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Just a few speed feats from an underrated verse. These are gonna be used in all revisions for the verse going on to define speed for all characters below the gods themselves. Discussion about these feats are here and here. I'll also pull in a calc I did awhile ago. 


Arrow Dodgin'

First off, the low-level speed feat. This is the original blog. Copied word-for-word, unless I notice an error. 

A lot of this you're just gonna have to bear with me here for. In D&D it is possible (even extremely easy) to dodge point blank arrows, fired from bows, composite bows, or crossbows. That said, point blank would be a few feet, as each "block" is 5 feet. So... probably 2.5 feet (half a block) if they are right next to each other. Let's check it out.

Normal arrows travel at 225 fps (68.58 m/s), and compound bows can travel at 300 fps (91.44 m/s). Both solidly within Subsonic speeds. Finally, the fastest crossbows go at 440 fps (134.112 m/s)

Now. Any character is able to dodge this. More dextrous characters are more likely to dodge it, but that doesn't mean they will always dodge or that others will always fail. 

We know they do not move more than a foot or two, as they never leave their 5 x 5 square, which we will assume they are in the middle of. So. We will assume 1 foot (0.31 meters) as the normal movement. 

So. In the time that it took the arrow to move 2.5 feet (0.76 meters), our adventurer can move 1 foot (0.31 meters). We'll use different projectiles as low- to high-ends, though all weapons exist and are dodgeable, so the high-end is what should be used.

Low-End: 0.31 meters moved x 68.58 m/s / 0.76 meters projectile moved = 27.97 m/s, Superhuman

Mid-End: 0.31 meters moved x 91.44 m/s / 0.76 meters projectile moved = 37.31 m/s, Subsonic

High-End: 0.31 meters moved x 134.112 m/s / 0.76 meters projectile moved = 54.70 m/s, Subsonic

So, imo, Subsonic movement speed for base level Adventurers is justified. Fits in with their superhuman strength already.

'Splosion Dodgin'

So, somebody pointed out my error in the Melf's Minute Meteors calc- I went with the speed of the meteor, when in fact, it is portrayed as the resulting explosion from the meteor. Now, based on this, we went over some possible routes to take with the explosion speed- being comparable to C4 was done first (8050 m/s), then an explosive with a similar density to a meteor (4250 m/s), and then we reached an agreement on 4000 m/s, which is the lowest velocity for a solid explosive (such as, say, a meteor). 

So, we'll take pretty much all information from here and plug in the new agreed upon speed. 

High-End: 0.61 m x 4000 m/s / 1.52 m = Mach 4.68, Supersonic+

Low-End: 0.61 m x 4000 m/s / 36.58 m = 66.70 m/s, Subsonic

The high-end was already agreed upon since one is from a long distance and the other is from a short distance, both of which are equally dodgeable, so... still Supersonic+ ratings for these characters. 

Here's a source for that speed of an explosion, by the way

Lightnin' Dodgin'

In the Beholder thread, we discovered a few lightning spells. It was unclear whether or not it was legitimate lightning, but we appear to have reached the consensus that yes, yes it is. I'm still not sure, so if this is declined, my feelings won't be hurt at all. 

Just gonna insert data from my post on the thread.

So, the spell in question generates a cloud 100 feet above the user's head, and shoots a bolt of lightning down. Much like our other calcs, we assume the target must have dodged somewhat so as to not be affected by said lightning, but stay close enough to stay in their 5x5 squares. So 1 foot was our assumption, though 2 feet would probably also work but whatever. 

0.31 meters moved x 443,842 m/s speed of lightning / 30.48 meters lightning travelled = Mach 13.16, Hypersonic+

Just for reference, here's the spell in question. It was decided that it is legitimate cloud-to-ground lightning purely in this edition. 


Pretty simple, really.

Characters of levels 5 and over scale to Supersonic+ or Hypersonic+, depending on which (if either) is accepted. Anything below them goes straight to Subsonic without passing go. 


D&D Fodder Dodges Arrows (Low-End): 27.97 m/s, Superhuman

D&D Fodder Dodges Arrows (Mid-End): 37.31 m/s, Subsonic

D&D Fodder Dodges Arrows (High-End): 54.70 m/s, Subsonic

Adventurers Don't Look At Explosions (Low-End): 66.70 m/s, Subsonic

Adventurers Don't Look At Explosions (High-End): Mach 4.68, Supersonic+

Adventurers Turn Into Neo: Mach 13.16, Hypersonic+

Cheers, with all of these the high-end is the most likely as it isn't based on assumption at all, it's just the highest possible speed the thing would be dodged at given the setup of each calc.