The Royal Knights

Reasons for This Blog

I was rather inspired by Azathoth's blog post that justified Undertale's stats, and after that disastrous Jesmon vs Seiya thread I thought I'd go through the Royal Knights to give everyone a sense of how powerful they really are.

First off, the Royal Knights' raw power.


Universal Base Stats

The Royal Knights are generally seen as relatively comparable to each other, occasionally clashing when their individual ideologies come to terms. Thus their scaling to one another.

Now, their Multi-Galaxy level and Universal ratings come from scaling to Gallantmon/Dukemon, one of the most prominent members of the Royal Knights. As a Digimon marked as a Digital Hazard, he is confirmed to have enough power to completely destroy the Digital World. Contrary to popular belief, the definition of the Digital World varies from series to series, ranging from planet, to universal, to even multiversal. However, the reason that we're going with the Universal definition is the fact that Gallantmon has two evil counterparts, ChaosGallantmon and Megidramon, who are mirror images of each other.

Why is this relevant? Well, in Digimon Tamers a glimpse of Megidramon's power is shown when Takato forcibly Digivolved Guilmon into Megidramon, whose presence alone was enough to start the breakdown of the entire Digital World before dissolving the barrier between the Human World and the Digital World, which would have led them to eventually crash into each other before being annihilated completely.

But why can't we go with the planet definition? Well, ever since the beginning of the franchise, it has been confirmed that the Human World and Digital World are concurrent universes, with Digimon Xros Wars confirming that a Zone, which amounts to a fraction of the Digital World, is about the same size as the human universe.

Thus Digimon of Gallantmon's caliber are able to bust entire universes with their power, thus their current ratings with some leeway due to differences in power between the Knights.

But where do their Multiversal+ stats come from? Hold your horses, that's coming up next.

Cyber Sleuth Stats

The Royal Knights are given their current standing in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth since they're able to face each other on relatively even terms (disregarding the hax below) while Omnimon and Alphamon went to help take down the Mother Eater, a being able to affect all worldsmeaning an infinite number of universes and timelines as confirmed by statements by several characters in the game. In addition, there are numerous mentions of higher-dimensional space that Yggdrasil (who makes up the majority of the Mother Eater) inhabits, which the heroes fight in. In addition, there are even higher planes that Suedou says that humans can't and should never access, to quote the man himself:

"The Eaters' memory integration network is beyond our understanding, our imagination, and even our ability to comprehend. The Eaters existed in regions we cannot, and must never have access."

So we have not only confirmed that the heroes fought the Mother Eater in higher-dimensional space but we've also confirmed that they defeated a being that can affect an infinite number of branching timelimes. Thus their Multiversal+ rating in this game is more than justified.

Now that we've debunked any downplay and delusions of Digimon being weaker than its feats show, let's get to the most important part of this article, hax.


Several of the Royal Knights have hax so potent that they're almost never brought up in-story due to how quickly they'd break the story in two. The only reason why we know about them are from the few times they were seen and the official databooks. So let's go over things, shall we? Let's start with everyone's favorite.


  • All Delete!

Or Omegamon if you prefer. As the single most famous Royal Knight, he's probably one of, if not the most important to mention of the bunch. Surprisingly enough, his signature ability is actually rather easy to explain. It's called the Omega InForce. It's the primary reason for his overall badassitude, granting him limitless stamina (and thus the ability to spam his attacks ad infinitum) and the ability to see the immediate future, allowing him to always be one step ahead of his opponent. Combine that with his Absolute Zero attacks and you have someone who is virtually guaranteed to end you in a single hit.

While this is great and all, the real beauty of this power is only shown upon becoming Omnimon X, in which he gains full control over its powers, bolstering his already amazing might and improving his foresight. He also gains access to his infamous All Delete attack, allowing him to utterly erase anything that the blade comes into contact with, bypassing all forms of durability and effectively wiping the victim from existence. In addition, depending on how his use of it in the movie was interpreted, it can also be used to force a reset of reality by deleting any and all data he desires before restoring the configuration data as he sees fit, allowing him to eliminate the havoc Yggdrasil caused with the Ark Program and saving his friend Alphamon after the latter sacrificed himself (albeit, leaving Alphamon in his amnesiac Rookie form to spare him the trouble of doing it again). Thus he has a Low 2-C rating for this feat and placing him as one of the strongest Digimon ever.

But we're just scratching the tip of the iceburg in terms of hax, so let's keep moving shall we?


Alphamon Render By Skodwarde

If Omnimon (made more obvious by his aforementioned Japanese name) represents the end, Alphamon represents the beginning. By beginning, I mean resetting the battle all the way back to the beginning, since Alphamon's Save Scumming ability gives Determination users a run for their money. His power is known as the Alpha InForce, allowing him to repeat his actions as many times as he desires for as long as he desires. Sounds simple right? But this one's a doozy.

