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Heya everyone! Im back with a new respect thread to add in! But its not beyblade this time (don't worry ovo, thats coming ASAP). I got intrigued to cover a verse that almost no one these days know about but was very popular back then (and is a personal favorite from Cartoon Network). And for those who like LEGO or Ninjago, you might have some respect for this lol. Introducing the powers, feats and abilities of my next verse to cover, as identified by the title of my blog: Tenkai Knights. 

Tenkai Knights.png


Tenkai Knights is a Canadian-Japanese anime series, previously aired on Cartoon Network, produced by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, Spin Master, and animated by Bones & Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment. 

The story begins eons ago, in the far reaches of the universe, on a once peaceful cube-shaped planet called Quarton. Populated by living shape-shifting bricks called Tenkai, the planet was ravaged by endless war over its most valuable power source, Tenkai Energy. The 2 opposing factions of the war were the Corekai soldiers, lead by the fearless Commander Beag, and the Corrupted army, lead by the evil and ruthless Lord Villus, who wanted to claim Tenkai Energy for his own evil purposes. The Corrupted were too powerful for the Corekai and managed to overpower them. Before defeating the Corekai, 4 Legendary heros appeared who had the power to stand up to the Corrupted and Villus, known as the Tenkai Knights, consisting of Valorn, Lydendor, Tributon, and their leader Bravenwolf. The knights managed to force back Villus and his Corrupted army until, to avoid defeat, he summoned the powerful Tenkai Dragon. Because the beast couldnt be controlled, Villus fled, and it took all 4 of the knights to destroy the dragon and spread its remains across Quarton and beyond. Generations later, Villus returns stronger than ever, and so do a new set of Tenkai Knights from the opposite end of the universe, Planet Earth. 

Tenkai Knights lineup.png

The new knights consist of humans from earth, year 2034 in Benam City. The main character Guren Nash (Bravenwolf), followed by his best friends Ceylan Jones (Tributon), Toxsa Dalton (Valorn), and Chooki Mason (Lydendor). They're lead by their mentor, Mr. White, and were chosen by one of the Guardians of Quarton, Boreas, to become the new Tenkai Knights to stop Villus from conquering both worlds. There are also the 2 side characters, Gen (Dromus) and Beni (Venetta) who previously were antagonists but switched to officially support the knights. 

Additional Information

Unlike Beyblade, Tenkai Knights episode lineup is mostly fit into one show, but with minor parts in between to separate time-skips and events within the story. Because of this, I will separate my blog on Tenkai Knights into at least 2 parts until further notice, if not, more due to the many amount of episodes. In addition, I unfortunately do not have a playlist of episodes for Tenkai Knights since its not very popular these days. That said, Youtube does have the episodes but very random ones that arent in order, some being in low-quality. And there are other online anime sites that contain the episodes (one im using for this blog is WatchCartoonOnline), so it isn't impossible to watch the episodes at your own convienence. That said, i'll try my best to make a playlist, if possible, and link it to this blog or get scans and edit them into the blog at a later time. Furthermore, I believe there are games, and possible even a manga, for Tenkai Knights but they are likely no different from the anime, which to my knowledge is the main canon, so this blog will only focus on the anime. 

Alright. Time to get started! 

Feats and Abilities

P1E01: Many things occur

Quarton is debatebly in an alternate universe all-together via Narrator saying "alternate realm", having an interdimensional connection to Planet Earth.

The world of Quarton seems to be entirely virtual or data based, since the living Tenkai blocks, when damaged or destroyed, turn into multiple glowing data blocks and then disperse to nothing. This should imply being able to hit intangibles. 

Even the weakest of the tenkai blocks, the Corekai and Corrupted, fire and react to laser fire attacks, which should be at least Sub-Rel (calc required). The bows from Tributon, one of the knights, scales far higher, as well as Valorn's laser blasts.

Lydendor, one of the knights, can casually create tornados (Wind Manipulation) with just a swing of his weapon. Scales to the other Knights who equal him, especially Bravenwolf who's the leader and most likely the strongest of the 4. Also scales to Villus who matches Bravenwolf in battle. 

Each of the knights have weapons that manipulate Tenkai Energy, such as Bravenwolfs sword. Villus's controls a darker form of Tenkai Energy and can unleash it as energy blasts.

