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BIONICLE was a line of Lego construction toys and their accompanied science fantasy universe, set in the Matoran Universe - in truth, the interior of a massive robot, the Great Spirit Robot, created by the alien race known only as the Great Beings with the intent of using it to repair the broken planet of Spherus Magna. The Great Spirit Robot was possessed by the consciousness of a being developed to pilot it, Mata Nui. Such a complex robot needed extensive maintenance, and so, within it, many automated biomechanical servitors were created to oversee such things - the Matoran, along with many others, such as the Makuta. While the Matoran were meant to operate like computers, performing their tasks without complex thinking, the machinations of a Great Being stowed away within their creation caused them to develop a truer, deeper sentience. They were protected by Toa, biomechanical beings created to defend the Matoran.

One of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Teridax, growing envious of Mata Nui's position and plagued by the same ambition as every other Makuta, took control of the Brotherhood and rebelled against his creators and overlord, killing many Toa and forcing most into hiding before striking out at Mata Nui himself with a virus that nearly killed him, putting him into a coma and allowing Teridax and his forces to operate unopposed. However, on the island of Mata Nui, named for their Great Spirit, the first team of Toa, the Toa Mata, finally reappeared after vanishing for thousands of years.

This blog could not have been made without the people who calculated these feats and the people who shared the comics and books, so thank you to everyone involved.


Toa are the heroes and protectors of the Matoran Universe, created by the Great Beings and based off the Glatorians native to Spherus Magna. They have control over a single elemental power, one of many (out of the primary elements of Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Stone and Ice, and the secondary elements of Light, Sonics, Gravity, Plasma, Magnetism, Jungle, Lightning, Iron, and Psionics), and the ability to wear Great Kanohi and channel their elemental power through special Toa Tools.

Each Toa has a destiny that they are meant to fulfill, and upon completing this destiny, they are given the choice to either keep their Toa Power or sacrifice it for the greater good, losing their powers and becoming a Turaga. They mostly operate in teams of six, and many Matoran become Toa by awakening their dormant Toa Power.

General Toa Stuff

BEU 13 - Height

BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 13

Toa are 7.2 feet / 2.19 metres tall, which is relevant because it's used in these calcs.

The average Toa can lift over one ton, from Chat with Greg Farshtey, August 18th, 2014.

"We need to unite," (Gali) finished. "Combine our powers. Otherwise there is no hope for victory."

... As if part of one of his own dreams, Kopaka moved towards Gali and Lewa. Nearby, Tahu turned to face Pohatu and Onua. In each group, three Toa locked eyes... and became one.

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 102

Three Toa of different elements can also fuse together to create a stronger Toa Kaita that combines all of their powers.

Toa Mata / Nuva


The Toa Mata were the first Toa team to be created, 100, 000 years ago, with the singular destiny of awakening Mata Nui from his Teridax-induced coma. After being exposed to Energized Protodermis, the Toa Mata evolved into the Toa Nuva, gaining a deeper control over their elemental abilities, along with greater power. Their Kanohi Nuva are even capable of extending their special powers to their allies.

While each of these Toa has their own main mask, they can switch to the masks of any of their teammates (or their predecessors) at will, and as Toa Mata, even use them all at once with the Golden Kanohi.

Golden Kanohi

The Official Guide to BIONICLE, Page 12

Onua gasped in amazement as a new mask suddenly appeared on the face of each stone carving - a golden Kanohi, glowing with light and power.

Onua carefully lifted the golden Kanohi from the carving's face and placed it on his own. He staggered back as waves of power blasted through him. Then he smiled. This new mask united all the powers of the other six - only it was even stronger!

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Pages 89-90

These were what the Matoran called "avohkah", and the reason the Toa were there. At first, the villagers who labored in Karda Nui thought the place was just prone to violent lightning storms. But after more than a dozen Matoran were killed by lightning strikes, the rumor started that the bolts of energy were actually hostile and intelligent beings. The Toa's first few encounters with the avohkah seemed to verify this. The lightning bolts avoided obvious traps and seemed to go out of their way to do harm.

"(Gali's) off fighting another outbreak west of here with Kopaka," said Tahu, hurling fireballs to try to divert the lightning strikes. "They'll get here when they can. Meanwhile, it's up to us."

"Ah, this is the life," said Lewa, nimbly dodging a bolt.

A massive avohkah was headed right for where Tahu and Lewa were standing. Both Toa reacted at the same time. Lewa used his wind power to hurl a blanket of sand into the air to try to "blind" the creature, while Tahu launched a wave of super-hot fire.

~ BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets, Pages 94 - 95
Gali hurled a water burst at an oncoming avohkah. The creature struck the water dead-on and exploded with a bright flash of energy.
~ BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets, Page 109

Shortly after first being created, the Toa Mata fight against the avohkah, Rahi that are essentially living lightning bolts with their properties, fast enough to be mistaken as them by both Matoran and the Toa at first. They react to the avohkah and their lightning-based attacks in these fights, and this is the main support for the Massively Hypersonic+ speed stat shared by pretty much every BIONICLE character.

Bionicle Storm

Comic 4: The Bohrok Awake, Page 7

Gali and Lewa make a storm together to chase off the Bohrok, calculated at 19 kilotons, or 9.5 kilotons each, which is Town level.

Bionicle Storm 2

Battle for Power 14, Page 3

They do this a lot. Storms are a common sight in BIONICLE.


Tahu is the predictably hot-headed but warm-hearted Toa of Fire and the leader of the Toa Mata / Nuva. He wields the Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding, which allows him to create forcefields.

Tahu melts sand

Comic 3: Triumph of the Toa, Page 12

Tahu casually melts a few thousand tons of sand, turning it to glass. This has been calculated at about 1 kiloton, which is Small Town level.

The Toa of Fire concentrated, focusing his thoughts just as he would to activate his mask power or control flame. But this time, he was willing the golden armor to do whatever it could do to end this battle.

Power surged through him. He screamed as its electricity locked his muscles and suffused his body with a blinding light. Tendrils of energy shot from him, coiling around every Rahkshi on the battlefield. The creatures fell to the ground, seized by spasms and spasms as their power raced back along the tendrils and into Tahu. As combatants on both sides watched, the Rahkshi's armor and the Kraata slugs inside them exploded into shards of shadow.

~ BIONICLE: Journey's End, Chapter 10

Tahu uses the Golden Armor to destroy all the Antidermis in his vicinity, destroying Teridax's army of Rahkshi in the final battle. This grants Tahu the abilities of all the Rahkshi destroyed, and boosts his elemental power above that of even Tuyet with the Nui Stone.


Kopaka is the also predictably cold and serious Toa of Ice and the deputy leader of the Toa Mata / Nuva. He wields the Kanohi Akaku, the Great Mask of X-Ray Vision, which allows him to see through solid objects and other structures. His Akaku is actually modified with telescopic properties. After he becomes a Toa Nuva, Akaku Nuva allows him to even see through illusions.

Kopaka twirled his blade, then stabbed the point into the edge of the lake. The water crystallized instantly into ice, the deep freeze spreading rapidly until the entire lake was frozen solid. The Rahkshi, who were just reaching the surface, were trapped in place.
~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 69

Kopaka Nuva instantly freezes an entire lake and the Rahkshi inside.

Kopaka Nuva knew exactly what he had to do. First, a blast of ice to distract his foe, followed by an all-out attack with the skyblaster. Done right, he would be able to keep the Makuta off balance long enough for Lewa and Pohatu to do their job.

... But now something made him hesitate. The thought of creating ice sent an actual chill through him. Ice was so cold... hard... if he lost control of his power, he might fill the chamber with it. He would be buried in ice, unable to move or breathe, dying slowly in a frigid tomb.

No, that's insane, he told himself. I'm a Toa! I have used my power hundreds of times and never lost control. I am one with the ice. I control it... don't I?

Certainty turned to doubt, and doubt began to turn to fear. What if this was the fight where Kopaka's precarious hold over the power of ice slipped, even a little? What if, once he started, he couldn't turn his power off? He might doom all of Karda Nui to a frozen eternity.

None of this was logical. None of it made sense. But Kopaka Nuva found his mind filled with such thoughts, and so he hesitated, just an instant too long. Mutran was on him in two quick strides, armored hand around Kopaka's throat, lifting him into the air.

"I don't just experiment with the physical form, you see," Mutran whispered. "I like to play with the mind as well. You Toa always have such interesting minds - filled with grief over all the horrors you have seen, fear of disappointing others, anger at your enemies. You are all flood tides of emotion, Toa Nuva, and I am about to break the dam."

With his free hand, Mutran tore the Midak Skyblaster from Kopaka's grasp and hurled it away. Then the Makuta increased the power of his mental assault. To Kopaka's credit, though his eyes widened and his breath came in ragged gasps, the Toa never screamed.

"A little rip here, a little tear there," Mutran said, in an almost sing-song voice. "Before you know it, your mind will be torn to pieces. Of course, Antroz will probably want you intact for questioning. So we had better be finished before he finds out you're here, hmmm? Yes, we had better get right back to work."

~ BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky, Pages 81-83
Kopaka Nuva was huddled on the ground, unmoving, eyes open but just staring into space. Makuta Mutran stood over him, smiling wickedly.

"I didn't think it would be so easy," Mutran was saying. "I have always known Toa to proclaim their strength and resolve. But you melted like an icicle in a pool of lava, Kopaka. It will be a mercy to finish you off."

~ BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky, Page 86
Both the Av-Matoran and the Makuta were taken by surprise, so much so that neither noticed the gleam of intelligence return to Kopaka's eyes.

The Toa Nuva sprang up, firing ice from both hands at the startled Mutran. Rock-hard hailstones the size of boulders pummeled the Makuta, while razor-sharp icicles pinned his armor to the wall.

"You're all right?" Solek asked, in disbelief.

"A little trick Lewa, of all beings, taught me," said Kopaka, never taking his eyes from Mutran or letting up on his devastating attack. "When attacked by an ash bear, it pays to play dead."

~ BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky Page 87

Mutran attacks Kopaka's mind to cloud him with doubt and render him incapable of action and then tries to rip his mind apart, but Kopaka just fakes being affected by it and gets up completely fine not much later.


Gali is the unsurprisingly wise and gentle Toa of Water, and the only female on her team, as per the usual. She wields the Kanohi Kaukau, the Great Mask of Water Breathing, which allows her to breathe in water and liquid protodermis for a limited amount of time. After she becomes a Toa Nuva, Kaukau Nuva makes her capable of breathing only water, but indefinitely, and since she can share it with others, she can use it to suffocate them.

Gali brought her hands together. Water droplets rushed together at her call, forming a liquid sphere that spun in front of her. Liquid of life, do your magic, she thought, focusing all her energy on the water's cleansing power.

She unleashed the water at Tahu in a gentle mist. A rainbow formed as the droplets danced over his still form.

The water bathed him, washing away the poison along with the scratch on his mask. Within seconds, healthy red armor shone out.

Gali slumped, exhausted.

~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Pages 93-94
Tahu glared at her. "No, I am not well." Then his eyes softened. "But I am alive and in your debt... my sister."
~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 95

Gali Nuva uses water to heal Tahu, washing out Lerahk's poison and calming him after he was driven into a blind rage by Kurahk.

Now I must make a choice – do I do what I must to stop Icarax, risking my friends' lives (if they still live)? Or do I let him escape? There really is no choice. Even as he gloats over his triumph, I am summoning every last bit of moisture from the air for hundreds of kios around. I am merging it together, bending it to my will, preparing to unleash all my elemental power in one single explosion of force.

And I do ... and I hope to the Great Beings I never will again.

A wall of water a thousand feet high crashes into the realm of Karzahni, shattering buildings, leveling everything and everyone in its path. I strain to make the currents obey, but cannot snatch the Staff from Icarax's hand. I do succeed in using my mask power to allow my friends to breathe water.

When the flood tide subsides, Icarax is gone and the Toa Nuva, somehow, survive. Of this realm, nothing is left ... nothing but a Noble Hau floating on the water, one which once belonged to a hero. Tahu saves it from being lost, and that is good. I look around at the destruction I have caused, and wonder if too much has already been lost today.

~ Toa Nuva Blog, Entry 7

Gali Nuva's Nova Blast destroys all of Karzahni, calculated at 8.124 megatons, which is City level.


Lewa is one half of the Toa Mata / Nuva's lighthearted comic relief, and is the Toa of Air. He wields the Kanohi Miru, which allows him to use air currents to glide and float. After he becomes a Toa Nuva, Miru Nuva allows him easy flight.


Pohatu is the other half of the comic relief, the surprisingly cheery and optimistic Toa of Stone. He wields the Kanohi Kakama, which allows him to move at blinding speeds. After he becomes a Toa Nuva, Kakama Nuva also allows him to vibrate his molecules at high speeds to pass through objects safely.

The Piraka reached out with his power over the inanimate to bring the mountainside to life. Now resembling a stone giant, it towered 50 feet in the air as it lumbered toward the Toa.

The creature's shadow fell over the heroes. Pohatu looked up and instantly knew what he had to do, if there was only time to do it. He would make the Piraka regret choosing stone for their attack. Sending his elemental power forward in waves, he seized control of the giant, shattered it into pieces, and sent the rubble flying toward the assembled Piraka.

~ BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom, Page 114

Pohatu easily destroys a 50-foot tall stone giant.

(Pohatu, of course, had to leave a little gift behind for the Dark Hunters. He told me later that within an hour after we left, every stone in the Shadowed One's fortress was going to suddenly crumble to dust.)
~ Toa Nuva Blog, Entry 5

Pohatu Nuva destroys Odina Fortress with a single timed Stone Blast, turning the entire fortress to dust instantly. Said fortress covers much of Odina, a large, mountainous island. This was calculated at 73.279 megatons, or City level+.


Onua is the quiet, calm, and reflective Toa of Earth. He wields the Kanohi Pakari, which greatly increases his strength.

Onua lifts

Comic 10: The Coming of the Kal, Page 6

A depowered Onua Nuva lifts a boulder, calculated at 368,500 kg, or Class 100 lifting strength.

The Brotherhood of Makuta


Originally created to enforce order and create Rahi in the Matoran Universe, the Makuta were plagued by ambition and pride from the very start, and so their betrayal under their second leader, Teridax, was inevitable. Only 100 Makuta were created, and each was appointed to a sector of their universe. At first biomechanical beings, the Makuta eventually evolved as a whole into beings of pure energy - Antidermis. They made a collective decision to shun their inner Light, becoming vile beings of pure Shadow, and existing in durable shells of Protosteel.

The Makuta were created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui to aid him in protecting and maintaining the Matoran universe. Specifically, their job was to create Rahi beasts that would play useful roles in the operation of the universe. This they did by mixing viruses with liquid protodermis, creating every known creature that walks, flies, or swims.

Originally, members of the Brotherhood of Makuta were bio-mechanical - a combination of organic tissue and mechanical parts, much like Toa or Matoran. But over time, the Makuta evolved. Their muscle and tissue turned to pure energy, which they housed in protosteel armor. Although the energy could dissipate if outside a body for too long, the change made the Makuta much more difficult to physically harm.

Mata Nui had gifted the Makuta with a number of powers, including control of the shadow element. Although shadow is a dangerous element, Mata Nui knew that there would need to be some Rahi who dwelled in darkness, and the Makuta would need to be able to master that darkness to control them. He also made the Makuta shapeshifters, again to make them better able to master the Rahi they created.

~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 63
Although they were incredibly powerful, Makuta did have weaknesses. Being creatures of shadow, they were vulnerable to light. If their armor was cracked or damaged, their essence leaked out. They had to then find a new body within a few weeks or cease to exist. In addition, there was what was called the "curse of the Makuta" - their own ambition and lust for power sometimes caused them to make mistakes or underestimate their opponents.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 64

A description of the nature and abilities of the Makuta.

For a Makuta, being without a body is most... disturbing. We exist as energy, but still we need a shell to inhabit - if not our armor, then a robot body or a living form with no spirit inside it (as difficult to find as an intelligent Toa). If we are without a body for more than a few weeks, we lose the ability to keep our energy intact, and we die.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 29

Teridax describing the Makuta's true form as pure energy - Antidermis - and how they need a body to keep themselves together.

Makuta triggered the controls that caused Dume's box to ascend. The energy pylons bent to his will, sending their lightning discharges into his body. He hungrily absorbed the raw energy into himself until it became too much for the frail form of a Turaga to bear.

The moment he had waited for - the moment of transformation - had arrived.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 112
High above the Coliseum, Makuta now reigned supreme. His frail Turaga form had been replaced by a swirling vortex of dark energy. The energy pylons continued to pour bolts of lightning into his new shape, feeding him the power he craved. Makuta's red eyes gleamed in the center of the shadow.

Nivawk circled the vortex, careful not to come too close. His caution was wasted, as a black tendril of pure energy reached out and dragged him into the swirling mass of darkness.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 114
Nidhiki and Krekka shook their heads, trying to recover from the impact of hitting the road. Krekka had no idea how they had wound up there. The last thing he remembered, he had been fighting the green Toa and winning.

Neither one noticed the coils of dark energy approaching. Then the shadow was around them both, dragging them back into the Coliseum to an unknown fate.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 116
Nidhiki and Krekka had no idea what was happening. They had served Turaga Dume faithfully, hadn't they? Even when it turned out it was not Dume at all, they had obeyed his orders without question. Why, then, were they now being drawn into the heart of a vortex of darkness?

"It is time you two made good on your promise, my captains," Makuta said as the two vanished into the pulsating shadow. "For this is your eternal duty.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 119
The Toa stared in wonder, in awe, in fear. This was unmistakably Makuta, but not Makuta as they had ever known him. This was a colossus in dark, infected armor, with the mighty wings of Nivawk, radiating the power of shadow. Worse, the Toa Metru could see that the tools of Nidhiki and Krekka were a part of his new form as well.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 121

That being said, after growing stronger than his small body as Dume can contain, Teridax becomes a mass of dark energy and absorbs Nivawk, Nidhiki, and Krekka to create a new, stronger body for himself. Absorption is something any Makuta can do.