To put it concisely, this ability allows Alphamon to warp causality to re-do his attacks an infinite number of times in an instant, allowing him to essentially attack an infinite number of times in an infinite number of points in space, rendering his attacks virtually impossible to dodge. In addition, this ability allows him to re-do the entire battle as many times as he wishes (usually when he would be defeated), making it virtually impossible to outright defeat him unless someone is able to use some amazingly high-tier Reality Warping, which he is known to have serious resistance to since he's unfazed by the Reality Warping, Information Manipulation, and Conceptual Manipulation abilities of Multiversal+ entities. All of these things happen so fast that outside observers would think that his opponent was instantly felled in a single stroke.

That was nuts, let's take a breather with UlforceVeedramon.


Digimon story cyber sleuth ulforceveedramon by zer0stylinx-d92g5st

If you want to beat someone, sometimes you'll just need to outlast them. UlforceVeedramon is the embodiment of this philosophy. Despite being among the strongest of the Knights physically (and is without a doubt their fastest), his true power is his ability to simply outlast his opponent through his eponymous Ulforce ability, which allows him to constantly regenerate from wounds that would put most others out of the fight. His Regeneration is so potent that he is able to regenerate faster than instant deletion attacks can keep up with, meaning that he's arguably the single hardest member of the Royal Knights to put down. Combine that with his impressive Tensegrity Shield (which no-sells attacks from Demon Lord-class Digimon with ease), and you have a metaphorically lightning-fast wall that's nearly impossible to stop. In addition, this regen means that subatomic hax is virtually useless, since UlforceVeedramon will continue to regenerate whether or not there's anything left of him.

Alright then, back to the tough stuff, let's get on to another protagonist's partner, Magnamon.


Ever envy one of those guys who seems to be perpetually lucky? Well, Magnamon's armor is literally the power of miracles itself. As a result, his power is to generate every miracle he needs to overcome his foe, meaning that the universe literally caves to his need to win, creating a series of coincidences that lead to his victory. To quote the official databook itself:

"No matter what kind of predicament those who acquire the power of the Digi-Egg of Miracles fall into, they're able to overcome it through that miraculous power..."

So Magnamon essentially has a very powerful version of Probability Manipulation that borders on Plot Manipulation.

But wait, there's more! Upon becoming Magnamon X, he also gains the ability to become completely invulnerable by converting his entire body into Gold Digizoid, a metal so tough that even in its unrefined state as Huanglong Ore is resilient enough to repel any and all of Lucemon's attacks. To prove this, I will once again quote from the databook, "During battle it will increase in hardness, and if it enters the "Gold Digizoid" state in which its entire body shines gold, it is completely invulnerable." As a result, we have yet another Royal Knight who can't be put down with conventional means, showing just how powerful the series is.

But we have a couple of more stops on this train, so let's keep moving.


Gallantmon's hax would be right at home in the Saint Seiya verse. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for the plot), he only gets to use all of it in Crimson Mode. This is mainly showcased through his ultimate attack, Quo Vadis, in which he instantly atomizes the target and BFRs them to an unknown dimension that's impossible to access or leave or in the databooks' terms "whither thou canst not follow". However, being Megidramon's counterpart, he's still powerful enough to destroy the Digital World simply by allowing his power to surge in all directions.

With the most famous members out of the way, let's move on to the newest member of the Knights and probably the most controversial in terms of abilities.


Jesmon bandai

Digimon's Jesus and the reason for this blog in the first place. Either way, he's arguably the most haxed of the lot (even though the descriptions around his powers can easily be mistaken for NLF. To be specific, his defining power is something called OS Generics, which is actually rather vague in its official description in which it " enables it to temporarily rewrite its own data, and perform actions that transcend the laws of nature, leaves its physical abilities unbound by the laws of the Digital World, Jesmon can overpower any enemy without taking a single scratch." Now, this is ripe for cries of NLF, but I personally think it can be explained without wanking it to an extreme extent.

To put it in the most logical way possible, Jesmon is able to use a form of Reality Warping targeted at himself, unhinging himself from the laws of the Digital World (which are mainly the laws of physics and reincarnation). If I were to explain it simply, Jesmon is able to temporarily make himself the indestructible wall or invisible boundary in a video game. Unless you are also able to pull things outside of the laws of physics (i.e. Reality Warping or being an entire dimensional tier above) he becomes utterly impossible to harm since it is a physical law that he can't be harmed. On the opposite end of things, he is able to set his damage output to "100% of the target's health", which explains his power to fell foes in a single blow. This is the most sensible explanation for the mechanics of OS Generics I can think of without verging into NLF territory.

