Calc 1: Size of Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus zoopedia

Given: The Zoopedia says the Carnotaurus is about 7.5 metres long. For the purpose of this calc, this will be the exact measurement.

Goal: Find how long the Carnotaurus is in metres.

Carnotaurus side profile

From left-most tip to right-most tip, the Carnotaurus is 1221 pixels long. It is also 7.5 metres long.

Dividing length in metres by length in pixels (7.5/1221), we can see that one pixel is equal to 0.0061 metres.

Now, from bottom-most tip to top-most tip, the Carnotaurus is 748 pixels high.

We know one pixel to be equal to 0.0061 metres.

Multiplying our pixel length by our height in pixels (0.0061 x 748), we can see that the Carnotaurus is 4.5628 metres tall.

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