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    So... I was re-reading the 8th Edition Craftworld Codex, and I came across an interesting statement:

    And just for the sake of it, I checked the 6th and 7th Edition Codexes, and the statement was there as well. So yeah, the Phoenix Lord Baharroth apparently has a sword which was forged in a supernova. Although it does say that it is a "legend", so some might discredit it for that.

    However, I disagree with that assessment because:

    • Eldar Mythology is almost entirely literally true. Their gods are all real (Or at least were before Slaanesh killed them), mythical heroes like Eldanesh have been confirmed as being literally real very recently, the War in Heaven is a real event which the Eldar and their gods took part of, etc.
    • So the legend of the Shi…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Though clouded by obvious bias and hatred towards the humans, the Eldar's words above are very truthful, and Eldrad is indeed the greatest of the Eldar seers, and the most powerful Psyker in the entire Eldar race, as it has been stated numerous times. Below are all the statements I could find:

    “Thirianna hastily reconsidered her own submission for the council’s deliberations, couching her report in more fanciful terms while the members discussed messages that had arrived from Ulthwé warning of a renewed attack against the Imperium of the humans, launched by renegades dwelling in the warp storm that had engulfed the heart of the ancient eldar empire. It was decided that a small force would be despatched to aid Ulthwé should the need arise, b…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    As I was reading / listening through the Star Wars: Dark Empire storyline, I came across a feat that has been overlooked for all these years, and which can actually significantly upgrade some Star Wars characters.

    So, let's get into it:

    So, for those who are unaware, the premise of Dark Empire is that Emperor Palpatine did not die at the end of Return of the Jedi, but instead lived on as an incorporeal spirit, and went on to inhabit the body of one of his many clone bodies on Byss, from where he led the still-lingering Empire from the shadows.

    There are some... Very big implications that this brings, and I am honestly shocked that this has apparently never been brought up before.

    In either case, I shall let the excerpts speak for themselves:


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    Credit goes to Tacocat from NarutoForums

    Alright, so I did a bunch of research and found an actual way to calculate this.

    First, the feat.

    The feat 

    Just some background first to validate this.

    The chariot is a manifestation of the sun's power, the way mortals perceive it.Apollo tells it like it is. He should know; that's his ride.
    Source: The Titan's Curse

    Basically, mortals conceptualize the power these gods dick around with in ways they can understand. They still pack that energy, though.


    Artemis stood, said a kind of blessing, breathed into her cupped hand and released the silver dust to the sky. It flew up, sparkling, and vanished.
    For a moment I didn't see anything different. Then Annabeth gasped. Looking up in the sky, I saw that the …
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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Calculation isn't mine. All credit goes to ChaosTheory123 of the OBD.

    Within the Force, within the broader range of senses it gave him, he tried to feel the presence of that void. He couldn't feel the Yuuzhan Vong or their creatures, but he could feel distortions in space, hard little nuggets of wrongness where there should be nothing.
    He felt many of them, but didn't know which belonged to the interdictor, which to the coralskippers, and this rarefied sensory data didn't precisely translate to exact directions and distances. A void that felt far away could be from a coralskipper close at hand.
    He armed a proton torpedo and fired it. He felt its physical presence as, in a matter of seconds, it closed the distance between him and the interdict…
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