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  • Matthew Schroeder

    1. 1: Bison's Death

    So, a weakened Bison ends up exploding. It does this 1:58

    Birdie and Balrog tank this shit from the epicenter

    722 / 16 = 45.125

    Pretty tall trees, so 10 meters should suffice

    45.12500 * 10 = 451.25 meters for the diameter or 225.625 meters for the radius of the explosion

    Calculator yields about 110 tons of TNT equivalent so this lines up pretty well with Chun-li's feat. Not town level like I expected, but mulit-city block level Street Fighter fodder like Birdie who was eternal rivals with Titanic Tim, a god damn Saturday Night Slam Master? This scales to just about everybody and their mother, including the Final Fight cast which is pretty cool

    Final Tally: B…

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  • Matthew Schroeder


    Her brush reaches the galaxy in about a second. The nearest galaxy to the Milky Way is 2.2 million LY away
    2200000 * 365 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 69379200000000c or 69 trillion times faster than light. Wasn't expecting it to be that high, but not complaining 

    Can't find RKE of the Milky Way, so rough calc for that 
     Average Milky Way rotation speed is 230225.6 m/s

    Mass of the Milky Way is 6.0e42 kg

    Amaterasu overpowered the galaxy's RKE, so.... KE = 0.5 * m * v^2 0.5 * 6.0e42 * 230225.6^2 = 1.59011481e53 joules or 1.59 gigaFoe Value should be higher, will revise it with other methods later but for now there's a good value to work with

    Final Tally: Amaterasu's Celestial Paintbrush Speed: 69379200000000c

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Hello everyone! Over the last couple of months, I've grown found of the lore and characters present in the game SMITE, mostly due to me being a huge mythology buff. It was also the series' focus on mythological characters that made me curious over it's power.

    So, to solve this doubt, I looked over every single Cinematic Trailer, Darkhorse Comic Book Chapter, Official Magazine Issue and God Lore Video / Text and listed what I encountered in each.

    The following is an extensive list of every feat of every character of the series, subdivided into many sections:

    02 – Battleground of the Gods


    - Fenrir ‘s body is durable enough for him to salivate Magma.

    - Neith displays clear superhuman agility and speed.


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  • Matthew Schroeder

    The feat:13 Year Old Seiya, in the beginning of Chapter 1, awakens his Cosmos and uses it's energy to destroy a huge amount of rocks, creating a crater. < This is what he did

    Using concrete as a basis, the result gained was about 24 Gigatons of force.

    I decided to do my own calcs, using Granite as a basis. Luckly, a gentleman from OBD alredy did the calc here:

    Granite Density = 2.7g/cc

    Total Binding Energy of Granite = 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc…

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