The Feat

You have guessed right from the title. This

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The Calculation

The smoke in the background freezes when Peter runs. So apparent speed=0.001 m/s.

X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in May 1983 (Return of the Jedi was playing in theatres)

During May, windpseed in Cairo is approximately 9 mph

9 mph= 4 m/s

So 4/0.001= 4000x slower frame

Evan Peters weighs 77 kg.

Hand+Forearm= 2.23% body weight. In that case 1.7171 kg.

We need to find the speed at which Apocalypse was sent flying.

Apocalypse should weigh a minimum of 100 kg.

So by law of conservation of momentum: m1v1=m2v2

m1= 1.72 kg

v1= Subsonic= 34.3 m/s

m2= 100+1.72=101.72 kg

So v2= m1v1/m2=0.5766 m/s.

But this is in a 4000x slower frame.

Hence real speed= 2,306.4 m/s.

Therefore KE= 265974000 J or 0.063 tons of TNT. small Building level

The Result

Blue guy gets his whooped= 0.063 tons of TNT (9-A)

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