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In Avengers: Age of Ultron, characters like Quicksilver, Captain America, Thor, Vision and Hulk were shattering Ultron Sentries via pure force.

The following calculation can be used for shattering of any human sized robot

The Calculation

Ultron Sentries were made of Grade-V Titanium. My friend DMUA told me to use shearing strength.

The shearing strength of Grade-V Titanium is 550 MPa.

The Ultron Sentries were as big and had equal proportion to Aaron-Taylor Johnson himself.

Johnson weighs 82 kg.

Human body density is 985 kg/m3

Therefore body volume=82/985=0.083248731 m3 or 83248.731 cc.

550 MPa=550 J/cc

Hence energy=83248.731*550=45,786,802.1 J or 0.011 tons or Small Building level

The Results

Shattering Ultron Sentries= 0.011 tons of TNT (9-A)

Good supporting feat for 8-C MCU characters

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