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Getting back to and continuing this much faster than expected lol. Got much more time on my hands at the moment. You know the score now. 

Lets get back to Tenkai!!!

Feats and Abilities

P2E01: Many things happen. 

Even after being completely destroyed, Villus's soul is able to reform from an Aura from his castle on quarton in the form of his Tenkei Energy (blatent Low-Godly regen and confirmed by Villus later). Not only this, his spirit is even able to control the mind of Guardian Zephyrus. Once the Guardians restore Villus's physical form, Villus has become so much more powerful that he can casually defeat the Guardians, put them and their powers under his control, and turn the sky world of the Guardians domain to darkness all at once (Darkness Manipulation)

Villus has Power Nullification with his Trident now via surpressing the knights ability to go into Titan Mode. 

Slyger and Granox are now strong enough to overwhelm the knights when their in Phoenix Mode, forcing them to use Robo-Fusion Proto-Jet, empowered by Phoenix Mode, to stay ahead.  But Villus stomps that with his own Robo-Fusion in a single attack. 

Villus also now has Power Absorption/Removal for removing the power of the Dragon Cubes from the knights and then revives the Tenkei Dragon. However, before he can use it, Dromus attacks it (due to the Dragon later confirmed by Mr. White to be unstable) and splits the Dragon into 2 different set of Dragon Cubes, a good set and an evil set. The good set is shared among the Knights again, giving them its good energy, while Villus absorbs the evil set of cubes, growing stronger from its evil energy.

The 2 sets of cubes give both sides new forms. For the Knights, they evolve into new Elemental forms: Bravenwolf Tenkei Firestorm, Tributon Tenkei Iceblast, Valorn Tenkei Terrablast, and Lydendor Tenkai Lightning Strike. With his new form. Bravenwolf can one shot Titan Mode Granox very casually, even without Titan Mode, with a fire attack, giving him Fire Manipulation. Bravenwolf should also have a level of Power Nullification since his attack negated Granox's Titan form and returned him to base. 

Villus now also has constant power increasing according to Mr. White and Dromus. 

P2E02: Slyger has Power Mimicry just by analyzing whatever he sees, demonstrated when coming to the human world in a human like form, and applies to himself through configurating himself via data.

Slyger in Titan Mode can match the Elemental forms from the knights, but Valorn uses his Terrablast move, which causes huge energy rupters in the ground, to one shot Slyger. Valorn should also have the same level of Power Nullification Bravenwolf has. 

Also, its confirmed the Knights's ability to use Titan mode is still negated by Villus the last episode. 

P2E03: Lydendor unleashes his signature move, Lightning Strike, which calls powerful lightning from the clouds and one shots Titan Mode Slyger and Granox, giving him the same power nullification hax. 

Mr.White makes a comment on what Villus is searching for, the Legendary Tenkai Fortress, which supposedly has great power enough to threaten the entire universe. 

P2E04: Granox in human-robot form can easily throw around cars like stones. 

Granox can also change his weapon, the Halberd, into a strong energy blaster. 

Tributon's ice arrows are powerful enough to not only cut thrrough Granox's energy blaster, but even freeze away flames from Bravenwolf to nothing. To defeat Granox, Tributon unleashes his Ice Blast signature move, which freezes right through Granox and one shots him out of his Titan form, so same Power Null like the other knights and obvious Ice manipulation

Also, Tributons Ice Blast can bypass durability like it did against Granox. 

P2E05: Villus infuses 4 of his black Dragon cubes with the 4 Guardians to take complete control of them. Through that, Villus sends Boreus to fight the Knights and proceeds to stomp them single-handedly. Beag even comments that the power of all 4 can't stand up to the power of a single Guardian. Next time they fight, Boreus reveals his Guardian Tenkai Mega-Fusion, which absorbs multiple Corrupted Tenkai into himself (Absorbtion) to make a much stronger fusion form to beat down the Knights. But before they can be destroyed, Bravenwolf focuses his energy to awaken his new Tenkai Firestorm Titan Mode and defeat Boreus in a single attack, causing a tremendous explosion. 

While training, Mr.White comments that KI is the life force within the Universe, and that Tenkai Energy is no different from it. 

Bravenwolf's new titan mode gives him True Flight

Villus can also place seals on victims energies as he did that to restrict the knights Titan Modes in the first place. 

P2E06: Guardian Zephryus battles the Knights this time and uses Guardian Tenkai Mega-Fusion as well. But Valorn awakens his elemental titan mode and beats Zephryus with ease. 

