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Minutemen - Corona

Minutemen - Corona


Brad takes a really high fall in Dismal Island, you can survive it with some decent damage (It does around 500 damage in my case, if he hits the highest point which will always happen)

Okey, to measure the height.

The weirdo is 58 pixels. The fall is 543 pixels, since you hit the highest top no matter what you do.


Assuming the weirdo is 1.7 meters, the fall is 15.9155172414 meters.

Brad is the one who takes the fall, since he is a bit EXTRA THICC let's say he is 80 Kilograms.

The fall would measure 12,760.00 joules, Wall level. This of course is not an outlier since he can survive being ran over by a truck and a car in the game (Those sequences happen in the overworld even).

This will increase his durability of course, no idea if his AP will. Being Joyed or not didn't affect the damage. I can prove it even.



Brad's Durability: Wall level (12,760.00 joules

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