I found a better way to scale Nidavellir's size. This pic helps. You can see Thor jumping vertically and and the ring



I'm really bad in pixel scaling. So I used the old ruler method πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I zoomed that pic to max capacity in my Redmi Note 6 Pro. I got this

Thor= 3 mm

Ring=44 mm

But Chris Hemsworth's real height is 1.9 m. So by comparison we get the ring as 27.867m.

I then fit the pic in a circle.

PicsArt 10-24-03.38.32

So my using my ruler and zooming a bit....

Ring= 3 mm

Circle= 65 mm

So my using the size of circle in previous pic, we get the size of the circle as 603.785m.


603.785m? I would love if someone uses pixel scaling on the exact same pics

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