The Tenkai Dragon's power is unknown for now, but since it took the power of all 4 knights to destroy it, the dragon's power is vastly upscaled from them. 

NOTE: The feats from the knights above are done by the previous ones. Not the new ones from Guren and co. 

One of the guardians has astral projection and can telepathically communicate with others (Boreus confirmed later on to do this with Guren)

The cube brick, or corebrig, from Guren can stop time and put Guren in a dream with him fighting Villus as Bravenwolf. Same with Celyan as Tributon. 

Mr.White has a portal that leads to Quarton, further evidence of Quarton and Earth being connected across different universes. 

Each of the knights share a sentient-living computer A.I. that runs their abilities and functions when they transform into the knights from human form, debatedly can act as another mind for them (?)

Bravenwolf and Tributon both have forcefield creation and limited flight via tenkai boosters. Both can also casually destroy walls with their attacks just after coming to Quarton for the first time.

P1E02: More things happen.

Boreus can teleport Guren and Ceylan through memories. 

The Tenkai Dragon is implied to be at least a threat to Quarton and Earth, and even a universal threat if Villus gains it and its power by Boreus, which is split into 5 dragon cube parts. 

An ancient stone tablet from Quarton, which turns into a white key, also has the power to time stop and Guren and Ceylan's corebrigs makes them immune to it (Resistance to time stop). Just to note, the cores are confirmed by Mr.White to have "bonded" with their energies, becoming a part of Guren and Ceylan themselves. 

2 of Villus's strongest subordinates, Granox and Slyger, appear to fight and give trouble to Bravenwolf and Tributon in battle. But before they can defeat them, Lyndendor and Valorn, the other 2 knights, come to save them, stomping Granox and Slyger. 

Slyger has electricity manipulation and incorporates it in his attacks. 

P1E03: All 4 knights fight in this episode. 

Boreus can sense the energy of others, such as the Knights.

Slyger has weather manipulation via a weapon that forms clouds and shoots electricity into it for a more powerful attack, which can turn whatever it destroys into dispersed data, more evidence for hitting intangibles.

Just to note, Villus is confirmed to be the 5th former member of the original Tenkai Knights.

P1E04: The knights gain a new power called Robo-Fusion, which allows them to fuse together into a new proto-jet form that can create a Phoenix for an attack, giving it Fire Manipulation

A group of low-level corrupted soldiers make a huge sized explosion from their attacks. If a Calc makes it anything special, then the Knights, Villius, Granox, Slyger and the Dragon scale much above it for being much above the fodder. 

P1E05: Despite being destroyed the last time, Villus is able to fully ressurect Slyger and Granox with his Tenkai Energy, giving him Ressurection

Villus himself appears and not only is his base form easily able to avoid the attacks of their Tenkai Protojet, but he also has the power of Robo-Fusion to create the Zenoship, which casually defeats the knights Robo-Fusion in a single hit but leaves before finishing them. 

P1E06: Villus shows more abilities.

His eyes and Trident can fire off energy beams and he gets transformation via a new form: Tenkai Titan Mode, which expotentially inhances his size and Tenkai Energy, letting him easily stomp Guren/Bravenwolf around. But Bravenwolf then reveals his own Tenkai Titan Mode, allowing him to battle on ground with and even damage Villus. 

Villus has an attack that has lightning incorporated into it, so if nothing else it should be at least MHS in speed. 

P1E07: Guren should have a type of precog for being able to see a future vision as a dream, involving a new Tenkai. 

That new Tenkai, Dromus, has Telekinesis for lifting a dragon cube, Teleportation, and the boy who becomes Dromus, Gen, is able to make a pocket space out of data that shows Quarton and Guren describes as if he and Ceylan were becoming digital with it, so it should be a type of reality warping and data manipulation

Tenkai Titan Mode Bravenwolf casually slices a huge iron Tenkai wall in half with his blade.

Villus has Explosion Manipulation via pointing his Trident. 

Slyger can create lightning just by being pissed.

Ceylan/Tributon unlocks Tenkai Titan Mode and stomps Slyger in a single attack. 

P1E08: A Tenkai War-Stalion from Granox has Luck Manipulation via a Jynx cannon that hits Lydendor and it even affects Chooki while on earth, giving him constant bad luck and interfering with Lydendors powers. 