Also, Valorn's Terrablast in Titan Mode uses a large chunk of rocks from the land against the opponent. Valorn in this titan mode also has True Flight

P2E07: Lydendor awakens his Lightning Strike Elemental Titan Mode to defeat the Guardian Tenkai Mega Fusion of Guardian Notus. 

Lydendor in the new Tenkai Titan mode also has Intangibility via turning into and moving around as pure electricity, True Flight, Obvious Lightning Manipulation in both forms, and his lightning can bypass durability to an extent. 

P2E08: A process called Brification begins to disrupt the very fabric of the world due to a disturbance on Quarton (likely refering to Venetta using the Tenkai Stone) and turns things into a cube-like structure. It can only be temporarily stopped by the energy of the knights corebricks. Beni comments on this as well saying the stone can disrupt cosmic balance.

Tributon awakens his Iceblast Elemental Titan Mode and his signature Ice Blast also has Explosion Manipulation via blowing up whatever it freezes. 

Also, Tributon just by going into his titan mode causes a large freeze across an entire landscape. 

P2E09: Guardian Eurus uses Guardian Tenkai Mega Fusion in battle and starts overwhelming Elemental Titan Mode Tributon, Valorn, and Lydendor easily. Even with Dromus's help, they can't do much. However, the tables turn when Bravenwolf regains control of his Firestorm Elemental Titan Mode to stomp Mega-Fused Eurus. 

P2E010: Villus gives some of his power to enhance a warstalion from Granox. 

Villus also has Forcefield Creation and homing attack

Bravenwolf can use his Tenkai Energy to shapshift a fly-jet into a personal weapon known as the Flame Pheonix, and can use its Supernova attack.

P2E011: Tributon has the same shape shifting power as Bravenwolf to change a weapon into his own personal one and can use it to cause very large explosions (needs calc).

P2E012: Nothing notable

P2E013: Bravenwolf can create walls of fire to act as shields (Forcefield Creation)

Villus can use Dark Tempest Elemental Titan Mode now to become much stronger and match Elemental Titan Mode Bravenwolf in battle. Dromus intervenes to help out, who can also match Elemental Titan Mode Villus to an extent before being overpowered. Bravenwolf tries finishng off Villus with his signature move, which causes an incredibly big and strong explosion (needs calc), but it fails to defeat Villus, who then summons the black dragon cubes to create the Evil Tenkai Dragon. In response, The knights and Dromus then summon their own white cubes to create the good dragon. Both dragons then battle each other, which unleashes incredible power and backlash just by battling. When both unleash even more of it in energy blasts against each other, it not only causes a tremendously big explosion, but also seemingly warps everything into a strange new dimension. 

Just to note, neither Villus or the knights can be in elemental modes without the cubes present in them. 

P2E014: The place the Knights, Beag, Villus, and Venetta end up in is a place called Beast World, an entirely separate and new world entirely. 

A strange monkey-type Tenkai named Orangore from Beast World has ridiculous amounts of Reality Warping and Toon Force at his disposal, which allows him to use Transformation, Body Control, BFR, Creation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, Cloning, Physics Manipulation, Law Manipultion, and Power Nullification via preventing everyone from being in Tenkai form in certain areas, 

The knights use their powers to beat Villus in a soccer game if it counts for anything. 

Venetta has Afterimage Creation.

P2E015: The knights and Beni in human form can use their Tenkai weapons to a great extent, such as destroying building sized monsters,  but likely not appliable to the knights themselves due to it being the working of Orangore mostly for making it a game. 

The beast king, king of Beast World, has the strange ability to force the Knights and co. to form different Robo-Fusions against their will. 

Orangore has more evidence of BFR

P2E016: Orangore creates an exact copy of the human world, at least Earth. Given it even has a sun in it, its safe to assume this is at least a Tier 4 feat, which is scaled to the obviously much stronger Tenkai Dragon, which gets scaled to a bunch of others. 

P2E017: Nothing notable

P2E018: Orangore has Petrification via contact

Orangore also creates another replica of the human world. 

The beast king reveals his true form and easily overhwhelms Venetta and the Elemental Knights at once. To get the advantage back, Bravenwolf Beag and Tributon fuse to form Accelerstrike (evidence that they can do this on their own) and unleash a powerful attack against the Beast King. But they fail to defeat him as he regenerates his completely destroyed body (Mid-Godly Regen) and BFR's everyone back to Quarton.

