Here are a bunch of feats dedicated to BFDI’s Black Hole, just to wait for BFB 15 coming out likely this month. First, we need his size.

Note that all of the feats come from here, from that point on until 10:52.


Earth: 196.5 px/12742000 meters

Black Hole: 115 px/7457150.12723 meters (Large Size Type 5)

Now onto the feats.

Big Black Hole’s Speed and KE


Black Hole Height: 7457150.12723 meters

Black Hole Distance (far from Earth, right): 7457150.12723 * 576 / [130 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 23593655.8306 meters

Black Hole Distance (close to Earth, left): 7457150.12723 * 576 / [120 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 25559793.8164 meters

25559793.8164-23593655.8306 is 1966137.9858 meters for the vertical distance.

Distance moved horizontally: 61 px/3790717.98134 meters

(1966137.9858^2)+(3790717.98134^2) is 1.8235241e+13

Square rooting the answer give the result of 4270274.15903 m/s for the speed of Black Hole. That is 1.424410136104892% SoL, or Sub-Relativistic.

We can get KE from this. For reference, the BFDI:OCG states that Black Hole is the mass of 20 suns, which translates to 3.978e+31 kg.

KE (Using the Relativistic Calculator): 362754152841803475450471173548196741152909905 joules/3.6275415284180346 Foe, or Large Star Level.

Four moves Black Hole


Black Hole: 77 px/7457150.12723 meters

Distance moved: 100 px/9684610.55484 meters

Timeframe: 0.54 seconds

9684610.55484/0.54 is 17934463.9904 m/s, or 5.982293253821616% SoL, which is above baseline Sub-Relativistic+. Nice.

Using the Relativistic Calculator, the result comes out as 6414741894866676297975567640699128520705576413 joules/64.14741894866675 foe, or Solar System Level.

Whats better is that this was done casually with just 1 hand!

Four’s Big Size


Black Hole: 203 px/7457150.12723 meters

Four’s finger: 82 px/3012247.83464 meters


Four’s finger: 27.5 px/3012247.83464 meters

Four’s height: 380 px/41623788.2605 meters (Large Size Type 5)

Thats literally more than 4/5 the size of Neptune, and more than 3 times larger than Earth.

Scratch that, as since Four’s finger width appears to be inconsistent given he has 5 fingers before it went into 4, I decided to go for a better end, this time, using the entire length of his hand.


Black Hole: 203 px/7457150.12723 meters

Four’s hand length: 862 px/31665336.9935 meters


Four’s hand length: 60.5 px/31665336.9935 meters

Four’s height: 380 px/198889719.959 meters (Large Size Type 5)

Big Black Hole Speed 2


Black Hole Height: 7457150.12723 meters

Black Hole Distance (far): 7457150.12723 * 576 / [61.5 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 49872768.4223 meters

Black Hole Distance (close): 7457150.12723 * 576 / [83 * 2 * tan (70deg / 2)] is 36953918.7707 meters

49872768.4223-36953918.7707 is 12918849.6516 m/s for the speed of Black Hole. That is 4.309264395036916% SoL, or Sub-Relativistic.

KE: 3324205336177709809048605138307308016083864715 joules/33.242053361777096 Foe, or Solar System Level.

Final Tally

  • Black Hole height: 7457150.12723 meters (Large Size Type 5)
  • Black Hole speed: 4270274.15903 m/s (Sub-Relativistic)
  • Black Hole KE: 3.6275415284180346 Foe (Large Star Level)
  • Four speed: 17934463.9904 m/s (Sub-Relativistic+)
  • Four moves Black Hole: 64.14741894866675 foe (Solar System Level)
  • Four’s Big Size: 41623788.2605 meters (Large Size Type 5)
    • Alternate end: 198889719.959 meters (Large Size Type 5)
  • Black Hole speed 2: 12918849.6516 m/s (Sub-Relativistic)
  • Black Hole KE 2: 33.242053361777096 foe (Solar System Level)

Addressing likely comments:

True, that is, but Black Hole is fraudant, and Four broke the rules of it, so it cancels each other out. And given that Black Hole has a confirmed mass, this should be applicable. See this for more information.

  • ”For Four’s size, Four’s hand was supposed to be smaller than usual when he was holding Black Hole.”

No, it was most likely Four rather shrinking his hand down to crush Black Hole to a smaller size, which pretty much makes sense.

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