MYth is a Shoujo Romance Webcomic about Greek Mythology both written and drawn by Zelda C. Wang, that I think it's really neat, and I'll recommend you read it if you're into that sort of thing.

For a series so focused on cutesy love stories and angsty family drama, it is actually surprisingly powerful. So I figured I'd make profiles for the Verse here on the Wiki. But first I feel I should make a blog cataloging all the important feats that the Verse has. Shouldn't be too hard.

I'll be splitting the feats into story arcs to make things easier to follow.

My Seasons

First story arc has some pretty good feats.

Without Demeter no crops or plants grow and the whole world starts to die.

According to Zeus, Poseidon could flood the whole Underworld if he wanted, which should be of comparable size to Earth (Which is referred to as the Upperworld).

Persephone has some sort of extra-sensorial perception. She can feel both the feeling of death and the spirit of Demeter.

After Persephone becomes the new Earth Goddess, the world goes through a cycle of growth and decay every year, and the seasons are born.

Eternal Gift

Second storyline is also pretty decent with its feats.


Poseidon controls the sea winds.

The state of the sea is directly related to Poseidon's mood and emotions.

Delphin can create illusions and also talk to dolphins.

Apollo can identify any medicinal herbs (Or poisonous herbs) through scent alone.

As stated above, the sea is tied to Poseidon's emotions, so when he becomes angry tidal waves and sea storms happen all across the coast line. And Poseidon can also levitate.

Another example of the above. When Poseidon is feeling dead inside the whole ocean ceases to move, there's no more waves nor any sea wind, it just stays dead.


Apollo can heal wounds and Zeus can erase memories.

A Promise

This is the big one. This is the most important storyline in MYth and the one with the largest amount of feats. It is to be expected, as this is about the Titanomachia rather than interpersonal relationships between the gods.

Gaia cursed Cronus to be defeated by his golden son and so he is plagued by her words in his dreams every night.

Cronus has Nike, the Personification of Victory, captured, and is thus certain he can't be defeated as long as he has her.

A small dialogue between Zeus and Hades as kids. According to Zeus, Cronus is the most powerful of the gods, and Hestia is also stronger than Poseidon.

Hades under Cronus' control kills Rhea.

In this scene we learn that gods are immortal and can only be killed should their "presence" be destroyed, or else they regenerate. If a god's presence is destroyed, then they shall return to Gaia from where they came.

Kratos (The real one) saves Zeus from the defenses of Cronus' palace gate.

Mind-controlled Hades fights Kratos, and casually beats him. He can also summon and control hellhounds.

Metis not only healed Kratos' wound, but also reformed his clothing.

Metis saves Zeus by attacking Hades mentally and causing him to faint.

Cronus keeps his children imprisoned in a sort of stasis. More on this later.

Hades creates a force-field to protect himself from Cronus' energy attack.

Kratos can fly.

The titans can shapeshift and conceal their true, monstrous form. Oceanus and Metis can also teleport as water.

More explanation on what Cronus did to his children. He literally consumed their essence and then kept their lifeless bodies frozen as trophies. But Gaia's power makes them recover to life.

Gaia provokes a quake, causes Zeus to see Rhea's spirit, and then makes him faint and drags his soul to her.

Zeus meets Gaia. She is literally the Earth.

Cronus imprisoned Eos (The dawn), making it so that Helios (The sun) is incapable of rising. Since then, Selene (The moon) has been producing light on her own to keep the world alive.


Hades can teleport as dark flames.


Metis can see others from long distances through projections.

The only reason Cronus is as powerful as he is is because Gaia made him that powerful, and now she'll give Zeus even more power to defeat him.

She also gives him a weapon.

The Titan Crius burns the land and fights Kratos, Bia and Zelus.

Hyperion blesses Zeus with his all-seeing eyes, allowing him to simultaneously see everywhere the light touches.

Hyperion explains the lack of Eos in greater detail.


The titans who don't want to war are willingly dying and returning to Gaia.

Crius reveals his true form.

Poseidon getting beaten by Coeus.

Zeus descends to Tartarus and rallies the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires to his cause, and is gifted the Thunderbolt.

In a flashback, Rhea explains to Poseidon that he must act as the balance between Zeus' light and Hades' darkness. And once again it's implied that Hestia is actually really strong.

Poseidon discovers that he inherited Gaia's power and that he is capable of manipulating the Earth.

The Winged Enforcers fight with Crius.

Zeus saves Poseidon by intercepting Coeus' attack, moving as a lightning bolt.

The Hekatonkheires throw rocks at Crius. It works.


Zeus heals Poseidon.

Zeus battles Coeus in his true form, which is larger than mountains. Not only can he create force-fields as well, but he easily one-shots Coeus with a lightning bolt.

After being freed, Eos returns to Helios, and allows for the sun to rise in the morning once again.

And now that Helios shines in the sky again, Zeus is capable of using Hyperion's all-seeing sight.

And then we have the final battle between Cronus and Zeus, which is very interesting. Keep in mind that Cronus is stated to be the most powerful god there is up until this point:

Cronus unleashes his full power, and Zeus is unharmed due to creating barriers.

Zeus destroys Cronus in body and soul with one attack.

Hades reaps the last remains of Metis' soul from her dead body and makes Zeus consume it, so she won't return to Gaia.

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