It is no surprise. Lets try to give more calcs to our beloved Total Drama inspired series tho I feel its more based off Twisted Metal imo, Battle for Dream Island.

Needle yeets the WOAH Bunchers back to the cliff

Feat here

She slaps her members back to the top, 2 of which are Nickel and Coiny, both made up of 2 heavy density materials. But, we obviously need their volume.


Pin base height: 323 px/1.42497363796 meters (Determined here)

Nickel base width: 33 px/0.14558554195 meters

Nickel base diameter: 188 px/0.82939642085 meters (0.41469821042 meters for the radius)

(Pi*0.41469821042^2)*0.14558554195 is 0.07865610608 m^3

Density of nickel is 8908 kg/m^3

0.07865610608*8908 is 700.668592961 kg for the weight of Nickel.

Given that he and Coiny are the same height and width, Ill use the same volume of m^3 for Nickel on Coiny, but with copper density.

Density of copper is 8960 kg

0.07865610608*8960 is 704.758710477 kg for the weight of Coiny.

Now we can do ZA REAL CALC!


Needle: 102 px/1.77627272727 meters

Cliff Height from Needle’s feet to the top edge: 429 px/7.47079411764 meters

Ill be assuming Initial speed, due to the inconsistency with the angle and the cinematic timing (Where it took Coiny to get there longer but Nickel’s launch was much faster).

For reference, I am basing it off of this.

Initial speed: sqr[2*9.81*7.47079411764] is 12.1068980581 m/s

KE: 0.5*704.758710477*12.1068980581^2 is 51650.7019128 joules/51.6507019128 kilojoules, or Wall Level.

Eh, the KE was for fun, I was actually here for the lifting strength.

704.758710477*12.1068980581 is 8532.4418633 Newtons.

8532.4418633/0.06 (the time a punch lasts) is 142207.364388 newtons/14.5 tons/13154.18 kg, or Class 25.

She did this method again on Nickel, albeit the result would be lower due to him being lighter than Coiny, but still 25 regardless.

Big Four’s (possible) speed

Something I have discovered whilst browsing, Four’s speed in his big form should most likely be faster. Basing it through this...

Four is 198889719.959 meters. The average human is around 1.755 meters tall. So, Four is 113327475.76x the size of a human.

With this, the average human runs somewhere between 5 and 7.7 m/s. I will use 6.35 m/s as an average, as thats between the lowest and highest value.

113327475.76*6.35 is 719629471.076 m/s, or 2.400425533973907x FTL.

Pencil lifts the HPRC

Feat here


Pencil: 139 px/1.755 meters

HPRC length: 253 px/3.19435251799 meters

HPRC height: 174 px/2.19690647482 meters

Ill just say that the width is the same as the height, as its more reasonable of there being short sides.

2.19690647482*2.19690647482*3.19435251799 is 15.4172167929 m^3

Given the gears and that it must be stuffed with them just for the mechanics of revival to work, Ill assume 60% affected and 40% hollow. That is 9.25033007574 m^3.

Assuming its looks to be steel by its looks...

9.25033007574*7850 is 72615.0910946 kg, or Class 100.

Scales to Ruby, as it was still whole when they got to Yoyle City in BFDIA 5e. BFDIA 5b had it ripped in two.

Lifting a mass portion of the broken HPRC

Done in BFDIA 5b, for reference.


Book: 277.5 px/1.33428082192 meters

Pencil: 365 px/1.755 meters


Book: 65 px/1.33428082192 meters

HPRC height: 78 px/1.6011369863 meters

HPRC length: 77.5 px/1.59087328767 meters

Ill assume the width is the same as the height.

1.6011369863*1.6011369863*1.59087328767 is 4.07842583664 m^3

Ill assume 30% is hollow to account for the gears covering most of the gaps, and the hole on its side. With that said, its 2.85489808565 m^3.

Given the looks of the material, Id say this is steel, which has a density of 7850 kg/m^3.

7850*2.85489808565 is 22410.9499724 kg, or Class 25.

Book lifts a metal cube

Also done in 5b.


Book: 65 px/1.33428082192 meters

Metal box: 54 px/1.10847945206 meters

1.10847945206^3 is 1.36201829431 m^3.

Again, looks to be steel.

7850*1.36201829431 is 10691.8436103 kg, or Class 25.

Pin and Needle TANK the cash to go

Feat here


Pine Tree: 185 px/30 meters (Pine trees are 15-45 meters, so average is 30)

Explosion: 763.5 px/123.810810811 meters (61.9054054054 meters for the radius)

61.9054054054^3*((27136*1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 is 19.0665111339 tons, or City Block level.

Not that it matters. They are already a full tier ahead of that anyways. So, its just a supporting feat.

Needle grazes a knife

Feat here



Needle: 509 px/1.77627272727 meters

Distance knife moved: 445 px/1.55292999 meters

Distance Needle moved: 82 px/0.286157885 meters

Everyone scales to the same attack speed, or 4441789.44 m/s.

(0.286157885*4441789.44)/1.55292999 is 818487.040595 m/s, or Mach 2386.259593571428, which is Massively Hypersonic+.

Just slightly higher than how fast they travel.

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