T'uure lit up the world in his legendary tale. This guy already scales to 5-B via beating Dimensius, who destroyed a planet, but still, support feats. Specifically, the text implies T'uure's light was equivalent to the sun itself. 


F = L/4*pi*d^2 is the luminosity calc we'll be using here, where...

  • F = Energy (Measured in Watts/m^2)
  • L = Luminosity (Measured in Watts)
  • D = Distance (Measured in Meters)

A fixed value of 0.0079 needs to be multiplied by the lux figure in order to obtain the proper w/m^2. So...

True, pure sunlight, as we're told this is here, has a lux value of at least 32,000 lux

0.0079 * 32000 = 252.8 w/m^2. 

The circumference of the planet is 40,075,000 meters, divide this in half to get our Distance value of 20,037,500 meters.

252.8 = L/4*pi*(20037500^2)

For the next part I really have no idea what's happening, since I'm using this as my reference. For some reason, Weekly multiplies the distance measured in meters by 1000. This was accepted by Kep, who actually had knowledge on it, so I'm doing this. 

252.8 = L/4*pi*((20037500 * 1000)^2) 


L = (4*pi*((20037500 * 1000)^2)) * 252.8 = 1.276e24 Watts, which on its own would be Large Country level. However, we have a timeframe that this happened- this went on for a week. 604,800 seconds.

So net energy expended in that singular action would be 7.717e29 Joules, Moon level. Still a solid supporting feat either way fellas.


T'uure's Sun Generates Light: 184.44 Exatons of TNT, Moon level

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