Ok, so this is my first time doing a calc on my own, so correct me if I'm wrong.

So I noticed this from the profile of Abigail Walker kicking a dude at Relativistic+ speed so I'll be using the same calc but different % of the speed since it was calculated. The Flash has punched/pushed Parademons at Relativistic speed so it makes sense to use the same method.

Original calc:

Flash was able to perceive the Justice League in slow motion who are this fast:

So using this website, I'll be doing calcs from 23% as the low end and 93% as the high end as we only accept kinetic energy up to 93% the speed of light since Flash is faster than the League and can time travel by going at near light speed which would be 50%.

So the actor who plays Flash's weight is 72kg so:

Low-End: 23% = 1.783E+17J (7-B)

Mid-End: 50% = 1.001E+18J (7-A)

High-End: 93% = 1.108E+19 (High 7-A)

So what do you guys think?

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