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Darkest Dungeon has an awful lot of light-based abilities, and they're all pretty nifty (personal favorite is Dazzling Light, of course, the Emerald Herald Vestal is pretty good with 67% extra heals). You can dodge these attacks, too. So I'm going to try to calculate a typical movement action to get an actual speed for their dodge.



This is just a random example of movement- and all dodge stuff has roughly the same animation (character strikes the same pose as if to look like dodging, sometimes hits, sometimes misses). So all movement is more or less equatable for simplicity's sake.

The movements of the arms seem to be most notable and are roughly a 30 degree arc from resting positions. 

I plan on calcing this in two ways. One, using average male arm length, and two, scaling the arm to the head. The former is more likely due to art style.

Weird Way

Highwayman's Head = 79 px = 23.9 cm

Highwayman's Arm = 120 px = 36.30 cm

Arc length in this case would be 19 cm. Now let's use average arm length.

Normal Way

His arm should be about 32.9% of his total height, or 58.23 cm. Using this as our radius, our arc becomes 30.49 cm. These will serve as our two ends.

Continuing on, we now need distance the light would travel in the same frame. The Crusader can use his light attacks all the way at the front on the frontmost enemy, so the distance between those two should suffice. I'll assume the Crusader is roughly 6'0 for this.

Crusader = 257 px = 182.88 cm

Distance to Enemy = 290 px = 206.36 cm

Now we can compare the speed of light to their movement speed in a single frame to get an idea of how fast they can move in combat. 

Low-End: 0.19 m * c / 2.0636 m / 343 = Mach 80473.8288, 9.21% SoL, Sub-Relativistic+

High-End: 0.3049 * c / 2.0636 m / 343 = 129139.318, 14.78% SoL, Relativistic

Not bad.


Corpses Dodge Light (Low-End): 0.0921c, Sub-Relativistic+

Corpses Dodge Light (High-End): 0.1478c, Relativistic