Saw this on the calc requests thread, so lets give this a shot.

Feat Here


The gap of the images is 1 second.

Planet Vegeta: 227 px/59122880 meters (It is 4.64 times bigger than Earth, see this for reference)

Distance explosion travelled: 31 px/8074049.69163 meters

So the explosion was 8074049.69163 m/s, or 2.693213079973479% SoL.

For reference, Planet Vegeta is 100 times heavier than Earth, so its mass is 5.972e+26 kg.

KE (Using the Relativistic Calculator): 19476413038990022966684417747408296397740 joules/4.6549744357050722465 tenatons, or Dwarf Star Level+.

Aaaaaand... that beats the record of the highest High 5-A AP! You can say that this power was OVER 9000!

Alternate End (Credit to KLOL506)


OK so Planet Vegeta's edge reaches the 5th letter in the first picture (Using the letters we see on Frieza's visor) while the explosion hits the edge of the 7th letter. It's a bit complicated to explain so I'll let the pictures do the work for ya.

Planet Vegeta is 702px or 59122880 meters.

The total distance covered by the explosion as seen in the second pic (pixel scaling is in the first one for easier measurement, blue) ranges from 1326-1353px or 27px.

702/27= 26x and 59122880/26 gives me 2,225,772.3077 meters.

Using watchframebyframe, the explosion happens between frames 1940 to 1943 so 3 frames on 25 FPS, and thus the total time is 3/25= 0.12 seconds.

2,225,772.3077/0.12= 18548102.564167 m/s (6.2% the total speed of light).

KE (Using the Relativistic Calculator): 103023853902450466569686990972486526553913 joules/24.623292041694663465 tenatons, or Small Star Level.

Welp, here lies hopes and dreams for that highest High 5-A rating...

Recalc (Credit to Keepley23)

The mass is supposed to be 10 times lower, so 5.972e25 kg for the mass of Planet Vegeta.

KE (Using the Relativistic Calculator): 10302385390245046656968699097248652655391 joules/2.4623292041694661602 tenatons, back to Dwarf Star Level.


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