In the episode, “Think Positive”, at one point, Benson unleashed all his anger so hard, it caused a crater to be made in the aftermath, which had Mordecai and Rigby in the epicenter of all of this.

Feat Here (For the aftermath, skip to 4:05)


Skips: 50 px/1.9558 meters (he is 6’ 5”)

Crater: 148 px/5.789168 meters (2.894584 meters for the radius)

Due to the crater depth being hard thanks to the work of the camera angle, Ill just account for the semisphere volume.

[(4/3)*pi*2.894584^3]/2 is 50.7945462612 m^3 for the volume, or 50794546.2612 cm^3.

Not sure whether or not this is supposed to be pulverization or vaporization, as no fragments remained, and the ground simply disintegrates upon contact. Lets do some ends.

Pulverization: 50794546.2612*214.35 is 10887810991.1 joules/2.602249280855641 tons, or Large Building Level.

Vaporization: 50794546.2612*25700 is 1.3054198e+12 joules/312.0028202676864 tons, or Multi-City Block Level.

This should be able to scale to the entire verse, to those who can harm Mordecai and Rigby, including themselves.

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