Lydendor has decent resistance though when achieving his Tenkai Titan Mode and gets rid of it. He also gains a giant robotic Shuriken in Titan Mode that can be controlled long ranged and has Explosion Manipulation via contact.

P1E09: The knights Robo-Fusion has a new form, Air-Lancer jet. It has 97 different attacks, one used called Tenkai Thunder Cannon which creates an incredibily powerful thunder blast, giving them Lightning manipulation

Dromus casually creates a tornado (Wind Manipulation) with a swing of his blade strong enough to blow away the Air-Lancer jet. 

The knights achieve new Robo-Fusion with Beag and other Corekai Tenkai to achieve Stage 2 Robo-Fusion, allowing them to become both the Proto-jet and the Air-Lancer jet at the same time and use combination attacks. 

P1E010: Villus has power bestowal via giving a fodder tenkai the power of his trident and likely has the abilities of all the dark tenkai creatures Granox uses since he gives them to him. 

That Tenkai gains the power of Robo-Fusion. 

Toxa/Valorn should have minor resistance to mind manipulation or hacking since Toxa is able to fight against his mind being hacked and give false information from his own mind instead of the data from his corebrig, which also has a firewall built in to make hacking more difficult. 

Toxa/Valorn achieves Tenkai Titan Mode. 

P1E011: Dromus reveals he has Tenkai Titan Mode as well and can battle head to head with Titan Mode Bravewolf.

Dromus also has Posession and Data Transmutation via his Core Corrupter which can transform other Tenkai core bricks into dark tenkai monsters he controls. 

P1E012: Nothing notable, though Villus does claim that "all worlds, known and unknown" will be corrupted once obtaining the power of the Tenkai Dragon. And Quarton somehow teleports itself close enough to earth where it can be seen in the sky. 

P1E013: Boreus can shapeshift the portal the knights use to reach Quarton into a battleship called the Dimensional dropship. He also has teleportation for reaching the space between Earth and Quarton (Subspace actually) and can open portals to Quarton. 

Guren revives the Tenkai Dragon with the cubes and white dragon key, commanding its mind with the knights A.I. (possible mind control?). But Dromus destroys the key and captures the dragon using a special cage that can absorb its Tenkai Energy.

Villus and Dromus in Tenkai Titan Mode can equally match the Titan Mode Knights in battle.

During their clash, Titan Mode Bravenwolf uses a new move against Villus, Tenkai Wolf Cannon, that causes a powerful and very large explosion (needs calc). In addition, its a blast of fire so Fire Manipulation for Titan Mode Bravenwolf. 

Also, Villus revives from being completely destroyed in his battle with Bravenwolf. Depending on how its interpreted, it can either be Self Ressurection when reviving from the same Tenkai Block or Low to Mid Godly Regen when regenerating into a new Tenkai Block. 

P1E014: According to Dromus, the Tenkai Dragon's power is limitless (likely hyperbole, but its definite fact the Dragon's power is vastly above everyone else in its own league). 

Titan Mode Dromus casually creates Tornados. 

P1E015: A new Tenkai appears, named Venetta, and is controlled by Gen's friend Beni. 

She's easily able to outspeed and battle the other knights in Titan Mode form, has smoke manipulation via smoke bombs, can control and shoot webs, and can launch energy beams (energy manipulation) that create huge explosions (needs calc). . 

P1E016: Just to note, if not already clear, the A.I. system the knights have can sense the energy (Energy/Location Sensing) and location of others. 

Slyger and Granox obtain Tenkai Titan Mode, which allows them to easily overwhelm Titan Mode Tributon in battle. And the other knights later on. But Tributon beats them later on with Bravenwolfs help.  

Another comment on how the Dragon's power is immeasurable and would allow Villus to rule the Universe.

Also, Ceylan's corebrick can project events that happen on Quarton directly into his mind. 

P1E017: Villus gives Slyger and Granox the power of Robo-Fusion, which makes a jet with Darkness Manipulation but gets stomped by the Knights Robo-Fusion.

Titan Mode Lydendor can easily catch and physically toss around the Robo-fused jet Slyger and Granox formed. 

