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In context, Puffball and her team were unfrozen only to realize they were beaten, and causing Puffball to hurry up... in mere seconds. There arent much good views of Yoyle Mountain, but we DO get a good view of it in BFB 1 shown in the background, and you can tell its Yoyle Mountain because of the tower on top seemingly extending to the skies, which is exactly what it has.


Yoyle Mountain height: 239 px/5580 meters (As said in More Yoyle City Stuff, by Cary Huang)

Yoyle Mountain Slope Length: 655 px/15292.4686192 meters


Time: 1.33 seconds

15292.4686192/1.33 is 11498.0967062 m/s, or Mach 33.52214783148688 for Puffball’s speed, which is High Hypersonic.

While there was another feat of her traveling to Yoyleland from the plains in a “few minutes” shown twice, that was most likely a time lapse due to day and night changing in the background as if it took days to get there, and therefore, it wouldnt be used. The BFDI wiki even stated this, but this was pretty much a deflation.

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