before she could depart. So she obviously took around one hour or less to make that journey.

Distance from Scarif to Tatooine

Now because I’m a lazy piece of shit, I shall use this already calculated distance between Scarif and Tatooine:


Before I proceed, I would like to point out that hyperspace lanes are absolutely not straight lines. So the Tantive IV and Devastator would not actually have covered the straight line distance of 3,258.3 light-years. The “distance” they would have travelled through hyperspace would actually be more. 3,258.3 light-years is therefore actually a lowball.

The actual bloody simple calc

3,258.3 years is 28,561,671.306 hours. So you would need that much time to travel from Scarif to Tatooine at the speed of light. But the Tantive IV and Devastator can travel that distance in around one hour via hyperspace.

In conclusion: Any ship equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive is around 28.5 million times speed of light via hyperspace jumps. Note that Class 1 hyperdrives are far faster. And the Millennium Falcon has a freaking Class 0.5 hyperdrive.


The Clone Wars animated series, the 2017 Thrawn novel, and The Last Jedi film make it clear that Class 2 and Class 1 hyperdrive equipped vessels are capable of covering tens of thousands of light-years in a matter of several hours to at most a day. Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship the Chimaera, which is the same class of warship as Darth Vader’s Devastator, can cover a few tens of thousands of light-years in as little as 15 hours. So this is indeed consistent.


Imperial-class Star Destroyers (the Devastator is an Imperial I-class) are stated to have a Class 2 hyperdrive in Canon (same as Legends). The hyperdrive class for the CR90 Corvette (which is what the Tantive IV is) has not been specified in Canon. However, it is likely the same as in Legends, which was Class 2. Given that the Tantive IV and Devastator take roughly the same amount of time to travel from Scarif to Tatooine, she most definitely has the very same class of hyperdrive.

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