I was recently asked to look into Sephiroth's iconic "Supernova" attack, based on new findings by user TartaChocholate. So... that's what I'm gonna do.

basically, the old calc assumes it hits Jupiter based on the animation. However, Tarta brings me this translated description from the original Japanese:

"With both hands up, Sephiroth disappears from the spot. A supernova explosion occurs. After the blue flash ran through the space .... Huge blasts and shocks hit all the planets of the solar system. The blast envelops the entire solar system, and the light of the supernova shines brightly into the galaxy."

This was way back when Pluto was still considered a planet. So we'll do that. Let's see.


Original calc here. The old calc seems to imply Jupiter was shoved off-screen for this feat, based purely on the screen. We'll rework it I guess to fit with the radius of the sphere instead being Pluto to Sun distance.

That gives us 5,906,380,000 km. From this we can get surface area of the explosion.

Supernova Surface Area = 4.38e26 m^2

Still using Jupiter as the basis for this calculation since we actually see the supernova's effects on it.

Jupiter Surface Area = 6.1419e16 m^2

Supernova/Jupiter = 7.131e9x

The dispersion energy of Jupiter in the OG calc was 2.507e42 Joules. So...

Energy = 2.507e42 * 7.131e9 = 1.788e52 Joules, Solar System level.

Eh. Higher into 4-B, I guess.


Sephiroth Blows Up the Solar System: 178.8 MegaFoe, Solar System level

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