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Helluva Boss' third episode Spring Broken sees a giant anglerfish. That's it, that's the context. There is not much more to go off of. Upon emerging, it displaced a lot of water in a blast, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to calculate that.


Once we figure out the height of the giant anglerfish with legs, we can determine its Attack Potency through GPE, its movement speed, and its bite force.

Anglerfish from Helluva Boss.png

Moxxie and Millie are only a tad bit shorter than Blitzo, with some shots depicting Millie as only a foot shorter than him... like an actual foot, like the unit of measurement.

To simplify it, as most shots depict the two, hair included, as about Blitzo's height, excluding his horns, I'll just use Blitzo's height (head to toe), which was calculated to be 1.85 meters.

Millie: 159.7 px (1.85 m)
Anglerfish: 857 px (9.92767689 m)

(9.92767689/0.6)^3*57.7 = 261375.55 kg

Anglerfish move at "0.24 body lengths per second", and considering the reference we used is 0.6 m, that makes their speed 2.5 m/s.

And, a two and a half pound fish was recorded as having a bite force of 320 newtons. This fish is 16.54x larger than your average anglerfish.

261375.553 * 9.81 * 9.92767689 = 25455498.5 joules (9-B+)
(2.5/0.6) * 9.92767689 = 41.36 m/s (Subsonic)
320 * 16.54 = 5292.8 kg (Class 10)


Giant Fish's AP and Durability: 25455498.5 joules (9-B+)
Giant Fish's Speed: 41.36 m/s (Subsonic)
Giant Fish's Bite Force: 5292.8 kg (Class 10)