I noticed that the result of the calculation for Donkey Kong's moon punch seems a bit off.

First off, the speed used in it seems too slow. Plus, the moon could be the same size as our own after all, just they couldn't show the full size of the moon on screen. Just in case, I'll use two calcs: one with the original estimated mass, and one with the mass of our moon.

The moon went down to Earth in 2 seconds, so using the distance from the moon and the time of 2 seconds, the speed is 191511936 m/s, about 64% of the speed of light.

Calc 1

Now, the mass in the original calc was 28134968929454.7 kg. To find this, I'm using the Kinetic Energy Equation: KE=1/2M * V^2.

Now, plugging in the numbers, (1/2(28134968929454.7)x(191511936^2), we get 5.159506185021859e+29 J. This is Moon level.

Calc 2

Now, for the other calc, I am using the mass of the moon, 7.34767309 x 10^22 kg. Using the same equation as before, but with the mass of the real moon, we get 1.3474464766046018e+39 J. This is in the range of Dwarf Star level.


Depending on the size of the moon he punched, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong should be either Moon level or Dwarf Star level.

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