The Feats

Atropus is a massive sentient moon that travels across the multiverse ending all life on planets it crosses. Now the book it appears in also gives the necessary information to get its GBE and KE suprisingly enough


Atropus is stated as being 700 miles in diameter. It is also stated to have lower gravity here. Now the degree of lower gravity isn't explictly stated, but it does mention that creature's carrying capacity is doubled, so I don't think using .5gs is a bad idea

So using this calculator and (after converting 700 miles to 1126.541 kilometers) I got the following

  • Mass: 2.331E+22 Kilograms
  • Escape Velocity: 2.4 km/s
  • Minimum GBE: 3.863E+28 Joules (High 6-A)

So the forumla to find GBE means you nees to first find a planet's mass. In order to find mass you need the objects radius and gravitational acceleration. The forumla is M = gr^2/G, where M = Mass in kilograms, g = gravitational acceleration, r = radius from core in meters, and G = universal gravitational constant. Since the planet is .5 gs the gravitational acceleration should be half that of Earth's

  • M = (9.80665/2)*(563270.4)^2 / (6.673 x 10^-11)
  • M = 4.903325 * 317,273,543,516 / (6.673 x 10^-11)
  • M = 1.5556953e+12 / (6.673 x 10^-11)
  • M = 2.3313282e+22

So GBE is U = 3GM^3/5R. Here's a easy to use calculator. So inputting the mass and radius we get the following for GBE

  • 3.684 x 10^28 joules (High 6-A)

Kinetic Energy

Once its Aspect is beaten, Atropus will rapidly launch itself away from the planet at a speed of 40,000 feet. Now this probably means 40,000 feet per second as this happened after multiple checks and the player's where given enough time to get off the planet, but to be safe kt could be 40,000 feet per round instead. A round in DnD is 6 seconds, which would make the speed 6,666.66667 FPS. So using this calculator I got the following

  • 40,000 FPS Figure = 1.7327E+30 Joules (5-C)
  • 6,666.66667 FPS Figure = 4.81306E+28 Joules (High 6-A)


Atropus' GBE = 3.864E+28 Joules or High 6-A

Atropus' KE = 1.7327E+30 Joules or 5-C

Atropus' low end KE = 4.81306E+28 Joules or High 6-A

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