Ninjago needs revising since it hasn't had a look-see since the Storm Revision glory days. The rating is outdated now and this thread brings up a replacement feat of an ice dragon being vaporized. We'll (try) to calc this.


We'll compare the length of the ice dragon to a komodo dragon. 

Guy = 9 px = 171 cm

Dragon Length = 266 px = 5054 cm

A male komodo dragon is about 8.5 ft, or 2.59 meters. So the dragon is 19.514x longer, so it should be 19.514^3 larger overall. 

Average weight for a Komodo Dragon is about 70 kg. So the dragon should weigh 70 * 19.514^3, or about 520159.988 kg. 

So now we need to take this mass and apply it to vaporization. First, let's discuss the heat change. Ice is at least 0 C. So we'll just consider this the start temperature, and he was vaporized- 100 C. Pretty simple stuff.

Specific heat of solid water = 2050 J/kg*K

Mass can be seen up above, so just multiply to get a heat-change energy of 100 * 2050 * 520159.988 = 1.066e11 Joules. Next up, fusion and vaporization.

Fusion Energy = 334000 J/kg * 520159.988 kg = 1.737e11 Joules

Vaporization Energy = 2264705.7 J/kg * 520159.988 kg = 1.178e12 Joules

Total Net Energy = 1.178e12 + 1.737e11 Joules + 1.066e11 Joules = 1.458e12 Joules, Multi-City Block level


Ice Dragon Gets Vaporized: 348.47 Tons of TNT, Multi-City Block level

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