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    The purpose of this blog is to explain the ideas and principles behind a project that The Everlasting and I have been working on for sometime, and lay the foundation for all Civilization Profiles throughout the wiki's future.

    Currently, both him and I are bothered by the way this wiki creates Faction, Race and Civilization profiles, essentially just treating them like a Character Profile, but with multiple characters. The problem with this is that it doesn't cover nothing of what would actually go into a debate involving civilizations, such as the 20 year old "Star Wars Galactic Empire vs Star Trek Planetary Federation" debate. Power of their technology and characters alone doesn't matter, but also territorial reach, non-offensive tec…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    So... Primaris Space Marines, right? They are exactly like Space Marines, but superior in every way, or so they say. They have been a thing since mid-2017, but have never gotten profiles, mostly because we simply didn't know just how stronger than normal Astartes they were.

    They aren't overwhelmingly stronger like the Custodes, but they are still superior enough to be noticeable. But due to them being so new to the Lore, they lacked the feats to be quantified.

    Until today.

    Today I introduce you to the Primaris Inceptors, 2.4 Meter tall Super-Soldiers in Power Armour who descend from orbit as flaming meteors.

    "Several other forms exist, such as that worn by Space Marine Inceptor Squads, designed for mounting the heavy jump packs that allow the I…

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  • Matthew Schroeder


    This will be the first of a series of blogs trying to better explain and clarify the power levels for The Elder Scrolls series. Our current profiles are quite frankly awful and they need to be severely improved.

    First of all, I like to give gigantic thanks, and huge shout outs to the user TTGL from the OBD, who is quite frankly the most knowledgeable debater on The Elder Scrolls I've seen online, and whose blogs and threads are the only reason this is possible.

    He's awesome. He was the first one to gather and showcase all of this. Please don't treat me as a genius for this blog which is just a giant compilation of his work.

    Secondly, this blog's purpose is to discuss the series' general cosmology…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Yes. I'm not joking.


    Ferrus Manus' pod crashing into the planet of Medusa leveled mountains and shook the entire planet. It endured the crash, and Manus broke free from the pod with his own strength.

    A bit vague, but definitely at least Large Island level. Luckily, there's another, more detailed version of the feat.

    So, a crater which is a least a hundred kilometers wide, and of vaporized / melted rock no less? We can actually calc this.

    Using this calculator and a radius of 50,000 meters we get a volume of 2.61799E+14 m³ for our crater.

    Vaporization of rock is 25,700 j/cm^3. The crater has a volume of 2.61799e20 cm³. So that

    1cm³ = 25,700 joules

    2.61799e20 cm³ = X

    X = 6.7282343e24 Joules or 1.60808659178 petatons of TNT

    Hope I didn't screw thi…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    While reading some Warhammer 40,000 recently, I discovered a quite impressive feat that I don't believe has been given any focus online. And seeing as there are quite a lot of statements and excerpts to cover, I figured it'd be best to showcase it as a Blog rather than create an utterly gigantic Thread post for it.

    Anyway, the feat relates to the Fireheart, an Eldar Doomsday device that, if provided with enough psychic power, can destroy entire planets. So let's begin sharing quotes. First I'll post excerpt from Codexes and Campaign books, and then from actual novels.

    Iyanden knew its forces were too distant to reach Dûriel in time, and too few to guarantee victory, but it would not need to stand alone. Biel-Tan soon pledged its aid, and even…

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