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It is no secret to any of you that I am a big Saint Seiya fan, and even those of you with next to none knowledge of the franchise are probably aware of how (in)famous it is among various Versus Boards, partially due to it's ridiculous feats of speed.

However, said feats are often scattered, and poorly explained around the Internet, which can lead to confusion among many Saint Seiya Fans.

So, I've decided to post all of them here. Hope this helps.

The Saints Cross The Hyperdimension

Hyperdimension Viz

Let's start with one of the greatest, and the most controversial feat.

In order to defeat Hades and stop the Greatest Eclipse, the Saints must reach Elysium, where his true body, and the dying Athena lie. However, separating Elysium from Hell is the Hyperdimension, a universe where space and time itself are distorted, and all those who are not gods are rejected and destroyed. The only way to bypass it is to traverse it.

As one can see in the scans above, there are many galaxies in the Hyperdimension, and the traversing of it is described as "Beyond 10 Billion Lights, past a hundred billion miles of darkness."

Let us look at other translations.

Hyperdimension Spanish
Hyperdimension Raw

The official Spanish translation has it as "Despues de atravesar Billones de Galaxias. Despues de pasar por trillones de puntos oscuros.".

Meaning: "After traversing Billions of Galaxies. After passing through trillions of dark points.

The original Japanese has it as

“nanbyaku oku to iu hikari wo koe”

“nanzen oku to iu yami wo nukete”

nanbyaku meaning hundreds, oku meaning a hundred million or 10^8. “Hikari wo koe” meaning “to cross” those “lights”. Or, "Crossing Tens of Billions (Hundreds of Hundred Millions) of Lights"

nanzen meaning hundreds, oku is the same as above, 10^8. “Yami wo nukete” meaning "coming out of “dark spaces” ", which is likely the space between the galaxies. Or, "Leaving past Tens of Billions of Dark Spaces"

So, what can be concluded? Obviously the Hyperdimension is a Universe, and the Saints had to cross it to reach Elysium. What is the timeframe? A couple of minutes, give or take. Hades stated that it would take minutes to complete the Greatest Eclipse, and that was before the capturing of Athena, the attempts to destroy the wailing wall, the Sacrifice of the 12 Gold Saints, quick fights with the last few spectres, and before the long battle with the Twin Gods. When the Bronze Saints reached Hades' Palace in Elysium, the Greatest Eclipse had just concluded.

Using a timeframe of 5 Minutes:

Low End: With the size of the Observable Universe (93 Billion Light Years) as The Hyperdimension's size

93 Billion Light-Years = 879847933950000000000000000 meters

879847933950000000000000000 meters / 300 seconds = 2932826446500000000000000 m/s or 9,782,855,999,999,840c

High End: Using the "Crossing Tens of Billions of Galaxies, Tens of Billions of Spaces Between Galaxies" line literally.

Most Galaxies are 10 times smaller than the Milky Way, or 10,000,000 Light Years

Most Galaxies have a spacing of around Millions of Megaparsecs, or 3,260,000 Light Years

20 Billion Galaxies, the minimum for the "Tens of Billions of Lights / Galaxies" phrase to work: 200,000,000,000,000,000 Light Years

20 Billion Spaces, the minimum for the "Tens of Billions of Dark Spaces" phrase to work: 65,200,000,000,000,000 Light Years

265,200,000,000,000,000 Light Years total, or 2.508986e33 meters

2.508986e33 / 300 seconds = 8.36328667e30 m/s or 27,896,921,509,613,161,900,000c 

Hecate Crossing 1000 Light Years

Blissfully simple, Hecate was turned to dust and scattered 1,000 Light Years away, regenerated and returned flying. This all happens within minutes too (There was a short conversation between Saori and Chronos in-between it happening), so I'll use 5 minutes.

1,000 Light Years = 9461000000000000000 meters

9461000000000000000 meters / 300 seconds = 31536666666666666,666666666666667 m/s or 105,194,996.82232388854c

And this was done by a complete fodder.

Ikki Vs Shaka: A monkey in Buddha's Hand

Phoenix Ikki, during his battle with Virgo Shaka, is taken by insane fear, and tries to flee from the Man Closest to God. He believes to have flew Quadrillions of Kilometers away from the Gold Saint, but in reality was standing in place under an illusion (Buddha's Hand).

This is an illusion feat, but Ikki still firmly believed to have crossed that distance, so I'll calc it just for the hell of it. I'll assume a time frame of 30 seconds

2,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers = 2000000000000000000 meters

2000000000000000000 meters / 30 seconds = 66666666666666666,666666666666667 m/s or 222,376,063.46543470025c

Shun's Nebula Chain Crossing Saga's Another Dimension

During Andromeda Shun's battle with Gemini Saga (Or rather, Gemini Saga's projection), the later ultilized the Another Dimension technique and trapped the Bronze Saint within the parallel reality. Shun, who at the time didn't even fully control the 7th Sense, burns his Cosmos to it's maximum and creates a miracle, having it cross the Another Dimension's space and break through it, reaching Saga who lied in the Sanctuary Pope's Chambers.