"Absorbing Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk, and overcoming their collective wills was more... distracting... than I'd expected."
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 77

Unfortunately, to absorb someone, a Makuta has to overcome their will.

The Makuta had many powers but in their bodiless energy form can use only psychic powers, such as illusion or telepathy. All powers are accessible to them only when their bodies are sheltered in their armor.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 82

All of the Makuta's powers.


Rahkshi are powerful armored beings of Antidermis created from Kraata, wormlike beings created from the essence of a Makuta, after they are exposed to Energized Protodermis. These armors must be piloted by another kraata, and can possess any one of the above powers that Makuta can possess.

Bear in mind that the Rahkshi are footsoldiers for the Makuta who utilize a limited version of their powers. Any Makuta should be capable of duplicating anything a Rahkshi does and can probably do it better.

Wormlike, sentient portions of MAKUTA's substance, created by him as the basis for RAHKSHI. Although Makuta could in theory create an infinite amount of kraata, bringing them into being seems to diminish his energy temporarily. Kraata move like snakes and are capable of spreading infection to any inanimate object they touch, most often KANOHI masks. A kraata exposed to ENERGIZED PROTODERMIS will evolve over time into Rahkshi armor. Another kraata must then occupy the armor to activate and control it.

Kraata come in a variety of colors, with the colors indicating the power of the individual kraata. The Rahkshi created from those Kraata will have identical powers.

~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 64
Since Kraata are created by Makuta, Rahkshi have been nicknamed the "sons of Makuta". There are 42 known types of Rahkshi, differentiated by their powers and the color of their armor.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 119
Called the "sons of Makuta", Rahkshi are vicious, evil warriors for the Brotherhood. A Rahkshi consists of a suit of armor with a leech-like creature called a kraata inside. The kraata is a solidified piece of the essence of a Makuta. It acts as the brain and the power source for the Rahkshi armor. Incredibly destructive, Rahkshi are used only when a Makuta does not care if anything is left standing after the attack. There are 42 known types of Rahkshi, each with a different power.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

Makuta have the power to create kraata from their Antidermis, which can be transformed into Rahkshi, who can utilize any of the powers listed above. For further proof;

These creatures, however, were a significant problem on MATA NUI, sent forth by Makuta to infect masks and bring RAHI and MATORAN under his sway.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 65

Makuta can use kraata to infect Kanohi, which can be used to take control of others.

Turahk's job was to fill the TOA NUVA with fear so that they would forget their duty to MATA NUI. Using its staff, it could cause a foe to break into a terror-filled run or freeze in fear. Turahk killed JALLER by overwhelming him with fear, but the MATORAN was later brought back to life by TAKUTANUVA.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Pages 145-146
Turahk's Staff of Fear could make any target either run in panic or remain frozen with sheer terror.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Fear, Turahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

The creature raised its staff, sending dark energy waves rippling out from it. As soon as Pohatu hit the circle of energy, he stopped in midstride, his eyes filled with dark fear.

"No..." he whispered, mesmerized by the overwhelming, inescapable fear. All of his worst fears seemed to be exploding within him. "Water, sinking, drowning...!"

... Still imprisoned by a wall of fear, Pohatu was unable to help. And the more he struggled, against it, the more the terror overwhelmed him - until, with a final moan of helplessness, he collapsed to the ground.

~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Pages 79-80

Turahk causes Pohatu to pass out from terror.

Guurahk's staff emitted a powerful cone of energy capable of disintegrating anything it touched. This Rahkshi's special talent was the ability to divine the weakest point in any object or foe and target it.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 41
Its Staff of Disintegration could create a wave of energy that crumbled any object it touched.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Disintegration, Guurahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

Lerahk's staff was capable of poisoning anything it touched, from the ground to other beings.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 75
Its Staff of Poison could infect anything with a toxin, from plants to soil to living beings. The Lerahk had to actually touch its target for the poison to be effective.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Poison, Lerahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

Panrahk was able to use its staff to make any object fly into tiny fragments. This Rahkshi's energies were so potent that small explosions would go off wherever it walked.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 110
Its Staff of Fragmentation could cause objects to explode with great force or send explosive energy beams through the air.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Shattering, Panrahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

Vorahk's staff could be used to absorb the power of an enemy and transfer it temporarily to Vorahk. The staff had to be in physical contact with the target to do this.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 154
Its Staff of Hunger allowed it to drain energy from an opponent and grow stronger itself. The staff had to make actual contact with the target to work.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Hunger, Vorahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

The Hunger-Rahkshi hissed at Onua as they struggled over the staff. The creature activated the staff. Dark hunger energy flooded into Onua, instantly draining him of power, channeling it back into the Rahkshi's staff.

"My strength," Onua whispered weakly. "My power..."

His eyes dimmed and he fell over backward, landing with a mighty crash. He couldn't move - his energy was completely gone, replaced by a gnawing, devastating hunger.

~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 79

Vorahk drains all of Onua's strength and energy near-instantly, rendering him incapable of even moving.

Kurahk's power, directed through its staff, caused his targets to grow enraged and often turn on each other.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 71
Its Staff of Anger fires energy which can cause the target to be consumed by rage.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 26

The powers of a Rahkshi of Anger, Kurahk, one of the six Rahkshi created by Teridax on Mata Nui.

Tahu's eyes glowed dark, anger-energy flashing across them. The poison taint had spread once again and now covered his entire mask.
~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 82

He slammed his swords into the ground. Jagged fissures of lava burst into life and tore across the ground in all directions. Gali balanced on a pillar of earth as fire consumed the ground on either side.

Tahu looked at her, but there was no recognition in his eyes - only anger. He slammed his swords down again, sending another fissure of lava right at Gali.BIONICLE: Mask of Light', Page 83'

The effects of Kurahk's anger powers on Tahu, causing him to become so overcome by rage that he lashes out at the other Toa Nuva.

The Makuta, Teridax

Known primarily as nothing more than the Makuta, Teridax was originally the lieutenant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, brought into being by the Great Spirit. While cursed with the same ambition as all Makuta, he was initially loyal and dutiful, doing as he was directed and creating Rahi. When the League of Six Kingdoms attempted to conquer the Matoran Universe, Teridax organized the efforts to stop them and defeated their armies in battle.

The Barraki's ambitions stuck with him, and due to his ambition, Teridax could not help himself from entertaining thoughts of rebellion against the Great Spirit. When Miserix assigned each Makuta to a sector of their universe, Teridax given the most important and prominent location of all - Metru Nui, as a reward for his successes.

There, Teridax eventually learned of the universe's true nature from Mutran and shortly afterwards, he took control of the Brotherhood and ordered Miserix to be executed. Discarding his inner Light alongside his allies, he became a being of pure Antidermis and Shadow, and poisoned the Great Spirit himself with a deadly virus that would slowly claim his life, plotting to wrest control of the universe from him as soon as he could.

Teridax wields Kraahkan, the Great Mask of Shadows, and the only one of its kind, the opposite force to the Great Mask of Light.

The Great Mask of Shadows wielded by MAKUTA. The Kraahkan is capable of creating darkness, anger, and fear. Its origin is unknown, although legends hint that it may have been created on the island of ARTAKHA. The mask is capable of changing shape along with Makuta as needed.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 64
"When this is all over, I really must retrieve my Kanohi Mask of Shadows. Those idiot Piraka let it fall into the sea near Metru Nui. Most think it just allows me to spread physical darkness, or breed a little rage here and there, but it's much more than that. My Kanohi lets me see the darkness inside everyone, all the nasty little things they hide in the shadows of their spirit."
~ BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit, Page 110

Teridax describing Kraahkan's powers.

"Mask's mine," Reidak said, reaching for the Kraahkan. As soon as he touched it, the mask flared to life. A pulse of dark energy struck the Piraka, hurling him against the stone wall.

...Reidak wasn't about to give up. He grabbed the mask with both hands and held on even as it pummeled him with energy bursts. Finally, unable to withstand the pain any longer, he flung the mask off the terrace and into the sea.

~ BIONICLE Legends 4: Legacy of Evil, Page 102

Kraahkan attacks anyone who touches it that isn't a Makuta.

In his large, armored forms, he has physical strength exceeding that of a Toa.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 83

In his bodies, Teridax's strength surpasses that of a Toa.

"There is a small Rahi called a Water Wraith," he explained to the rest of the Brotherhood some eighty thousand years ago. "So small, so insignificant is it that larger fish do not even consider it a worthy meal. But every now and then, a bold water wraith will attack a fish much larger and more powerful than it. It is a one-sided battle, of course, that ends with the poor water wraith in the mouth of its foe. Of course, what the larger fish quickly discovers is that the outer shell of a water wraith is coated with deadly poison. The larger fish dies instantly and the water wraith escapes to feast for months on its very foolish and very dead opponent."

"Sometimes, my brothers," he had said, seating himself on his obsidian throne, "the best way, the only way, to win... is by losing."

~ Into the Darkness, Chapter 8

Teridax describes one of his primary strategies - throwing fights to lead on his opponents to his true goals.

