So in light of the DC Solar Sytem characters upgrade I think a Marvel one is also fair. Here I will work out the energy of it.

The feat is here, as you can see she directly converted the 81% the mass of the black hole into energy, as assessed by her opponents (who wehere basically super computer robots).

I will use an Intermidiate mass black hole as a realistic mid end, and according to here they are a hypothetical class of black hole with masses significantly more than stellar black holes but far less than supermassive black holes. I will use

M-82 NGC 3034 has a mass of 200 to 5000 Solar Masses, but this page lists it as 460.

E = MC^2

LE: 1.989e30 x 460 = 9.1494e32

Speed of light is 300,000,000 m/s

300,000,000 x 300,000,000 = 9e16

9e16 x 9.1494e32 = 8.23446e+49 Joules or 823.446 KiloFoe

823.446 / 100 = 8.23446

8.23446 x 81 = 666.99126 KiloFoe

Obviously this would scale to Thor, Gladiator, Hyperion, Silver Surfer, Hulk ect.

This would make the gap between Marvel and DC literally indistinguishable.


Kaltias told me I should use 299 792 458 for the sake of a ccuracy.

299 792 458 x 299 792 458 = 8.98755179e16

8.98755179e16 x 9.1494e32 = 8.22307063e49 or 822.307063 KiloFoe

822.307063 / 100 = 8.22307063

8.22307063 x 81 = 666.068721 KiloFoe.

Schwartzchild Radius Version

Actually we can use the Schwartzchild radius calc in reverse.

If the black hole is already larger than the planet killer ships then lets give it a radius of a planet. The battle happened in an asteroid field and we know that it was larger than the planet killer ships. Let's use planetoid 704 Interamnia's radius as an example.

2 x gravitational constant (6.674e-11) = 1.3348e-10

1.3348e-10 / (163000 * 8.9875518e+16) = 9.11144351e33

Using Mass-Energy.

9.11144351e32 x 8.98755179e16 = 8.188957e+49

8.188957e+49 / 100 = 8.188957e+47

8.188957e+47 x 81 = 6.6330552e+49 or 663.30552 KiloFoe.


I have recently found out that the so-called planet killer ships are this large, which would make them the same size as the Red Spot - which is in turn larger than the Earth. I have tried to use the earth and the red spot along with other large planets an actual size but the result would make Binary more powerful than the Sentry - which clearly isn't true. As a result I decided that using asteroids/planetoid would be much more concurrent.