Shun firmly states that his chain will find and strike down his opponent, no matter how many light-years away he was. As Shun was within the Another Dimension, which is constantly depicted as being a parallel world / universe / dimension, I find it believable that it did cross such a distance. In fact, the Brazilian Translation has Shun state that his chains will cross 2000 Light Years ("Procure e ataque, mesmo que o inimigo esteja a dois mil anos luz daqui!" / "Search and attack, even if the enemy lies two thousand light years from here!"), so it's unquestionable that the chain crossed such distances.

As this all happened very quickly in the midst of a fight scene, I'll assume a time-frame of 15 second for the movement of Shun's chains.

Low End: Using only 2 Light-Years.

2 Light Years = 18,921,056,800,000,000 meters

18,921,056,800,000,000 meters / 15 seconds = 1,261,403,790,000,000 m/s or 4,207,590.138908698c

High End: Using 2000 Light-Years.

Simply multiplying the Low End's result by 1000, we get 261,403,790,000,000,000 m/s or 4,207,590,138.908698082c

Saints Exchange Attacks from Universes Away

In this scene, Anti-Pope Aiolos fires attacks at Gemini Saga and Capricorn Shura from universes away. Saga and Shura are in the entrance to the underworld, Aiolos is in another dimension separate from the main universe.

The attack reaches the Saints in seconds. And later both Saints manage to react to other attacks.

Saga reacts to the Lightning Telios by using the Another Dimension in time.

And Shura reacts to it by straight up blocking them.

Okay, so let's calc it:

It takes 5 quick dynamic panels for the Lightning to reach the Underworld. 10 seconds would be a decent timeframe, I think.

The Lightning would have to cross one universe to reach the edge of the Underworld, so Observable Universe will be used.

93 Billion Light-Years = 879847933950000000000000000 meters

879847933950000000000000000 / 10 = 8.79847934e25 m/s, or 293,485,680,016,673,408c.

Eris Pulls Souls to the Edge of the Universe

Eris was sealed by a weakened Athena and cast to the very edge of the universe . However, that did not stop her down, as she kept dragging the souls of humans to her position, to give her power and break from her seal. Once she obtains the evil half of Gemini Saga, she obtains enough energy to break free, causing a gigantic, Multi-Galaxy sized explosion visible from Earth.

I'm not calcing the explosion, simply the speed with which Eris dragged the souls to her. As this happened incredibly quickly in story, I'm going to use a timeframe of 30 seconds for High-End and 1 minute for High-End.

Low End: Using 1 Minute.

The distance from Earth to the Edge of the Observable Universe is 46,500,000,000 Light Years

46,500,000,000 Light Years = 439,923,966,975,000,000,000,000,000 Meters

439,923,966,975,000,000,000,000,000 Meters / 60 seconds = 7,332,066,120,000,000,000,000,000 m/s or 24,457,140,012,508,252c

High End: Using 30 seconds

Simply multiplying the Low End's result by 2 we get a speed of 48,914,279,891,590,872c

Thanatos Attacks From Cross-Universal Distances

Thanatos, during his battle with Pegasus Seiya on Elysium, decides to humiliate and torture Seiya before killing him, and does so by killing him sister back on Earth.

He does so by literally sending mental energy attacks from where he stands, which reach Earth in seconds. Reading the dialogue out loud with pauses, I get something of about 20 seconds, which I shall use.

So, where is Elysium in relation to the Physical Universe exactly? It is separated from it by the Hyperdimension and Hell, although the later's distance can be ignored, as the portion of hell which the Saints traverse is only planet sized.

After going through both, it'd reach our Universe. So what then?

We know that the distance between Earth and the edge of the Universeis 46.5 billion light years, so I'll do four Calcs to it. One using only said distance (Assuming Thanatos energy attack materialized on the edge of the Universe and began moving towards Earth), and three others using the Hyperdimension Sizes + 46.5 Billion light Years.

Lowest End: Using only the distance from Earth to Edge of the Universe.