If I could have ducked under the table and maintained my dignity as a Makuta, I would have. Teridax vaulted the length of the room and caught Miserix by the throat. He slammed the leader of the Brotherhood against one wall, then another, before flinging him down to the ground. Before Miserix could react, Teridax had his staff at our leader’s throat.
~ The Mutran Chronicles, Chapter 6

Teridax overpowers Miserix.

The battle that followed was epic. Icarax was the better fighter, but Teridax was more cunning. He allowed Icarax to pound him for hours on end, until the rebel’s energies were almost exhausted. Then Teridax exerted the smallest amount of his will and turned the Manas against Icarax. Once he was surrounded, Teridax used every power at his command to defeat... no, demolish... no, perhaps humiliate would be a better word... Icarax.
~ The Mutran Chronicles, Chapter 9

Teridax toys with Icarax, allowing him to attack him unopposed for hours, and then takes control of his small army of Manas and utterly humiliates him without even trying.

Turaga Dume moved to the darkest corner of the room. A pair of red eyes stared at him from the shadows. "This mask had been useful," said Dume. "Now for its final task."

Dume took a step forward into the darkness. Nothing blocked his way, for there was no one else in the chamber. Only a shadowed mirror from which Dume's true face reflected back at him. Dume reached up and peeled off his Kanohi Mask of Power, to reveal another underneath - a twisted, blackened Mask of Shadows.

The guise of Metru Nui's Turaga had been cast aside, simply another mask to be removed. In his place stood an entity of darkness and destruction, and now the ultimate power in the city of legends.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Pages 87-88
"Turaga Dume?" Vakama said, shaken to the core of his being. But there was no escaping it - there was the Turaga, minus his mask, sleeping inside the vessel. In his heart, Vakama knew this was no ordinary sleep and Dume would not be roused with a shake.

Lhikan looked over his shoulder at Vakama. "The true Turaga Dume. As I feared, an impostor is posing as a mask we all trust."

The world spun around Vakama. He knew the Turaga had been behaving oddly, but he never suspected... Another vision assailed his senses. Hundreds of silver spheres... sinister red eyes... whispered words that spoke of evils yet to come.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Pages 94-95

Teridax put Dume into a deep sleep, stole his mask, and then transformed to copy his shape.

Makuta triggered the controls that caused Dume's box to ascend. The energy pylons bent to his will, sending their lightning discharges into his body. He hungrily absorbed the raw energy into himself until it became too much for the frail form of a Turaga to bear.

The moment he had waited for - the moment of transformation - had arrived.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 112
High above the Coliseum, Makuta now reigned supreme. His frail Turaga form had been replaced by a swirling vortex of dark energy. The energy pylons continued to pour bolts of lightning into his new shape, feeding him the power he craved. Makuta's red eyes gleamed in the center of the shadow.

Nivawk circled the vortex, careful not to come too close. His caution was wasted, as a black tendril of pure energy reached out and dragged him into the swirling mass of darkness.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 114
Nidhiki and Krekka shook their heads, trying to recover from the impact of hitting the road. Krekka had no idea how they had wound up there. The last thing he remembered, he had been fighting the green Toa and winning.

Neither one noticed the coils of dark energy approaching. Then the shadow was around them both, dragging them back into the Coliseum to an unknown fate.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 116
Nidhiki and Krekka had no idea what was happening. They had served Turaga Dume faithfully, hadn't they? Even when it turned out it was not Dume at all, they had obeyed his orders without question. Why, then, were they now being drawn into the heart of a vortex of darkness?

"It is time you two made good on your promise, my captains," Makuta said as the two vanished into the pulsating shadow. "For this is your eternal duty."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 119
The Toa stared in wonder, in awe, in fear. This was unmistakably Makuta, but not Makuta as they had ever known him. This was a colossus in dark, infected armor, with the mighty wings of Nivawk, radiating the power of shadow. Worse, the Toa Metru could see that the tools of Nidhiki and Krekka were a part of his new form as well.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 121

This was listed above, but again, as it's his feat - Teridax breaks out of his form as Turaga Dume by gorging himself on energy, growing into a mass of darkness and energy, and then absorbs Nivawk, Nidhiki, and Krekka to make a new, stronger body for himself.

"Absorbing Nidhiki, Krekka, and Nivawk, and overcoming their collective wills was more... distracting... than I'd expected."
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 77

Unfortunately, to absorb someone, a Makuta has to overcome their will.

With a wave of (Makuta's) arm, great pillars of crystalline protodermis arose from the sea, forming a dangerous obstacle course.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 4: Legends of Metru Nui, Page 121

Teridax transforms liquid protodermis into a solid and manipulates it.

Both got their opportunity when Makuta was defeated and imprisoned by the TOA METRU. Responding to his mental summons, they led the (Visorak) horde to Metru Nui.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 123
Roodaka turned and peered at the crystalline protodermis shell, trying to glimpse Makuta's face. All she could make out was a dark blur, but it was enough. She knew he was in there. She knew his mind was aware of her presence, even if his body could not move.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 8: Challenge of the Hordika, Page 132

After being sealed by the Toa Metru, Teridax contacts Roodaka and Sidorak mentally and gets them to come free him, directing Roodaka over the course of the ensuing conflicts.

Vakama opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that he was not underwater. In fact, he was lying on a comfortable stone pallet, staring up at a strangely familiar stone ceiling.

The second thing he noticed was that, for a Toa who had just been slammed into the Great Barrier, he felt great. His muscles didn't ache and his lungs seemed fine despite his almost drowning. Still, something felt... wrong. Granted, Toa had great strength and resiliency, but he felt almost too good. Almost as if the waterspout and the impact with the rock wall had never happened.

He sat up, and suddenly everything made sense, and at the same time, nothing did at all. His Toa armor was gone. His legs, arms, and torso were all shorter.

Vakama went numb with shock. How could this have happened? When? It shouldn't have been possible, but... I'm a Matoran again!

Now he knew where he was. This was his home in Ta-Metru, a home he knew had been leveled in the earthquake that followed Makuta's efforts to seize power in the city. He had lived here for countless years, working first as a toolmaker and later as a maskmaker. His forge was only a short walk away, just pass Takua's dwelling. For a moment, he wondered how Takua was doing these days.

"No! No, no, no!" Vakama shouted. "Takua is gone. He's with the other Matoran, asleep in those spheres and heading for the island above. My home is gone. My metru is fire, smoke, and rubble. And I... I am a Toa!"

"What are you shouting about?"

Vakama glanced up to see Jaller poking his mask into the doorway. He looked none the worse for wear for a Matoran who had been kidnapped by Vahki and forced into a coma. For just a second, Vakama forgot the impossibility of the entire situation and felt a surge of joy at seeing his friend again.

"Jaller? Is that you?"

"Of course it's me, akilini-head. Who else could it be? You better get up or you'll be late for work."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 25-27
"Jaller... who is the Toa of Fire?"

"You are a few flames short of a fire, Vakama. Everyone knows the Toa of Fire!" Jaller answered. "It's Toa Nuhrii!"

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 29
Matoran from other parts of the city rarely traveled to Ko-Metru. It wasn't so much that the Ko-Matoran were unfriendly, though they often were. It had more to do with the overwhelming silence that blanketed the district, day and night. Takua had once said that he always started speaking in whispers as soon as he crossed into Ko-Metru, although he was never sure why.

The last time Vakama had been here, the metru was deserted of everything but Rahi. The Knowledge Towers still stood but were badly damaged by the earthquake that had rocked the city. At least that was the last time Vakama had remembered being here - and there was certainly no evidence that any of it had ever happened. Ko-Matoran filled the streets, the Knowledge Towers stood tall and proud, and even the chutes were running on time.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 33
Nuju, a Matoran once again as well, was hard at work scanning the skies for astronomical evidence of Mata Nui's will. He didn't even turn around at the sound of Vakama's entrance.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 35
Vakama took a chute to Ga-Metru. Just like every other spot in the city, it looked perfectly normal. Scholars and educators traveled back and forth from school to school, most of them so buried in their notes, they could have walked into a giant Muaka without noticing.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 38-39

Teridax traps Vakama in a complex illusion that recreates the destroyed Ta-Metru and his friends in perfect detail, with different people acting as the Toa and different events having happened. The illusion also completely convinces him that he physically isn't a Toa anymore, with him feeling significantly shorter as a result.

It follows him as he travels across Metru Nui and recreates more places and people, with the intent of having Vakama lead Teridax to the Mask of Time.

High atop a Ga-Metru roof, Sentrakh watched Vakama emerge from the protodermis pipe. If the unliving guardian of the Dark Hunter fortress was surprised by the identity of Vakama's companion, he did not show it. After all, it was not his place to have an opinion, merely to carry out orders. The Shadowed One stood and pondered the pair of travelers wandering through the metru. At first, the scene made no sense to him. Why was Vakama wandering through a metru not his own? Where were the Toa he expected to find? Surely a Toa of Fire by himself could not have slain two Dark Hunters...
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 52-53

Sentrakh and the Shadowed One aren't being targeted by the illusion, so they see things as they are - Vakama is alone, with something illusioned to look like Nokama.

