So, based on this thread, people aren't sure what the gods should scale to in an Avatar form. From what I can tell, 2-A is easily acceptable for greater deities, 2-C looks to be the upgrade for lesser deities (demon lords, archdevils below Asmodeus, and so on). However, the discussion isn't over so who knows, they might be 11-A in no time. 

That said, these calcs are for some lesser Primordials that the gods can battle even in their lesser forms. In my own opinion, the Gods should scale to the Leviathan, which was directly stated to be able to destroy the planet and it was directly stated that the gods can battle it in their Avatar forms, but eh, let's post these anyways. 


Planetary Storm

This is a feat that would scale to lesser deities (demon lords and the like). Zargon can cover the entire planet in a storm. 

The worship of Zargon causes unrest among the gods, which is made manifest with strange weather. Overwhelming: Eerie weather occurs once an hour and affects the entire world.
~ Elder Evils, 3.5e

We'll go super baseline. 

It takes 1 hour to form and covers the planet. Surface area of Earth is 5.1e14 m^2 Cloud height of 9144 m gets a volume 4.663e18 m^3. Density is 1.003 kg/m^3 by this wiki's standards, so mass is 4.677e18 kg. 

This storm has to cover the Earth in one hour, or 3600 seconds. Half Circumference of Earth: 40074.28 km, halve for 20037.14 km. 

20037.14 / 3600 = 5565.87 m/s, Mach 16.23. 

KE = 0.5m x v^2 = 7.244e25 Joules, or Multi-Continent level

Alternatively, we could lowball and say he just sustains the storm, meaning CAPE method. 1 kJ/kg. 

New value would be 4.667e21 Joules, or Small Country level

High-end is much more likely. Moving on. 

Father Llymic's Glacial Extravaganza

If he is released from his prison, the entire world will be covered in a deadly glacier, removed from light and hope for all time... With each creature perverted by his touch, Father Llymic’s power grows. As it does, the sun begins to dim, its light drawn out to keep the prison secure. If he becomes strong enough,the sun itself would grow dark. With the darkening of the sun, Father Llymic might finally live. Once he is free to bring his vision of reality to the world, it would become a mirror of his alien home, a frozen paradise of madness and death.

~ Elder Evils, 3.5e

So Father Llymic can cause a glacier to appear across the entire world. Again, this guy is a lesser primordial that can be challenged by epic level adventurers if need be (though it would take MASSIVE prep time). He should scale to demigods and the like. 

Water freezes at 0 C, but instantly freezes at -40 C, so we'll use that. We dunno timeframe, just that it happens upon his awakening.

Average Temp: 16 C. So heat change is 56 C.  

We can assume this goes up to the clouds, lowest of which are 1000 m. This would cover most shorter mountains. 

So, surface area of earth times height nets us a volume of 5.1e17 m^3. Just to lowball, we'll do this calc for air and not water, despite the fact that it explicitly makes a glacier (frozen ice). So, density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3, so mass is 6.248e17 kg. 

Plug in values here, take results. Our specific heat is 1012 J/(kg x K). We get 3.541e22 Joules, or Country level. Good enough. 

However, since this is technically a glacier, which is water, let's assume he did this all to water instead, since this would be more scientifically accurate, since I'm thinking about it. 

Heat change remains the same, but specific heat becomes 4181.3, and mass reverts to the density of water, which, while impure, would be around 987 kg/m^3 (pure water is 1000 kg/m^3). So mass is 5.034e20 kg. 

1.179e26 Joules is our outcome, or solidly within Multi-Continent level

Screamo and Angst

Mephistopheles screamed and tried to stand. Riven kept a foot on his back, and drove him face down into the ice of his own realm.Somewhere in the distance, glaciers crumbled. Mountains fell.
~ The Twilight War, Shadowrealm

So mountains were damaged and glaciers were turned to nothing. This, again, would scale to demigods, archdevils, and so on. 

