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Within the Force, within the broader range of senses it gave him, he tried to feel the presence of that void. He couldn't feel the Yuuzhan Vong or their creatures, but he could feel distortions in space, hard little nuggets of wrongness where there should be nothing.
He felt many of them, but didn't know which belonged to the interdictor, which to the coralskippers, and this rarefied sensory data didn't precisely translate to exact directions and distances. A void that felt far away could be from a coralskipper close at hand.
He armed a proton torpedo and fired it. He felt its physical presence as, in a matter of seconds, it closed the distance between him and the interdictor... and was swallowed by another void.
He felt it enter the void, felt which of the many singularities it was.
And he seized upon that void, directing all his Force abilities and discipline against it.
It was like using a thin metal rod to push a grounded landspeeder. Too much pressure and it would bend, becoming useless. Too little and nothing would happen. He had to find the right pressure to budge it, to set it into motion and keep it going that way...
For a moment, the only things in the universe were him, Jaina, and the void. He moved the void, turned it around, moved it back the other direction.
Then he was himself again, in the cockpit, watching the flank of the interdictor distort. The void had moved back and touched the interdictor, and now the interdictor elongated into it, extending what looked like a pliant extrusion of what he knew to be hardened yorik coral into the singularity.
Source: The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream said:

So he basically moves a "black hole" generated by a Vong Interdictor

Or at least that's what limited context tells me

Anyone that has read this shit correct me if I'm wrong 

Normally unquantifiable

Then I found these.

Might as well put it out there and see if it makes sense per the fuckers that read the shit

I mean, fuck, if a class of ship about 2/3rds the size of the Vong ship of the same class could simulate planet sized masses with their gravity well generators that are considered inefficient by modern standards?

Seems pretty clear cut to me that the Vong's superior Biotech should be able to accomplish as much with a larger ship of the similar class and purpose 

So... pseudo black hole or not?

The mass of this thing would weigh in as being on par with a planet via powerscaling.

As a placeholder, let's use Earth.

Dovin Basal Mass = 5.972 * 10^24 kilograms

Lacking any further context outside of being a dog fight?

I can't work out an exact energy

Would feel pretty confident suggesting Durron accelerated the "Black Hole" at a single G though given he seems to be in fast paced combat 

Correct me if I'm wrong once more.

Speculative Acceleration of Dovin Basal = 9.8 m/s^2

And to get an energy, multiply the force exerted on it by a meter for melee range.

Work = (Mass)(Acceleration)(Distance Traveled)

Kyp Durron's Telekinetic Power = 5.85256 * 10^25 joules or 13.988 petatons

This is both really rough and probably missing some context, so if someone could post the whole passage this occurs in for the book?

That'd be cool.

Final Tally

Kyp Durron's Telekinetic Power = 13.988 petatons*

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