"It was lucky for you I was here," Turaga Lhikan said. "If I had not gotten that creature off you -"

"I might have learned more than you want me to know," Vakama finished for him. "Your mask is excellent - I'm a maskmaker, I should know. But as always with items made by amateurs, you left a flaw."

Vakama sprang to one of the tables, grabbed a Kanoka disk, and flung it with all his might right at Nokama's head. Startled, the Matoran never moved. The whirling disk hit her mask - and passed right through.

Now Vakama knew what he had suspected was true: This wasn't Nokama. The instant he completely stopped believing that she was genuine, her form began to ripple and change. In fact, everything around him was changing and transforming, as the elaborate illusion he had been living abruptly collapsed. His own perspective on the world changed, too, and he now saw himself for what he truly was and always had been: the Toa Metru of Fire.

The image of Nokama was gone now, replaced by the reality of a Visorak Boggarak. It had been cloaked in an illusion of Nokama all this time, and her voice had been created by the power behind the ruse. Vakama felt a shadow fall on him and he knew that behind his back, "Turaga Lhikan" was changing, too.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 66-67

Vakama eventually realizes he's in an illusion due to Nokama's strange behavior and true height, along with imperfections in Lhikan's Kanohi. The illusion collapses, and Teridax reveals himself, having illusioned himself to look like Lhikan.

"I would have expected something more original," (the Shadowed One) said to Sentrakh. "It is an old strategy - if an attack on the body might fail, then attack the mind. I do not know exactly what Vakama was seeing or who he thought he traveled with, but it was all a sham, staged for his benefit."
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 67-68

The Shadowed One explains what happened for those who didn't understand.

Before the Toa could move to defend himself, Makuta raised an armored hand and unleashed a shattering surge of dark energy, blasting Vakama into oblivion.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 72

Teridax oneshots Vakama shortly after he breaks out of the illusion, but chooses to leave him alive.

Makuta's eyes narrowed. "(Voporak) is a pawn. It is best handled by other pawns." The master of shadows gestured toward a canyon to the west. "Behold, Vakama - the sons of Makuta!"

At first, Vakama saw only a cloud of dust, as if some great and terrible herd of Rahi were heading toward them. Then he began to make out forms and faces, and a chill ran through him. It was a mob of Rahkshi, the monstrous creatures who dwelled below the Archives. There were hundreds of them, in dozens of different colors, all of them charging headlong at Voporak.

Vakama couldn't bear to look, and at the same time, could not bring himself to look away. The first line of Rahkshi reached their enemy and collapsed as their armor disintegrated and the wormlike kraata inside them withered and died. Another wave followed, only to meet the same fate, followed by another and another. Still, they kept coming, heedless of their brothers' fates, marching blindly to their doom.

"They are born of my darkness," Makuta said, with what sounded like pride in his voice. "Each one carries a part of me within their gleaming armor. They live, and they die, in my name."

"If you controlled this kind of army, then why resort to trickery to capture the Matoran?" Vakama asked, horror-stricken. "Why not just unleash these monsters on the city?"

"If I had, there would have been no city left to rule," Makuta replied. "Now we must go, while my legions keep Voporak busy by dying at its feet."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 81-83
Voporak surveyed the canyon. Its rocky floor was now littered with thousands of fragments of Rahkshi armor and the withered husks of countless kraata. Makuta's creatures had kept coming for hours, until finally their numbers were depleted.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 94

Teridax controls hundreds upon hundreds of Rahkshi and uses them to mob Voporak, distracting it for hours so that him and Vakama can proceed without being bothered.

Makuta laughed. "Little Toa, you have not yet begun to see even the barest outlines of my plans. I have schemes within schemes that would boggle your feeble mind. You may counter one, but there are a thousand more of which you know nothing. Even my... setbacks... are planned for, and so I shall win in the end."
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 85

Teridax boasts about his plans being built to account for every setback.

<i>"Why are you a Toa?" Makuta answered. "No, I did not read your mind, Vakama - it is too quick a read. Your worries are transparent. I looked into the stars and saw the names of six Matoran destined by Mata Nui to be Toa: Nuhrii, Ahkmou, Vhisola, Tehutti, Orkahm, and Ehrye. Not a particularly heroic group, but weak-willed enough that they could have been molded by a strong leader like Toa Lhikan."

Makuta raised a hand, and shadows blotted out the stars. "And so I chose the six most argumentative, strong-willed, stubborn Matoran I could think of, and I planted their names in Lhikan's mind. He ignored destiny and chose you and your friends to be Toa Metru. I believed you would fail - as you ultimately will - and even if you do not, I have had the satisfaction of frustrating Mata Nui."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 86

Teridax inserts the names of the Toa Metru into Lhikan's mind. While he doesn't actually defy destiny here, he still does that, so. He also reads the stars.

"So. You are the one who destroyed Sidorak," the master of shadows whispered. "Now, you follow me here from Po-Metru, no doubt intending the same fate for me. Unfortunately..."

Coils of solid shadow leaped from Makuta's hands and wrapped around Keetongu, constricting him.

"I am not Sidorak," Makuta finished.

Keetongu was an instinctive fighter, not a strategist. Now his instincts told him that these bonds were tied to the will of his attacker. No amount of struggling would shatter them - it was the mental focus of his enemy that had to be targeted. Snarling, Keetongu charged and slammed into Makuta's armored form, knocking his foe off his feet. Robbed of the concentration needed to maintain them, the bonds vanished.

"You dare?" spat Makuta, rising. He hurled another bolt of darkness, but this time, Keetongu was ready. The Rahi absorbed the energy with his shield, channeled it through his armor, and then shot it back at Makuta in a Rhotuka spinner.

The spinner struck home. Keetongu advanced to follow up his score, only to find his enemy unhurt.

"You cannot harm me with my own power, beast!" Makuta said. He grabbed Keetongu's wrist and began to force the rapidly spinning shields toward the Rahi's throat. "Let us see if the same can be said for you."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 92-93

Teridax fights Keetongu, binds him in shadows, and then tanks him redirecting his shadow attacks at him.

Makuta threw all of his strength against Keetongu. The Rahi fought back with his own enormous might, with the rapidly whirling shield array between them. It was a deadlock, and with these two entities involved, it might last for eternity.

Then, the master of shadows did the unexpected. As Keetongu bore down upon him, Makuta suddenly stopped fighting. With no more resistance, the Rahi could not keep from being propelled forward by his own strength. Makuta rolled backward, hurling Keetongu over him and slamming the Rahi onto the ground.

Before Keetongu could react, Makuta struck again. Heat vision shot from his eyes and struck Keetongu's armored chest, welding shut the compartment that hid his Rhotuka launcher. Robbed of his ability to use that tool, Keetongu had no way to release any energy he absorbed.

"I see fear in your eyes, beast," said Makuta. "Perhaps now you see that Sidorak's power was a mere fraction of my glorious darkness. How do you think the Rahaga will feel when they discover the body of their mighty Rahi ally? Will they mourn you, or just decide it is one less animal to clean up after?"

Keetongu lashed out with his pickax and landed a solid blow. Makuta grunted and unleashed chain lightning against the tool, sending electricity coursing through Keetongu's armored frame. Makuta's metallic wings carried him up off the ground and he hovered above his fallen foe.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 97-99

Teridax defeats Keetongu by using his strength against him and using his Heat vision to prevent him from using his Rhotuka spinner, and then electrocutes him.

Twin beams shot from the Shadowed One's eyes. Halfway to Vakama, they mysteriously disappeared in midair, only to reappear several yards away. They struck part of the Great Temple and that section vanished from existence.

A winged shadow fell over Vakama. Makuta had arrived.

"Why do you interfere, great Makuta?" the Shadowed One demanded, saying "great" as if the term was an insult.

Makuta aligned on the ground. "Because it amuses me to do so. A simple trick, to teleport your eyebeams from the air and redirect them as I choose."

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 101

Teridax teleports the Shadowed One's eyebeams away midair.

Makuta unleashed blasts of shadow energy, not at his foes, but at the ground beneath their feet. A great pit yawned before them and only swift reflexes kept Voporak and the Shadowed One from falling into what might have been their grave.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 102-103

Teridax blasts a huge pit into the ground.

Makuta was power personified, and this Shadowed One was provoking him. Voporak's abilities tampered with a fundamental force of the universe, and Makuta did not seem to care. A full-scale conflict would destroy Metru Nui, unless (Vakama) did something about it.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 103

Teridax, Voporak, and the Shadowed One's fight would've destroyed Metru Nui if they all went all-out.

Voporak had moved in on Makuta. Even the master of shadows was at a disadvantage against a foe that could use time as a tool. Rather than strike out at him, Makuta was using his mind-reading power to anticipate and dodge Voporak's blows. All the while, Makuta strategized, looking for a weak point in his enemies' defenses.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 106-107

Teridax can read minds to predict and dodge attacks.

When Voporak charged again, Makuta summoned his ability to create a vacuum. Accelerated time would affect almost any kind of power, but this was not an attack vulnerable to the passage of years. No amount of time would create air where there was none, and even Voporak needed to breathe.