Once again, we will go SUPER BASELINE and lowball the hell out of this feat, as we've been doing. 

Glacier Busting

Just by yelling, that guy shattered multiple glaciers. Low-end, we'll say V. Frag, high-end, we'll say pulv. 

A glacier has a baseline of 100000 m^2, and according to web articles, the smallest thicknesses are a few tens of meters, so baseline, we'll say 30 meters. This is assuming the SMALLEST glaciers. 

So volume is 3000000 m^3 of ice. Double, because there were multiple glaciers affected. That's 6000000 m^3 of ice, now. 

V Frag: 0.825 j/cc

Pulv: 4.3919 j/cc

So, multiply these by our values to get the following tallies:

Low-End: 4.950e12 Joules, Small Town level

High-End: 2.635e13 Joules, Town level

Now then, the mountains that were split in two. 

Mountain Splitting

Multiple mountains were split in two. Just fragmentation of a baseline mountain is this, 6.07e15 Joules. Double for 1.214e16 Joules, so Small City level.

Add 'Em Together

Keep in mind this is VERY BASELINE. Literally lowballed at every point. 

Low-End: 1.215e16 Joules, Small City level

High-End: 1.219e16 Joules, Small City level

Moving on. 

To The Core!

The Abomination was brought to my attention as another beast that'd scale to the demigods and their avatars. Notably, it heats the core of planets. That's a big feat. We can lowball it with knowledge of the world's core. 

Those guys heat the core, which is 3480 km in thickness (radius)

Converting to meters we get a volume of 1.77e20 m^3. 

The core is generally made of iron, at a density of 9.9 to 12.8 g/cm^3, at an average of 11.35 g/cm^3 (or 11350 kg/m^3), if we are to believe this. Mass is 2.009e24 kg. 

Heat of the core is 6000 C at the surface. As far as I know, it'd be a lot hotter at the center, but we don't have an exact number, so we'll lowball. 

Specific heat is 412 J/(kg*K), if we're talking normal iron. 

Plugging this into here, we get a value of 4.966 x 10^30 Joules, or 1.19 Zettatons of TNT, Small Planet level. I think a standard and good premise to go off of, however, is to not assume this is instant, since the being can leave and it'll stay heated, and there's no reason to assume it is instant. 

Let's say a day as a good lowball, since a day is the low-end of how long the thing says it can leave for. Divide by 86400 to get AP. We get 5.748 x 10^25, or 13.74 Petatons, Multi-Continent level (just barely). 


Zargon's Storm (Low-End): 1.12 Teratons of TNT, Small Country level

Zargon's Storm (High-End): 17.31 Petatons of TNT, Multi-Continent level

Father Llymic's Global Glacier (Low-End): 8.46 Teratons of TNT, Country level

Father Llymic's Global Glacier (High-End): 28.18 Petatons of TNT, Multi-Continent level

An Archdevil Screams (Low-End): 2.90 Megatons of TNT, Small City level

An Archdevil Screams (High-End): 2.91 Megatons of TNT, Small City level

Abomination Heats the Core (Low-End): 13.74 Petatons of TNT, Multi-Continent level

Abomination Heats the Core (High-End): 1.19 Zettatons of TNT, Small Planet level\

For the calcs, here's my opinion on which end is most viable, in context:

Zargon's Storm: High-End, by a longshot. We have a timeframe, KE should be acceptable. 

Father Llymic's Global Glacier: High-end is technically more accurate, but it goes against the geography of the world. If we want to assume he just generated the ice (which is technically equally as possible), the high-end is the most likely. 

An Archdevil Screams: Low-end is more likely, but this feat is inconsequential. He also had a feat of summoning several volcanoes and breaking even more glaciers, but since we don't get a number we'd just lowball it into the ground again and not get close to our other values. 

Abomination Heats the Core: Low-end. We have no reason to assume it instantly heats the core of whatever world it resides in. Enjoy the feats. 

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