Just some more calcs made for Battle for Dream Island in commemoration of BFB 15’s release last week, some are actually upgrades, and others are just support. Anywho, lets get to it.

Spongy carries his jet

Apparently, he had his jet with him, and he was just fine.


Pencil: 145 px/1.755 meters

Spongy width: 205 px/2.48120689655 meters


Spongy width: 205 px/2.48120689655 meters

(All parts are the value for the Rectangular Prism)

Upper Jet height: 77 px/0.93196551724 meters

Upper Jet length: 375 px/4.53879310345 meters

Bottom Jet height: 123 px/1.48872413793 meters

Bottom Jet length: 437 px/5.28920689655 meters

As for the width, we unfortunately dont get a good glimpse of it due to bad camera positioning, so as a lowball, I will assume that the width for both upper and bottom parts is 3 meters, given that Spongy would need room to move, and also by the fact that there would be an extended table of the controls.

Upper part volume: 4.53879310345*0.93196551724*3 is 12.6899959869 m^3

Bottom part volume: 1.48872413793*5.28920689655*3 is 23.6225099322 m^3

23.6225099322+12.6899959869 is 36.3125059191 m^3 for the total volume.

36.3125059191*2710 (density of aluminum since it is a jet) is 98406.8910408 kg.

Im assuming that only 20% of the jet is the affected material.

98406.8910408*0.2 is 19681.3782082 kg, or Class 25.

This should pretty much affect the weight Bubble was carrying while she was lifting Team Ice Cube, in which Spongy brought his jet with him likely since the beginning of the challenge, which makes sense because he wouldnt have a way to get out afterwards, so he had to bring it.

Bleh tags ABNTT’s rocket

Feat here


Pencil: 592 px/1.755 meters

Golf Ball base: 295 px/0.87453547297 meters


Golf Ball base: 69 px/0.87453547297 meters

Distance rocket moved: 547.5 px/6.93924886161 meters

Timeframe: 0.08 seconds


6.93924886161/0.08 is 86.7406107701 m/s for the rocket’s starting launch speed.

Time it flies before Saw tags it: 7.13 seconds


Ill be using the acceleration formula to find the distance, given how it makes sense that rockets are just starting up, and theyh are slowly increasing in speed.

(1/2)(86.7406107701 m/s^2)(7.13 s)^2 is 2204.81187783 meters for the distance Saw jumped.

Timeframe for Saw to jump and tag the rocket: 0.43 seconds


2204.81187783/0.43 is 5127.46948333 m/s, or Mach 14.94889062195335 for Saw’s speed, which is Hypersonic+.

Time it flies before Book grabs Saw’s hand: 9.57 seconds


(1/2)(86.7406107701)(9.57)^2 is 3972.06508166 meters for the distance Book jumped.

Timeframe for Book to jump and grab Saw’s hand: 0.51 seconds


3972.06508166/0.51 is 7788.36290521 m/s, or Mach 22.7065973912828 for Book’s speed, which is Hypersonic+.

Since all 8 members of Bleh were able to do it, I think its safe to say this scales to everyone. Also, insert joke of how BFDI now speedblitzes most of RWBY if this gets accepted

Firey outruns an asteroid

Feat here

For reference, they ARE indeed referred to as asteroids, as said here. Also, note that while the asteroid seemed to be moving slower from what we see, this could most likely be Cinematic Time issues. After all, the thing WAS on fire when it was charging at Firey.


Distance asteroid moved: 42 px

Distance Firey moved: 89 px

That means that Firey was moving 2.11904761905x faster than the asteroid. The average asteroid usually moves at 25 km/s (25000 m/s).

25000*2.11904761905 is 52976.1904762 m/s, or Mach 154.449534916035 for the speed of Firey, which is Massively Hypersonic.

I gotta say, while hes one of the most underrated BFDI characters, he wasnt so useless after all! This pretty much supports his claim in BFB 11, and I am sure this scales to everyone who can keep up with Firey.

Spaceships outrun lasers

Feat here

Now, notice how when Spongy was dodging the lasers, he was going into a loop, and actually MOVED AWAY from the laser? That means that he is pretty much moving faster than it, and I can guarentee that this is a great deal.


