One of the early game evil kings states that he can turn the five-story building they are in to ashes if he so desired. This is an office building that was five stories tall so let's go.


This doesn't give specific minimum square footage for an office building, but the smallest size mentioned is 6500 sq ft, or 603.87 m^2. 

Storey is 4.3 m so 603.87 * 4.3 = 2596.64 m^3.

For a building like this I will assume 80% hollowness for the inside, so volume of stone would be 519.33 m^3. Density of concrete is 2400 kg/m^3 so mass is 1246392 kg.

Melting Point of Concrete = 1450 C

Typical Temperature = 16 C

Specific Heat of Concrete = 880 J/(kg*K) (Source is apparently Assaltwaffle)

Specific Heat Energy = (1450 - 16) * 880 * 1246392 = 1.573e12 Joules, or Multi-City Block level


Chairman Evil King Burns a Building: 375.96 Tons of TNT, Multi-City Block level

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