I personally believe that the Tiers of Beelzebub are completely wrong and (no disrespect to the author) just plain lazy. Tatsumi is still High Tier despite beating Fuji who is Top Tier, Toujou is Tier 9-B despite managed to fight on par with Jabberwock, and if we count the Kings Crest Boost he (Toujou) should be Tier High 7-C to Low Tier 7-B would be appropiate with scaling.

Tatsumi Speed Feats (EOS)

Even BEFORE using Super Saiyan Switch his fight with Fuji caused (possible) Sonic Booms.

He easily blitzes Fuji, even claiming he jumped too far

In mid air he launched himself at the Hypersonic+ Fuji (scaling from the Pillars) and attacked him before he even reacted.

Attack Potency Feats

Even BEFORE using Super Saiyan Switch his clash with Fuji engulfed an entire City Block, and Super Saiyan Switch is stated and shown to be a huge multiplier. 

When absorbing the power of the King's Crest he managed to blow Fuji far across the planet and high into the atmosphere.  His range should also be enlarged to Large Country level as well.

My presumptions are; Fuji was blown halfway across the planet (I will also calcute if he was only blown across the horizon), Fuji weighs the same as as a crossfit athlete and the speed that he was blown away at.

We know that Ishiyama is in Tokyo, which is in Honshu which is the temperate region. Because of this we also know that the height of clouds in the temperate region can reach up to 6000m.

The equation for Force is Mass x Acceleration, if Fuji (given his build) weighs the same as Richard Froning Jr (88 kg and 175cm) and is around the same height as Oga (179cm) then his heigh should be around 88kg given that they have the same build.

This means Force = 88kg x Acceleration. For acceleration I will assume that Fuji was blown across in 0.25 seconds so the acc would be 6000 x 4 = 24000m/s.

88 x 24000 = 2112000N. This his how much force is required to blow Fuji as high as he was.

Halfway Across The Planet.

The circumference of the planet is 40075000m, which divided by 2 is 20027500m. If we assume it was once again done in 0.25 seconds then it would be 80150000m/s.

88 x 80150000 = 7053200000N.

We have the two sides but we don't have the hypotenuse. Phythagoras Theorem will help us out here.

A) 6000 x 6000 = 36000000

B) 20027500 x 20027500 = 4011007560000000

A + B = 4011007600000000

Square Root of 4011007600000000 = 63332516.1 x 4 (Remember it's done in 0.25 seconds) = 253330064

88 x 253330064 = 22293045632N

The Force is 22293045632. To Find the work done (as in convert it into joules) we need to do Force Times Distance.

This is 22293045632 x 63332516.1 = 1411874670000000000 Joules or 1.41187467 Exajoules (for the record thats as much energy as The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan), the amount of energy released in One Megaton of TNT is 4.2 Petajoules. 

1411.87 / 4.2 = 336.160476

This means that at max the blast had energy equal to an 336 megaton bomb.

From the Horizon.

For an observer atop Mount Everest (8,848 metres (29,029 ft) in altitude), the horizon is at a distance of 336 kilometres.

(6000 / 8848) x 100 = 0.678119349 = 68%.

336 / 100 = 3.36 (1%)

3.36 x 68 = 228.48 x 4 = 913.92 x 1000 = 913920

88 x 913920 = 80424960 m/s

228480 x 228480 = 52203110400 + 36000000 = 52239110400

Square Root of 52239110400 = 228558.768 x 4 = 914235.072

88 x 914235.072 = 80452686.3N

Work Done = Force x Distance

80452686.3 x 228558.768 = 18388166900000 Joules = 183 Terajoules

The amount of energy released by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Little Boy) was 63 Terajoules.

183 / 63 = 2.9047619

At minimum the blast had energy three times greater than Little Boy.

Oga Minimum: Tier 7-B and Maximum: At Least High 7-A (Most Likely Low 6-C) High Hypersonic+ (Speed Remains The Same Either Way)


Fuji: 7-A High Hypersonic

Shinobu Takamiya: High 7-B High Hypersonic

Hildagarde: 7-C Hypersonic+

Hidetora Toujou: 7-B High Hypersonic

Aoi Kunieda: 7-C Hypersonic+

Hajime Kanzaki: High 8-A Hypersonic

Tatsuya Himekawa: High 8-A Hypersonic

Takayuki Furuchi (w/ Hecadoth): 'High '8-A7-C (Fully Possessed) Hypersonic (Hypersonic+ When Fully Possessed)

Takayuki Furuchi (w/ Jabberwock): Low 7-B Hypersonic

Takayuki Furuchi (w/ Behemoth): High 7-C Hypersonic+

What do you guys think?