46,500,000,000 Light Years = 439,923,966,975,000,000,000,000,000 meters

439,923,966,975,000,000,000,000,000 meters / 20 seconds = 21,996,198,348,750,000,000,000,000 m/s or 73,371,419,999,998,800c

Low End: Using Observable Universe + distance from Earth to Edge of the Universe

46,500,000,000 Light Years + 93,000,000,000 Light Years = 139,500,000,000 Light Years = 1,319,771,900,925,000,000,000,000,000 meters

1,319,771,900,925,000,000,000,000,000 meters / 20 seconds = 65,988,595,046,250,000,000,000,000 m/s or 220,114,259,999,996,384c

High End: Using Literal Size of Hyperdimension + distance from Earth to Edge of the Universe

46,500,000,000 Light Years + 265,200,000,000,000,000 Light Years = 265,200,046,500,000,000 Light Years = 2508986161252395010000000000000000 meters

2,508,986,161,252,395,010,000,000,000,000,000 meters / 20 seconds = 125,449,308,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 m/s or 418,453,849,162,542,978,000,000c

Poseidon Telekinetically Sends the Gold Cloths

During the Saints' battle with Thanatos on Elysium, the deity realizes that the Gold Cloths within Hell resonate and wail, longing to aid the Saints in combat. Thanatos laughs because the only way to reach Elysium is through the Hyperdimension, and the power of a God is needed to accomplish such a feat.

Soon after, however, Thanatos realized that the Cloths have indeed begun to cross the Hyperdimension and make their way to Elysium. He wonders who could possibly do such a thing, and realizes it's Poseidon's doing. After questioning himself through another page about how that is possible, as Poseidon had been sealed by Athena, the Gold Cloths arrive.

Using a timeframe of 30 seconds, as reading Thanatos' lines out loud gave my a timeframe around that.

Low End: With the size of the Observable Universe (93 Billion Light Years) as The Hyperdimension's size

93 Billion Light-Years = 879847933950000000000000000 meters

879847933950000000000000000 meters / 30 seconds = 29328264465000000000000000 m/s or 97,828,559,999,998,400c

High End: Using the "Crossing Tens of Billions of Galaxies, Tens of Billions of Spaces Between Galaxies" line literally.

265,200,000,000,000,000 Light Years , or 2.508986e33 meters

2.508986e33 / 30 seconds = 8.36328667e31 m/s or 278,969,215,096,131,636,000,000c

Capricorn Shura Surpassing the Initial Big Bang Inflation

The most insane feat of all. Thankfully I don't have to calc it, as it has already been done.

Low End: 146,768,202,000,000,000,000c

High End: Roughly 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000c

Final Tallies

Saints Cross Hyperdimension:

Low End: 9,782,855,999,999,840c (9 Quadrillion 782 Trillion 855 Billion 999 Million 999 Thousand 840c)

High End: 27,896,921,509,613,161,900,000c (27 Sextillion 896 Quintillion 921 Quadrillion 509 Trillion 613 Billion 161 Million 900 Thousand c)

Hecate Crosses 1000 Light Years: 105,194,996.82232388854c (105 Million 194 Thousand 996.82232388854c)

Ikki Flees for Quadrillions of Kilometers: 222,376,063.46543470025c (222 Million 376 Thousand 063.46543470025c)

Shun's Nebula Chains Crosses the Another Dimension:

Low End: 4,207,590.138908698c (4 Million 207 Thousand 590.138908698c)

High End: 4,207,590,138.908698082c (4 Billion 207 Million 590 Thousand 138.908698082c)

Aiolos Attacks from Another Universe:

293,485,680,016,673,408c (293 Quadrillion 385 Trillion 680 Billion 16 Million 673 Thousand 408c)

Eris Pulls Souls to the Edge of the Universe:

Low End: 24,457,140,012,508,252c (24 Quadrillion 457 Trillion 140 Billion 012 Million 508 Thousand 252c)

High End: 48,914,279,891,590,872c (48 Quadrillion 914 Trillion 279 Billion 891 Million 590 Thousand 872c)

Thanatos' Cross Universal Attack:

Lowest End73,371,419,999,998,800c (73 Quadrillion 371 Trillion 419 Billion 999 Million 998 Thousand 800c)

Low End: 220,114,259,999,996,384c (220 Quadrillion 114 Trillion 259 Billion 999 Million 996 Thousand 384c)

High End: 418,453,849,162,542,978,000,000c (418 Sextillion 453 Quintillion 849 Quadrillion 162 Trillion 542 Billion 978 Million c)

Poseidon Telekinetically Sends the Gold Cloths

Low End: 97,828,559,999,998,400c (97 Quadrillion 825 Trillion 559 Billion 999 Million 998 Thousand 400c)

High End: 278,969,215,096,131,636,000,000c (278 Sextillion 969 Quintillion 215 Quadrillion 096 Trillion 131 Billion 636 Million c)

Shura Surpasses the Initial Big Bang Inflation

Low End: 146,768,202,000,000,000,000c (146 Quintillion 768 Quadrillion 202 Trillion c)

High End: Roughly 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000c (Roughly 30 Septillion c)

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