So the Dholes have been mentioning to have destroy Yaddith's planet. Now, it was overtime and the whole species was involved, but it is probably still calcable.

So, what value do we use for the destrucion of Earth? I would say the GBE of Earth would be enough. Since the worms ate the planet, yet still caused it to be destroyed, it looks like they would need their wastes to be ejected outside the gravitational force fo Earth. Apart from pure deletion of matter, I don't see any other way it could work.

So the GBE of Earth is 2.24e32j. Okay.

To seperate this Energy into each individual Dhole we need to known their numbers and the timeframe.

For their number there hasn't really been any specific number. So uh, gotta use the pretty average number of a Million. 1 000 000. It's not like they have been mentioned to be in high number anyway.

For the time? It was mentioned the Yaddith people fought them for Hundreds of Years, Again, picking a pretty average number of 500 years. To know how much damage they dish out we must convert it to seconds. So 15778476000 seconds.

So let's divide the energy by the time. 224000000000000000000000000000000/15778476000=14196554851051521072123.8223514108713668. So the Dhole species were able to produce this amount of energy.

For each members, we do 14196554851051521072123.8223514108713668/1000000=14196554851051521.0721238223514108714 joules. So Small City level+.

This is a, uh, a quite special calc. I don't really know if such thing is calcable but eh. I tried.

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