P1E018: Beni shows the ability to teleport herself, Guren and the others directly to Quarton without a portal and in Tenkei Knight form (Teleportation)

A new Guardian, Eurus, shows the ability to project himself and create clone copies of the Tenkai Knights with all of their powers replicated (Spirit Projection, Creation, and Power Mimicry). Eurus can also use Telepathy.

The clones can equally fight the originals. To defeat them, Bravenwolf and Tributon unlock Titan Fusion Shapeshift Mode, where they fuse as Titans and become incredible more powerful, stomping the clones and making very big explosions (nothing new without calcs). Also counts as Fusionism

Titan Mode Bravenwolf can fly (flight)

P1E019: Slyger, in Titan Mode, fuses with a sky-griffin empowered by some of the Tenkai dragon's energy, becoming far more powerful. But they get stomped by the Titan fusion between Bravenwolf and Valorn in one attack. 

P1E020: Dromus has a technique called Dark Energy Lightning which forms clouds in the sky and calls forth some of the Tenkei Dragon's energy to power up whatever he wishes, such as a weapon strong enough to fight all of the Titan Form Knights at once. However it gets stomped by Tributon and Bravenwolfs Titan Fusion. 

The guardian's comment on how the Titan Fusion ability from the Knights is a very unstable power that threatens the balance of Tenkai Energy. 

P1E021: Granox has summoning for calling forth a stallion, can directly absorb the Dragon's energy into him via Dark Energy Lightning, and has a new mode from Robo-Fusion with the Stallion. 

Lydendor and Bravenwolf can fuse together with Titan Fusion..

P1E022: Villus battles against 3 of the 4 Guardians of Quarton. All 3 have Forcefield Creation and casually start stomping Villus's army, known to be powerful entities. Boreus also has Illusion Creation for creating an image mid battle to fool Villus. 

Venetta can somewhat keep up stand against Titan Mode Dromus to an extent. Dromus also uses a new technique to cause a large explosion, Dark Energy Cannon (requires calc)

P1E023: Battle between Villus's army and the Guardians continues. Even when in Titan Mode, Villus has a very hard time battling just Boreus, who can casually overwhelm him. 

The knights can project their minds to turn into knights while in human form to break a seal (all 4 are needed). Guren and Gen can do the same thing to battle each other. 

Guardian Eurus can time-stop others he specifically chooses via a light flash

Boreus has Afterimage Creation via his speed. 

P1E024: Multiple things happen

From last episode, via the destruction of the Guardians portal, it causes both Quarton and Earth to start rapidly closing in on each other, being on the verge of merging into one. The only way to stop this is to use the power of the Tenkei Dragon (so at least 5-B Tenkei Dragon). Even while only being decently close, the process starts to, temporarily, distort the world with data effects.

Guren and the others are brought into a possible future where Villus and the Corrupted rule over Earth, which according to Boreus, is the gap between Time and Space because of the malfunctioning portal. 

P1E025: The fusion of the worlds comemnces faster and is confirmed to destroy both upon the fusion.

Guren and Gen create a pocket space while fighting due to the effects of the malfunctioning portal. 

Both Titan Mode Lydendor and Valorn beat Titan Mode Granox and Slyger

Villus's Trident has Telekinesis.

Once obtaining the Dragon in its dark form, Villus claims he's the master of worlds and worlds beyond.

P1E026: Final battle for Part 1 

Even with Titan Mode, the Knights stand almost no chance against the power of the Dark Tenkai Dragon, including Dromus. But before they can be destroyed, the 4 Guardians intervine to help immoblize the dragon and Bravenwolf returns the dragon to its good form. Then by uniting both the White and Black keys, the Dragon splits back into 5 parts and its power is bestowed onto the Knights and Dromus, giving them Phoenix Mode. Villus fights back with the Limitless power it took from the dragon before, but even with it, The knights in Phoenix mode defeat him without difficulty. Finally, they reverse the fusion of the 2 worlds using the power of the Tenkei Dragon they received. 

A casual blast from the Dragon creates a large sized explosion. 

Also, the Knights and Dromus should be far faster than before in Phoenix Mode as when they move, they unleash golden flashes of light from their bodies. 

That'll do it for now folks! Be prepared for Part 2 of my blog very soon!