Orangore can easily keep up with Villus in combat. 

Orangore gives Bravenwolf a strange wolf emblem that empowers him. 

P2E019: Villus has Teleportation

Slyger and Granox fuse using Robo-Fusion to fight Bravenwolf and Dromus. Venetta prevents Bravenwolf from fighting, so Dromus stands alone against them and gets beaten easily, until he awakens his new Elemental form, Dromus Tenkai Whirlwind. to stomp them by creating a tremendously powerful tornado that makes the sky black with just a single swing of his blade. This gives Dromus Wind Manipulation now. 

P2E020: The Guardians and Slyger each have transformation via them being able to replicate Beag

Nothing else notable.

P2E021: Venetta can fight toe to toe with Boreus to an extent, forcing him to use Guardian Tenkai Mega Fusion to beat her down. But before she can be beaten, the knights intervene with all 4 of their Elemental Titan Mode Signature moves to stomp him after beating Eurus. 

P2E022: Elemental Form Bravenwolf stomps Base Slyger incredibly easily. 

Granox has the same kind of Power Mimicry as Slyger. 

P2E023: Villus enters his Dark Elemental Titan Mode to overpower Dromus, who can barely stand his ground in battle. 

Gen in human form can knock over a large steel heavy crate on top of Granox no problem. 

Dromus awakens his Tenkai Whirlwind Elemental Titan Mode to casually make huge tornados with a hand wave, let alone multiple with his Signature Whirlwind move, but also help stomp 2 Guardian Mega Fusions.

P2E024: The Brickification effect is steadily coming into effect faster than before due to the awakening of the Tenkai Fortress. Also, the Fortress, no where near its true power, causes greatly sized explosions (requires calc) with just casual blasts. 

In an effort to beat the knights, after battling, Villus summons the black dragon cubes to summon the Evil Tenkai Dragon. In response, the knights and Dromus summon the Good Dragon to fight for them against the evil one. The same thing from before happens again with the collision of attacks from the 2 Dragons, sending the Knights back to Earth. 

The Fortress seems to be sentient as it can defend and attack for itself and it also has regeneration

P2E025: Normal Titan Mode Dromus and Villus battle head to head, along with Vonetta, causing massive damages from their attacks. 

Humanoid Slyger can easily blast a wall down in one shot. 

Titan Mode Villus has Corruption/Mind + Empathic Manipulation via corrupting the Good Tenkai Dragon with his dark Tenkai Energy to forcefully control it. 

The Fortress can stand up to the power of both Tenkai Dragons without difficulty. 

Base Bravenwolf can withstand a full on blast from one of the Dragons while only passing out. By passing out, it activates the Wolf Emblem given to Bravenwolf and the Fortress awakens a secret legendary beast from within it, the Tenkai Wolf. 

P2E026: Final battle. 

The Brickification Device from Mr. White, which can help stop the worlds Brickification, can easily withstand an attack from Humanoid Granox without a scratch. 

Beag in humanoid form can match humanoid Slyger in combat. 

The Tenkai Wolf gives Bravenwolf a brand new form that makes him far stronger. The Wolf can also casually match the power of the Tenkai Dragon's and Villus just after literally waking up from slumber, causing huge explosions as collaterial extra damage and defeating both Dragons in a single attack. To counter this, Villus uses Power Drain + Absorption to absorb the Mega Fusions of all 4 Guardians into him, unleashing Ultra Guardian Tenkai Mega Fusion to become a fusion of himself and all their forms, which can easily stomp the Elemental Titan Formed Knights and even overpower Bravenwolf and the Tenkai Wolf. After that, Villus absorbs the Knights, Dromus, Venetta, the Corekai, and even the Tenkai Fortress itself. However, Bravenwolf awakens a strong surge of Tenkai Energy that weakens Villus and frees the others from the absorption, who all use their Elemental Titan Signature moves to damage him, giving Bravenwolf the final attack that defeats Villus, reducing him to a single Tenkai Corebrick that gets taken by the Tenkai Wolf to prevent Villus from ever returning, which reverses the Earth's Brickifcation and saves the Worlds. 

The Tenkai Wolf also has Flight, Telephathy via speaking to Guren in his mind, Purification and Power Bestowal via purifying the evil from the Good Tenkai Dragon and returning all the cubes to the Knights, and Teleportation

That....actually does it. This is the end of covering the Tenkai series believe it or not lol. So lets to making pages and i'll see y'all again next time when making a new RT!