The Shadowed One saw his minion stumble, trying in vain to fight off the lack of air.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 107-108
"Go after him!" the Shadowed One barked at Voporak. But the time-bending being was no longer listening. Makuta's vacuums had starved his brain of air and and he had collapsed.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 109

Teridax creates a vacuum to suffocate Voporak.

"Dark Hunter."

(The Shadowed One) glanced behind to see his enemy still bound.

"If you think you can 'deal with me'," the master of shadows said, "then you know nothing of Makuta!"

With that, the armored figure flexed his muscles and shattered his protodermis bonds. Then he advanced on the Shadowed One, crimson eyes raging. The Shadowed One hurled more solid protodermis, only to have Makuta bat it aside. In desperation, he launched his eyebeams and dissolved a portion of Makuta's breastplate. But still, the master of shadows kept coming, never hesitating for a moment, his eyes locked on the Shadowed One's.

"You have challenged me," Makuta said coldly. "Wounded me. Imprisoned me. Dared to place your petty ambitions above my wishes. You sought to make time your ally, Shadowed One - now let it be your death!"

Makuta lifted the Shadowed One high into the air and hurled him at the prone form of Voporak. As soon as he struck his minion, Voporak's defensive time field took effect. The Shadowed One could feel countless years slipping by him, his body weakening, his final moments now a yawning chasm before him.

~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Pages 109-110

Teridax breaks out of the Shadowed One's protodermis binds by flexing, and then proceeds to easily dominate him and throws him at Voporak.

A bolt of shadow came from above and struck the plant-thing dead center. Darkness spread like a plague down its vines and branches, forming a chitinous shell that covered every inch of the plant. In a matter of moments, it was completely trapped inside, cut off from all heat and light.
~ BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap, Page 120

Teridax easily traps the Karzahni, a massive, living plant, in shadows, killing it by cutting off all heat and light.

Suddenly, with no warning, the very earth yawned open in front of them, splitting the clearing in half. All around, the earth shuttered and trembled, smaller cracks opening up here and as the trees shook and the birds took off into the air in a panic of cries.

Jagged streaks of white-hot lightning streaked across the sky, striking down only a few lengths from where the Toa stood.

"Get back!" Onua shouted as the air crackled with electricity and several trees and shrubs burst into flame.

Tahu leaped away with the others, though the fire held no terror to him. What was happening? A huge bank of dark clouds rolled in above them, releasing a torrent of rain and hail. A violent gust of wind howled down from further up the mountain.

"What kind of crazystorm is this?" Lewa yelled over the noise of the pounding rain and shrieking wind. "An earthquake, thunder and lightning, rain and hail and wind all at once?"

Gali shook her head, shielding her face against the driving wind. "This can be no regular storm," she cried. "It must be the work of Makuta."

As the word left her mouth, the storm suddenly stopped. The earth lay still. The only hint of the storm was the smoldering remains of the lightning-scorched foliage - and the huge, gaping fissure in the ground.

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Pages 43-44

Teridax splits the ground and causes a massive storm with ease.

Teridax casually causes the eruption of Mangai Volcano, which Onua says could destroy all of Mata Nui.

Teridax takes control of Lewa with a Kanohi infected by his kraata.

The Toa Kaita are forcibly defused once they enter Teridax's lair, as he is a spirit of destruction and they cannot exist in his space. (Mata Nui Online Game, 18:02 - 18:17).

Pohatu describes Teridax's strength as being ten times greater than that of the Manas, who matched the Toa Kaita. (Mata Nui Online Game, 18:18 - 18:20).

Tahu gasped, startled out of his own anger. What sort of enemy was this? He looked around for help and saw that five more attackers had suddenly appeared, as if out of the shadows themselves, each moving in on a different Toa...
~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Pages 112-113
Nearby, Gali struggled against another mysterious attacker. The stranger's form mirrored her own, but rather than the clean blue of the open sea, its body was the muted, sickly brownish-black of an oil slick.

"Who are you?" Gali gasped as she released a raging flood of water toward her attacker.

A chuckle poured out of the attacker, who seemed unaffected by the flood. "Who am I?" it said. "Is the wise, all-seeing Gali really so blind? I am - you!"

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 113
It hadn't taken Kopaka long to realize what was happening - Makuta had created these shadowy versions of the Toa to challenge them where the Manas and all his other creatures had failed.

And so far, it seemed to be working.

Kopaka fought on grimly. Neither he nor his enemy wasted any energy on words. Kopaka found his frustration rising as each of his carefully executed moves was met and returned with equal precision.

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 116
Onua shook his head, willing himself to focus, to think through this problem. He had already tried overpowering the enemy with raw strength, but its might matched his own. He had attempted to trap it by tunneling through the cavern wall and then collapsing the tunnel atop it, but the creature had burrowed out easily.

We can't go out this way, he thought desperately.

Right now, the Toa were at an impasse, evenly matched with their enemy. But if even one of them went down, it could mean the end of all of them.

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 117

Teridax creatures illusionary Shadow Toa to face the Toa Mata. These illusions perfectly match the Toa Mata in combat.

Kopaka smiled as he saw that his enemy was frozen in place. Kopaka sent the frozen enemy skittering across the ice until it smashed into the cavern wall. The creature shattered into hundreds of icy shards.

And each of the ice shards was forming into a new enemy!

~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 118

Shadow Kopaka is frozen and shattered into hundreds of pieces, but each piece reforms.

"Listen up!" (Onua) shouted. "We're going about this all wrong! We can't hope to defeat our own shadow doubles - but that's why we're a team!"
~ BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa, Page 119

Onua figures out how to defeat the Shadow Toa - fight alongside each other and team up instead of trying to face their shadows on their own.

Faced with essentially fighting themselves, the Toa still managed to triumph by acknowledging that the darkness was part of them, just as it was a part of all beings. The realization enabled the Toa to reabsorb the Shadow Toa back into their bodies, ending their threat.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 127

According to the book, anyways. In the BIONICLE Encyclopedia, it's instead stated that they accepted their inner darkness and absorbed them, which is considered to be what happened in canon.

In the Mata Nui Online Game (21:57 - 23:31), the Toa Mata face off against Teridax, chronologically after they defeat the Shadow Toa (though that isn't in the game), and he easily overpowers them all and is only defeated when they combine all their powers. After this, he teleports all of the Toa Mata out of his lair.

No one has ever seen Makuta and returned to tell of it - even the Toa saw only one small part of his true form.
~ The Official Guide to Bionicle, Page 21

The Official Guide makes it clear that they only fought a small portion of Teridax's true body, which makes sense - it's a lot smaller than his normal form, which shows up later, and a Makuta can't switch sizes so drastically without permanently losing mass, and they thus need to absorb people to get larger.

For almost 1000 years, I attacked the Matoran of Mata Nui with wild Rahi, storms, and plagues, all designed to break their spirits. Just when I believed they might be ready to crack, the Toa Mata arrived, to give them new hope. Or were they really the Toa Mata? I had to find out, and so set Rahi against them, knowing true Toa would be able to defeat them with ease.

That they did, battling their way even past the Manas crabs who guarded my lair and the Shadow Toa I unleashed upon them. When they reached Mangaia, I warned them of the power they faced. But they would not surrender. Instead, they attacked. Unwilling to waste my energies in battle with them, I let them believe they had beaten me. But even as they departed, secure in their victory, I was plotting to strike again.

~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 23

Teridax talking of his first encounters with the Toa Mata and claiming that he let them win. While this wouldn't be inconsistent with his power or his plans, it should be noted that he has a giant ego and could very well be lying.

Suddenly, an eerie red glow lit up the tunnel. A pair of red eyes appeared in the dimness.

"Shadows are everything," a voice hissed. "And where they are, so am I."

Takua backed away from the eyes. His heart was pounding. The Makuta. It had to be. "I know who you are," he said, trying to keep his voice from quavering. "I - I'm not afraid."

~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Pages 72-73

Teridax appears in the darkness of a mountain near Onu-Koro, having not long ago been in his lair in Mangaia, and claims that he can be wherever shadows are.

Makuta nodded, accepting the challenge. The surface of the nearest mercury pool rippled. A silvery ball slowly rose out of it, hovering in midair between Makuta and Takanuva.
~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 113

Teridax fashions liquid mercury-like Protodermis into solid spheres.

Another ball of mercury rose out of the pool. This time Makuta was the faster one. He grabbed the ball with his kolhii staff, and it immediately transformed into a ball of dark shadow energy.
~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 114

Teridax transforms one of those spheres into shadow energy with his staff.

This time it worked - the ball of light flew right into Makuta's chest!

The force of the impact knocked Makuta backward across the chamber. He staggered, then dropped to his knees with a mighty crash. Light energy flashed through his body.

Makuta roared in pain as the light energy weakened him. "Well played, Toa," he croaked.

Takanuva stepped forward. He had done it! He had finally defeated his enemy!

But Makuta wasn't quite finished yet. As the Toa approached, the dark one suddenly flung out his hand, shoving Takanuva backward with surprising force.

~ BIONICLE: Mask of Light, Page 120

Teridax takes Takanuva's best light attack head-on and gets back up mostly fine despite it being his weakness.