Now, last but not least, we go to the often forgotten (but no less capable) founder of the Royal Knights.

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Imperialdramon paladin mode

Have you ever wondered what kind of character it would take to defeat someone with Low-Godly Regeneration without Reality Warping? Well, this is guy is one of them. As the founder of the Royal Knights, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is easily one of the strongest through sheer physical might alone, being able to wield the entirety of Omnimon's being in the form of a sword. But he wouldn't be on this list if the Omni Sword was just a really sharp blade. The real danger behind it is that it is essentially a short-ranged but more powerful All Delete. Not only does it erase the target on hit, but it resets their configuration and clears it entirely. In regular terms, it annihilates the soul, mind, and body in one strike to prevent regeneration or reincarnation of any kind, making it a virtual (no pun intended) one-hit kill against anything without Mid-Godly Regeneration or higher and bypassing intangibility by attacking said components of one's being directly. Should he somehow be unable to close the gap, he's still armed with beams of antimatter (which obliterate matter at the subatomic level) and has the power to shape and control dark matter (you know, the thing that makes up over a quarter of the known universe). So the Digimon who represents King Arthur is not to be trifled with.


So in the end, this is my attempt to sell just how powerful the Royal Knights are in a semi-entertaining manner. I hope this ends threads and postings that downplay Digimon's sheer power.

Of course, there are still the other Royal Knights, but their abilities aren't really comparable in terms of the haxxing capabilities that the above use. Nevertheless, they too aren't to be underestimated, but they lack the crazy feats and powers that the guys above do. So I hope you guys found this informative and somewhat enjoyable, and thanks for reading.

Addendum: Resistance to Hax

Recent threads have brought the fact that I haven't adequately explained the reasons for the Royal Knights' resistance to hax abilities to the general public. As a result, I'm going to do so now.

As the subtitle implies, the Royal Knights have a long history of resisting powerful hax of all kinds, from Reality Warping to Time Manipulation to Spatial Manipulation and even Soul Manipulation.

In the little known Cathode/D-1/Brave Tamer series that was only released in Japan, ZeedMillenniummon made his debut and attempted to destroy the entirety of the multiverse. As Yggdrasil's personal guard, the Royal Knights were dispatched to try and stop Zeed from destroying the world. However, due to the power gap, they were easily defeated. What's most important is the fact that they weren't wiped out. In fact, the Knights managed to survive and report the situation to the Digimon Sovereigns and Ryo Akiyama. The fact that they weren't utterly destroyed despite the fact that Zeed's very presence tears apart time, space, reality, and DigiCores (the Digimon equivalent to a soul) implies an incredible resistance to hax, as they would have otherwise been annihilated by Zeed's raw power.

This feat is later repeated in the Digimon XROS WARS manga continuity, in which Dynasmon is absorbed by an artificial ZeedMillenniummon and thus ripped apart, mind, body, and soul and became part of the beast. After Zeed's defeat, he is completely restored. This is once again yet another showing of the Royal Knights incredible ability to survive powerful hax.

Then in Digimon D-Cyber, Alphamon, Magnamon X, and Gallantmon X were facing off against Dexmon, who was deconstructing the entire Digital World after completely fusing with it. At this time, Dexmon had become one with space-time itself and was thus free to manipulate it as he pleased. Alphamon was able to slow Dexmon's efforts to protect the other Digimon, but Magnamon X and Gallantmon X weren't even tickled by the phenomenon and were thus speaking casually.

In Digimon Data Squad, the Royal Knights were forced to bear the entire weight of the Digital World to prevent it from crashing into the Human World and annihilating both. During this time, Yggdrasil chastised the Knights for rebelling against him, but not once did he attempt to destroy them through its vast control over space-time and its ability to control any and all information in the Digital World. In addition, despite displaying power over life and death (such as restoring Spencer Damon to life despite previously destroying his soul), Yggdrasil also never bothers to even try to kill them despite the fact that it would further its plans. This leads one to believe that he is simply unable to do so through its usual methods despite being far above them in overall power. This further lends credence to the Royal Knight's ability to resist hax of all kinds.

Finally, in the most recent entry in the series, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, both Alphamon and Omnimon fight the Mother Eater, who is able to completely reset reality and affect "all worlds", referring to an infinite number of universes. In addition, it has all of Yggdrasil's abilities due to being born from a fusion of Yggdrasil, the Eaters, and Suedou, which includes a wide assortment of Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, and Information Manipulation. Through all of these showings, it's evident that the Royal Knights have resisted an assortment of hax of all kinds on a variety of occasions. Thus they have a wide assortment of resistances on their profiles.