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    From Rubble to Dust
    The next instant... Hansa vanished without a trace.


    Jester let out a confused grunt. The priest he was sure had been a few meters away until a

    moment before was right in front of him swinging a fist before he knew it.

    Then Hansa’s right fist plowed into Jester’s face, just a little faster than Jester could react.

    Jester went flying through the walls of the lobby and into an inner room.

    “...I meant to knock his head off, but it’s as hard as you’d expect.”


    The voice in the hole stopped. The next instant, countless bits of rubble launched from the hole in the wall.

    If you told someone that an oversized cannon had been loaded with debris and fired, they would have believed you. In fact, they would have had difficulty be…

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    There are two calcs, the first for the AP for the BT's voidout, and the second for Sam's travel speed.

    BTs caused voidouts throughout the world, and some of the aftermath is visible on the map above in the form of craters.

    If we look at the chiral network map, we can find some especially large voidout crater. Comparing it to a section of the map of the United States that is 200 km (according to Google maps), we can find the diameter and radius of the craters

    30 px = 200 km diameter

    1) 24 px crater = 160 km [16000000 cm] diameter, 80 km [8000000 cm] radius

    2) 30 px crater = 200 km [20000000 cm] diameter, 100 km [10000000 cm] radius

    3) 60 px crater = 400 km [40000000 cm] diameter, 300 km [20000000 cm] radius

    As we see fro…

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    Gyokko literally summons 10,000 flying killer fish to eat Muishiro from his pots, only for Mushiro to bisect them all in an instant.

    Feat here:

    Muichiro Tokito is 160 cm or 1.6 m, and we can estimate his sword length and arm length from his character design:

    Muichiro's Height: 1753 px = 1.6 m

    Sword length: 908 px -> (908/1753) x 1.6 = 0.83 m

    Arm length 564 px (564/1753) x 1.6 = 0.52 m

    Sword + Arm length: 0.83 + 0.52 = 1.35 m

    180 degree swing distance: pi x 1.35 = 4.24 m

    Now to get the distance between Gyokko and Muichiro, and the height of Muichiro's jump:

    Muichiro's Height: 231 px = 1.6 m

    Distance to Gyokko: 1164 px -> (1164/231) x 1.6 = 8.06 m

    Jump height: 209 p…

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