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In The God of High School, The king launches two planets with his Planet Toss technique. I will be using the same method and speed which was accepted for the last planet toss calculation.


I will be using the kinetic energy formula to calculate the amount of force produced by the two planets travelling at high speeds. I will be using earth as a standard, per wiki standards.

Earth's Mass: 5.972e+24 Kg

As said earlier, I will be using the same speed as the pervious calc, which is 30 million miles per hour (13411200 m/s). For a quick tl;dr:

  • They are both prime examples of planets travelling at high speeds.
  • They are both the same situation of planets being thrown out of their gravitational orbits, being 1-1 examples.

Since they will be moving at speeds surpassing 1% of light, I will be using the Rel KE calculator.

Kinetic Energy: 5.3787024e+38 J (High 5-A Dwarf Star Level)

since it two planets


= 1.0757405e+39 J (High 5-A Dwarf Star Level)


Planet Toss: High 5-A Dwarf Star Level