Thus, when Takanuva confronted me, I allowed him to think he had defeated me. I knew that if the Toa believed me beaten, they would move on, never imagining what I was truly planning.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 28

Teridax lets Takanuva think he's beaten him, which seems to be a favorite ploy of his. This one is 100% believable, as everything they did after this did, in fact, sync up with Teridax's plans.

In the past, Makuta has been seen to use his mental powers to create Shadow Toa from the darkness inside the Toa; trigger sandstorms, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions; transform his body into a vortex; and appear as everything from a Matoran to an armored, winged giant.
~ BIONICLE Encyclopedia: Updated, Page 84

A nice description of Teridax's powers as displayed up to this point.

The answer came when six ex-Dark Hunters calling themselves "Piraka" came to loot my lair. Subtly influencing their minds, I implanted the idea that they should journey to Voya Nui, rumored hiding place of the Mask of Life. They were thieves by nature, so it was so it took little effort to convince them to go. I also made a few other "suggestions", including the construction of a great crystal vat to house my energies on the island.
~ Makuta's Guide to the Universe, Page 29
It was worse than Zaktan feared. Six Toa... no. Not just Toa...

Toa Nuva.

The green-armored figure paused, puzzled. How had he known that name? And what did it mean?

~ BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom, Page 87

Teridax influences the Piraka to follow his wishes without them knowing.

Zaktan gazed at the small, round piece of crystal he held in his hand. It looked like an exact replica in miniature of the massive crystal sphere in the chamber. Reidak or Vezok would have dismissed it as a bauble and ground it under their heel, never realizing that it and others like it were the key to domination of Voya Nui.

Slowly, almost reverently, he moved the small glass sphere toward the larger crystal. When the two met, the surfaces of both turned immaterial, allowing the smaller crystal to pass through unharmed. When Zaktan withdrew his hand, the sphere contained a small portion of the larger crystal's black and green liquid. A moment later, the sphere changed to a solid color and its contents were no longer visible.

Zaktan picked up one of the launchers Avak had designed. In one swift motion, he loaded the sphere into the launcher. Now prepared, he sent a small portion of his substance underneath the chamber to summon Reidak and their reluctant guest.

The black Piraka entered the room a moment later, dragging a Ta-Matoran behind him. Reidak stopped well away from the crystal sphere, having found that getting too close to it made him feel disoriented and ill. This particular Matoran had been assigned a resource gathering mission by Hakann, which would take him deep into the mountains, ensuring that he would not be missed by his comrades.

"Hold him still," Zaktan ordered, taking aim with the launcher. He triggered the mechanism, and it hurled the small zamor sphere at the Matoran, striking him dead-on. The sphere turned immaterial once more and passed into the Matoran before releasing its contents.

One moment, the Matoran's eyes were filled with fear. The next, they glowed with a sickly crimson light as the virus took effect. Zaktan signaled for Reidak to release his hold. The Matoran made no effort to run, just stood there, his breathing ragged and his body stiff.

Zaktan walked to a far corner of the chamber and pulled on a chain. A small portion of the floor slid away to reveal a pool of molten lava. "Come here."

The Matoran dutifully shuffled to the edge of the pit. His eyes were fixed straight ahead, seemingly oblivious to the burning doom before him.

"Walk into the pit," Zaktan ordered.

Nodding, the Matoran took a step off the edge. His right foot dangled in midair above the boiling pool. Just as he was about to topple in, Zaktan grabbed his arm and flung him to the center of the room. The Matoran immediately rose and started for the pool again, halting only when Zaktan shouted, "Stop!"

Reidak walked wearily around the blank-eyed Matoran, now standing frozen in place. "What did you do to him?"

"I did nothing," replied Zaktan. "But the contents of that crystal sphere... that has delivered this island into our hands. No more worries about Matoran stumbling upon our plans, or hesitating to carry out the dangerous work we require. Now they will be perfect, obedient slaves, with no want or fear. They will labor until they die, Reidak, at my command."

~ BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom, Pages 59-62

The Piraka load Teridax's Antidermis into zamor spheres, controlling anyone who gets hit by them.

"They must have been enslaved by the virus and imprisoned here. Whoever did it ordered them to pour their elemental energies out until there was no more, then go beyond that point."

Piruk and Velika set to work breaking the chains. The Toa Nuva did not respond, seeming to take no notice that anyone had come into the chamber.

~ BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno, Pages 50-51

Teridax's Antidermis takes control of the Toa Nuva.

A formless wisp of greenish-black smoke slipped silently through a tunnel made of stone. To anyone watching, it might have seemed like a cloud of oddly colored dust, and no more. But if they could have sensed the malevolent intelligence that drove its seemingly random movements, they would have fled in horror.

The Matoran villagers of the island of Voya Nui had known this hated substance by the name "antidermis." The evil Piraka who had seized control of their island had used it to enslave most of the population, before finally being defeated by a team of heroic Toa. The crystal vat that contained the antidermis was smashed in battle, and the substance was scattered into the air.

But this was not the end. The tremendous willpower behind the antidermis forced its molecules to come back together. Now it was again whole - yet far from complete.

Once, in another place and time, the antidermis had been known by another name. Then it was housed inside black armor, its essence concealed by an infamous mask of power. Just as now, it was the intellect, the memories, the twisted ambitions, and the very life force of a legendary being.

He was called Makuta.

~ BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit, Pages 1-2

Teridax is revealed to have been the substance from before, and his true nature is made clear.

<i>The right arm of Maxilos pointed at Matoro. The next instant, the Toa of Ice was rocked by a sonic blast, bolts of chain lightning, and shattering force. Any lesser being would have been dead three times over, but Matoro still lived... even if he wasn't very happy about it at the moment.

"Now we understand each other," said Maxilos/Makuta. "I'm on your side in this, Matoro. You would be wise to see that I stay there."

~ BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit, Pages 44-45

Teridax tortures Matoro while in the Maxilos robot.

Maxilos raised its arm and a bolt of electricity shot from it, striking Hydraxon square in the chest. This was followed by a wave of magnetism that dragged the jailer down to the sea bottom by his armor and pinned him to the ground. Then came a burst of sonics, sufficient to turn a normal being's brain to mush. For someone with Hydraxon's enhanced senses, it was agony.

"I asked you nicely to turn back," said Maxilos, although the words were Makuta's. "I never ask twice."

"You're... not... Maxilos..." Hydraxon gasped through the pain.

Maxilos reached out and touched the jailer's mind, scanning it. Then the robot gave a short, sharp laugh. "And you're not Hydraxon... you only think you are. The real Hydraxon is dead, slain by Takadox and buried in the rubble of the original Pit. You're just a copy, just some wandering Matoran the Mask of Life decided to have some sport with. You're not even worth the time it's taking to demolish you."

~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 32

Teridax, in the Maxilos robot, hits Hydraxon with electricity, magnetism, and sonic attacks, powerful enough to turn a normal person's brain to mush, and then reads his mind easily.

The Toa of Ice's heart froze as the Manas moved in. He hurled his ice power at them, but they shrugged it off. Once it had taken six Toa to stop only a pair of Manas, and now he and Makuta faced hundreds. Strangely, the Master of Shadows did nothing. He didn't hurl shadow bolts or chain-lightning. He just waited and watched until the crabs were well within striking distance. Then he reached out with his mind, his most powerful weapon. Using his power to control beasts of land, sea and air, he seized control of half the Manas and turned them against the others. It was a horrible sight as the huge, savage Manas tore at each other. Karzahni looked on in shock as his army disintegrated before his eyes. Matoro looked away. Makuta simply laughed.
~ Into the Darkness, Chapter 5

Teridax easily takes control of half of Karzahni's hundreds of Manas and sets them upon each other.

But a glance at the Maxilos robot Makuta possessed gave the answer. The eyes were fixed on Karzahni with a gaze that was made all the more frightening by the complete lack of emotion in it. After a long moment, Makuta spoke.

"You... made a... mistake, Karzahni," he said. "You see, I don’t get nightmares..."

With one backhanded sweep of an armored fist, Makuta sent Karzahni sprawling. "I give them."

Standing over his fallen foe, Makuta whispered, "Your shadow plays are impressive, tyrant – but never forget who is the true master of shadows."

With that, Makuta plunged telepathically into the mind of Karzahni. It was a complex parchment of mad dreams, burning ambitions, twisted memories, and long-buried fears. Makuta considered all the subtle ways he could attack, and rejected them all. Karzahni had hurt him. Karzahni must pay in full.

Grasping Karzahni's mind with his own, Makuta tore it to shreds. Then, with the merest sample of his magnetic power, he sent the dictator hurtling through the ocean until he was lost from sight.

~ Dreams of Destruction, Chapter 7

Teridax rips apart Karzahni's mind and then tosses him into the distance.

"I can't let you do this!" yelled Matoro, charging forward.

Makuta waved his hand and a stasis field froze the Toa of Ice.

"And I can't let you stop me," said Makuta. "No one can stop me now."

A blast of sheer raw power struck the Master of Shadows squarely in the back. Makuta staggered, dropping the staff.

"Who dares?" he snarled.

"In my time, I've dared lots of things. Maybe too many things," came the reply. "I fell a long way from the light, and I can never find my way back."