Distance laser moved: 124 px

Distance Spongy’s spaceship moved: 403 px

So already, the ships are capable of moving 3.25x FTL.

Puffball and Spongy fly back to Earth

Feat here, starting at 7:40. She does not appear on screen again until 8:35, to the point she already came back to Earth.


Pencil: 544 px/1.755 meters

Puffball: 284 px/0.91621323529 meters


Earth: 117 px/12742000 meters

Puffball: 447 px/0.91621323529 meters

12742000 * 576 / [117 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 44793752.3739 meters for the distance to Earth.

0.91621323529 * 576 / [447 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 0.84305273926 meters for the distance to Puffball.

44793752.3739-0.84305273926 is 44793751.5308 meters for the distance Puffball travelled.

Timeframe: 55.1 seconds


44793751.5308/55.1 is 812953.74829 m/s, or Mach 2370.12754603499 for the speed of Puffball and the speed of Spongy’s private jet, which is Massively Hypersonic+

Announcer’s range

Feat here


Pencil: 407 px/1.755 meters

Bubble base: 285 px/1.22893120393 meters


Bubble base: 173 px/1.22893120393 meters

Distance shovel moved: 978.5 px/6.95092013321 meters

Timeframe: 0.2 seconds

6.95092013321/0.2 is 34.754600666 m/s for the shovel’s speed, so already, that is Subsonic attack speed for Announcer.

Time it takes to move: 1.6 seconds

34.754600666*1.6 is 55.6073610656 meters for Announcer’s range, or Tens of meters. This should affect his acid tear range as well, given they can travel similar distances and the fact that David, Rocky, and Ice Cube were in their same positioning when they dodged the shovels.

Pin lifts the Eiffel Tower

Feat here


Eiffel Tower: 482 px/300 meters

Distance lifted: 41 px/25.5186721992 meters

Now already, that is Class M lifting strength for Pin, but I am actually here for the PE, just for fun.

Given how Pin only lifted half of the Eiffel Tower, I will only account for half of the tower’s weight. For reference, the Eiffel Tower weighs 7300000 kg, so its weight in half should be 3650000 kg.

3650000*9.8*25.5186721992 is 912802904.565 joules/0.2181651301541587 tons, or Small Building Level+.

Eh, as I said, that was for fun. But if you wanna know whats REALLY fun...

Flower reflects lasers

Feat here

The 1st, 3rd, and 4th lasers arent really visible before Flower moved, but the 2nd one was, so lets use that.


Flower’s head: 280 px/1.42527272727 meters (As determined here)

Distance between Flower and the laser: 554 px/2.8200038961 meters

As for the distance Flower covered, since her head is 1.42527272727 meters, that means the circumference is 6.38183869013 meters. Divide that by 2 (since she had to turn around), and that is 3.19091934507 meters for the distance Flower covered.

(3.19091934507*299792458)/2.8200038961 is 339224195.775 m/s, or 1.131530119330087x FTL for Flower’s reaction speed... but unfortunately, I am going to have to dismiss this as an Outlier, since it is clear that BFDI cant move that fast in their base, being WAY far from what they usually move at.

Final Tally

  • Spongy and Bubble’s lifting strength: 19681.3782082 kg (Class 25)
  • Saw speed: 5127.46948333 m/s (Hypersonic+)
  • Book speed: 7788.36290521 m/s (Hypersonic+)
  • Firey’s speed: 52976.1904762 m/s (Massively Hypersonic)
  • Spaceship speed: 974325488.5 m/s (FTL)
  • Puffball and Spongy’s Private Jet’s speed: 812953.74829 m/s (Massively Hypersonic+)
  • Announcer’s attack speed: 34.754600666 m/s (Subsonic)
  • Announcer’s acid tear/throw range: 55.6073610656 meters (Tens of meters)
  • Pin AP: 0.2181651301541587 tons (Small Building Level+)
  • Flower’s reaction speed: 339224195.775 m/s (FTL) (Outlier)
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