Hey, everybody! Today, I'm gonna be doing a small redo of this calculation. While this calc was accepted using two million universes, what Sonic says in this scan alludes to a number far above two million. A "kajillion" could refer to any number, but in case you feel like the result is purposefully inflated… Zonic the Zone Cop (the sideways guy) states that Sonic travelled to every reality that had a Sonic in it... Of which there are an infinite amount of, hence the 2-A ratings of the god tiers in the verse. Couple that with the "kajillion" from Sonic, the slightly inconsistent dialogue of how many Sonics were there, and the fact that Darkanine recommended that 2 billion would be a fair value within the comments, 1 billion should likely be fair to use. I'll include both for a low and high end.



Universe Diameter: 8.8e+26 meters, the same that Executor used for the previous calculation. Low-End Total Distance: 1e+9 x 8.8e+26 = 8.8e+35 meters. High-End Total Distance: 2e+9 x 8.8e+26 = 1.76e+36 meters.


Copied from Executor. "As it was said in the above story the Cyborg-Sonic fled of its universe at the moment in which Eggman prepares to invade other universes, was in that time in which Sonic traveled by multiverso behind its alternative versions. Soon after they were all reunited Robo-Robotink invaded their universe. Soon this space of time is very short, in fact I could bet that it is less than an hour since everything happened so fast, but not to speculate much I will use the time of one hour not to exaggerate much." 1 Hour = 3600 Seconds. Same as before.



V= 8.8e+35 ÷ 3600 = 2.4444444e+32 m/s

2.4444444e+32 m/s = 244 nonillion meters per second

244 nonillion m/s= 8.15378884548189653e+23 x FTL

815.37 Sextillion x FTL

High-End (Accepted Value)

V= 1.76e+36 ÷ 3600 = 4.8888889e+32 m/s

4.8888889e+32 m/s = 488 nonillion meters per second

488 nonillion m/s = 1.63075780245278889e+24 x FTL

1.63 Septillion xFTL

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