Makuta whirled. Hovering in the water was Brutaka, former guardian of the Mask of Life, now mutated prisoner of the Pit. Wisps of energy were still drifting from his open hand. His body had changed, twisted spikes now jutting out of his armor, and what looked like a long dorsal fin running down his back. Brutaka stood, ready for battle.

~ Into the Darkness, Chapter 6

Teridax casually traps Matoro in a stasis field and then takes a serious attack from Brutaka without much issue.

"Then let's see if I can move up to an irritation," said Brutaka, firing his own blast of energy from his sword. The blast knocked Makuta's weapon from his hand. "You know, Makuta, we can do this all day, but it won't get you what you want."

"And that is?" asked Makuta even as he used his control over Gravity to slam Brutaka into a nearby mountain.

~ Into the Darkness, Chapter 7

Teridax fights on par with Brutaka.

Approaching Maxilos, Takadox triggered his hypnotic power.

"You must... do as I say..." he whispered. "Find Mantax... kill Mantax... get the Mask of Life and..."

Maxilos backhanded Takadox, sending the Barraki flying. "Save your petty talents for the fish and the worms, Takadox," he growled, "And stop annoying your betters. You were pathetic as a warlord... more so as a traitor... and now this... oh, this is just laughable."

~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 49

Teridax easily shrugs off Takadox's hypnosis.

Not giving Maxilos any time to react, (Matoro) encased the robotic figure in ice that was beyond cold. The sudden, intense drop in temperature caused cracks to form in Maxilos's crimson armor. Tiny, barely visible wisps of greenish vapor began to drift through the cracks, only to freeze the instant they did.
~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfal, Page 49

The Toa of Fire's sonar had spotted what Hydraxon had not: Spinax, coming on the run, leaping to the attack. The hound went for Hydraxon's throat and it was all Hydraxon could do to keep the beast at bay.

Once again, someone stopped him. This time, it was Maxilos, armor badly cracked and still half-covered in ice. "My thanks, Toa, for the well-timed wall of fire," said Makuta in the voice of the robot. "Not that I couldn't have freed myself, but I was curious to see just how far Matoro was willing to go. And by the way, Hydraxon, the hound may 'belong' to you, but I can be very... persuasive."

~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 51

Teridax claims to be able to easily break free of said ice, and takes control of the Spinax hound.

Maxilos felled the jailer with a well-placed blow before he could harm the hound.
~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 52

Teridax oneshots Hydraxon.

"Fighting? Who's talking about fighting?" replied Maxilos. He unleashed a bolt of chain lightning, stunning all six Barraki at once. "I was talking about winning."
~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Pages 62-63

Teridax easily electrocutes all six Barraki.

<i>Reaching out with his mind, Maxilos enveloped Takadox in his illusion power. Suddenly, the Barraki no longer saw himself as a mutant in the bottom of the watery Pit. Instead, he was in his original form, back on dry land again. He was standing in a castle tower, looking down at his loyal armies. The other five Barraki were there, in chains, begging him for mercy.

Any doubts Takadox might have had about this being reality were rapidly dispelled. The sights, the sounds, the smells were so real, down to every detail, how could he help but believe it? Who knew what a Makuta could accomplish, after all?


There was a stirring among the outer ranks of his army. Soldiers were moving aside in a hurry, as if to let someone of importance through. Takadox couldn't see anyone approaching, but the army continued to scatter as whatever it was drew closer and closer to the fortress. Puzzled, Takadox leaned over the parapet to try and catch a glimpse of his visitor. What he saw made him confused, and a little worried.

"Why does the ground... move?" he said, to no one in particular.

Then he saw why. The land before his fortress was covered in a swarm of insects, all headed straight for the walls. But not just one species, no, multiple different kinds of things that crawled and flew and even slithered - and even stranger, all of them were creatures of the sea. None of the creatures on the march should have been able to survive more than a few seconds on dry land.

"Oh, no," muttered Takadox. It was his army from the Pit. When he dwelled below the water, he had commanded legions of undersea insect life. Now he had returned to the land and they had followed. In his heart, he knew they weren't here because they missed him. They were out for revenge.

"Stop them, you idiots!" he yelled at his land-dwelling forces. "What do I pay you for?"

But his army melted away. The horde of insects had begun to climb the walls now. Takadox turned and flung open the the tower door. He was three steps down the staircase before he noticed the stairs were moving as well. That was when he started to scream.

Down in the Pit, Pridak looked with disgust at the screaming Takadox, huddled on the ground with his arms over his head as if to ward off an attack.

~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Pages 68-70

Teridax traps Takadox in a perfectly accurate illusion that completely convinces him it's real, and then torments him in it, driving him to scream in terror.

Five Barraki and their armies charged, in the greatest attack on a single being in the history of the universe. Maxilos never flinched, never dodged, and never even thought about running as the might of an entire ocean surged toward him. Victory or defeat, he would face his destiny as a Makuta.
~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 72

Teridax faces off against the remaining Barraki and their armies.

Far from the scene, the shattered body of the Maxilos dragged itself upright. The Barraki had put up a good fight and it suited him to let them have their moment of victory. The point had been to delay, not destroy them, and if the effort had proved more painful than anticipated, so be it.
~ BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall, Page 87

Teridax lost that fight, but hadn't been fighting to win, just delay them.

The Great Spirit

"You know?" Teridax repeated, amused. "If you knew, you would be fleeing in panic, Toa. No, you suspect... just as Zaktan does. Or perhaps he does more than that?"

A loud hum filled the room. A moment later, both Zaktan and the water tank in which he dwelled exploded.

"I suppose now we will never know," said Teridax.

~ Dwellers in Darkness, Chapter 9

Teridax blows up Zaktan with a sonic attack, destroying him on such a scale that he exists only as molecular fragments, according to Greg Farshtey:

How did Zaktan survive Teridax's attack prior to his fusion with the other beings?

I feel it came down to Zaktan's bizarre nature .. he already survives as a swarm of extremely small creatures ... so when he got exploded ...he basically was surviving as much, much smaller fragments, at the molecular level until he was able to coalesce at least a portion of himself again.

~ GregF Answers
"How... one dimensional of you," Teridax replied.

Before the horrified eyes of the party, Miserix’s body began to change. It wavered, grew blurry, the colors seeming to run into each other. There was an explosive release of energy, blinding in its intensity. When the heroes could see again, a picture of Miserix existed on the wall of the chamber, but he himself was gone. Or was he?

"He makes a very unique decoration, does he not?" said Teridax.

~ Dwellers in Darkness, Chapter 9
Well, that was not strictly true, he supposed… Miserix was still alive, though that former leader of the Makuta did not know it. As far as Teridax’s old enemy knew, he had been changed into a two-dimensional drawing on a wall, and that was how everyone else saw him too. In the old days, it would have taken a considerable amount of energy to maintain such a successful illusion, especially for another Makuta. But with his powers amplified by his new form, it was practically effortless.
~ Reign of Shadows, Chapter 4

After making a bad pun, Teridax traps Miserix in an illusion where he is just a picture, an illusion that affects everyone else present. Interestingly, this implies that he'd still be able to do this, just that it'd take a lot of focus and energy.

"You were the first Toa to do so," said Teridax. "No doubt you would find a way... maybe even a way to win, if I allowed it."

A wave of mental energy struck the six Toa Hagah, but did not seem to harm them. In fact, they seemed quite energized by it, even happy. They turned as a team and headed back out of the chamber, laughing and talking with each other as if this were the best day of their lives.

Helryx watched them go, shocked. "What... what did you do them?"

"Call it... mercy," said Teridax. "In their minds, the battle is over – and the forces of ‘good’ have won. They remember seeing me defeated at their hands, and in the reality they will perceive from now on, there is no Teridax, no rule by Makuta, no Toa and Matoran in peril. All they will see will be peace and happiness wherever they look."

~ Dwellers in Darkness, Chapter 9

Teridax traps all six Toa Hagah in an illusion that they've defeated him and everything is at peace no matter where they go. This is pretty in line with Teridax's normal illusory powers, so he should be able to pull something like this off normally.

"That’s monstrous!" said Axonn. "Toying with their minds – were you afraid to face them in battle?"

Teridax ignored him. "Unfortunately, I cannot do the same to Axonn, or Brutaka, or you, Helryx – your minds are too well shielded. Given time, I could break those shields... but why waste the energy? And as for Keetongu... I am on the verge of becoming a Great Spirit. I have no time for pets."

~ Dwellers in Darkness, Chapter 9

Teridax has the power to break through the Order of Mata Nui's mental shields now.

"You are tampering with fate," Brutaka warned. "And you will be punished."

"But not by you, and not today," Teridax replied.

Brutaka winked out of existence, followed by Axonn, then Keetongu. Only Helryx remained.

"Do not worry, they are not dead," said Teridax. "Merely teleported to the southern edge of this universe, to lands so dangerous even Makuta never dared travel to them. You will see them again, I am sure … if they survive."

~ Dwellers in Darkness, Chapter 9

Teridax teleports Brutaka, Axonn, and Keetongu across the Matoran Universe.

More coming soon!

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