I felt the need of showcasing and calculating a couple of combat speed feats for DC Comics, namely a handful featuring Superman and Wonder Woman. On second thought, this shall be an ever-growing blog, designed to feature various feats.

Hopefully this will serve as upgrades.

Feat 1: Superman Punches Wonder Woman

During the storyline Superman: Sacrifice, more specifically during Wonder Woman Vol 2 #219, Diana fights against a brainwashed Superman, who pulls no punches against her. He launches himself against her, and in seconds they have flown from Earth to the Sun. Then, he punches her, and in second Wonder Woman falls to Earth.

Reading Diana's dialogue out-loud, I get a timeframe of around 30 seconds for Superman taking her to the Sun, and a timeframe of around 15 seconds for her flying back to Earth.

Calculation 1:

Distance from Earth to Sun: 149,600,000,000 meters

149600000000 / 30 = 4.98666667e9 m/s, or 16.63372955833331801c

Calculation 2:

Simply multiplying the first result by 2 gives us a speed of. 33.26745911667c

Feat 2: Wonder Woman Blocks The Shattered God


As the scan above shows, The Shattered God was hit with the Big Bang, being split into untold trillions of pieces which were scattered along with the expansion of the universe.

During his battle with Wonder Woman, he summons all said pieces of himself from every corner of the universe straight at her, and the projectiles reach her in seconds. She blocks them.

The flight of the projectiles literally happened in-between a single panel. I'm going to assume a timeframe of 10 seconds for a believable High-End, and a generous minute for a Low-End. Obviously, to block said projectiles Wondie would need to move at similar speeds.

Low-End: The DC Universe is at least 100,000,000,000,000 Light-Years across, or 9.4605284e29 meters

9.4605284e29 meters / 60 seconds = 1.57675473e28 m/s or 52,594,876,486,185,656,320c

High-End: 9.4605284e29 meters / 10 seconds = 9.46052838e28 m/s or 315,569,258,917,113,954,000c

Feat 3: Superman Throws Bomb into another Solar System


Happens in Superman Confidential #7. Supes throws a bomb that would destroy Earth it seems into somewhere safe... Namely another Solar System.

This calculation was already done by EndlessMike, and he assumed a very large Low-End of 1 hour.

The result was still 37,194.96c, and that's assuming the distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri, the closest star.

I'm going to assume the star reached there sooner, in 10 minutes. I believe that is more reasonable. Fast enough, but not too much of a Low-End.

Calculation: Distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri is 4.246 Lightyears, or 4.01694036e16 meters

4.01694036e16 meters / 600 seconds = 6.6949006e13 m/s, or 223,317.84610805652c

Feat 4: Kyle Rayner's MFTL+ Car

In this feat, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner crosses over 10 Lightyears in a very short timeframe by driving a construct Car. As this was done with immense casualness, and as it was a vehicle he'd need to manually drive it (And indeed, you can see that he does fancy spins and such with the energy trail), this would naturally scale to his Reaction Speed as well as flight.

This feat was already calculated:

Low-End: 10 minutes: 94610000000000/600= 525,974.98411051c

Mid-End: 5 Minutes: 94610000000000/300= 1,051,949.9682244c

High-End: 1 Minute: 94610000000000/60= 5,259,749.7299282c

Feat 5: Karate Kid is Totally Not Superhuman

*Credit to Vivi of OBD

In his fight with the Kryptonian Mon-El, Karate Kid reacts to his charge, and responds by hurling him into another Solar System with such speed that Mon-El doesn't even notice what happened.

To Lowball this, we will use the distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri. As this happened so fast that a Kryptonian couldn't perceive, we will also assume a timeframe of 0.1 seconds.

4.01694036e16 meters / 0.1 seconds = 4.01694036e17 m/s or 1,339,907,076.6483392715c

Feat 6: Superman Flies to Rao

In Final Crisis #7, Superman and Earth-Two Superman clash against Superboy Prime, and as they struggle and fight, they push him all the way to Rao, Krypton's Red Sun. Krypton, as established in the Post-Crisis Continuity, is located in the Andromeda Galaxy .

So, how to evaluate the feat? From the first scan, you can see that they weren't on Earth, but on space. Thankfully, as it is often the case, context can help:

Superboy Prime began his flight on Earth (First Scan), passing through the Moon (Second Scan) and quickly researching another Solar System (Third Scan). And at that point he is intercepted by Green Lanterns and the heroes, and he and the Supermen clash.

Attacked by Green Lanterns

So we will have to do multiple calculations. For the Low-End, let us assume Superboy Prime was at the absolute edge of the Milky Way, and for the High-End let us assume he was in the nearest possible distance for another Solar System.


The distance between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy is of around 2,500,000 Light-Years, or 2.3651826e+22 meters.

Assuming it took 5 minutes. A reasonable timeframe I believe, as the travel happened over 3 pages and Superboy Prime was only capable of having brief dialogue mid-struggle.

2.3651826e+22 meters / 300 seconds = 7.883942e19 m/s or 262,979,997,982.47091675c


The distance between Earth and the Andromeda Galaxy is of 2,537,000 Light-Years. Discounting 4.25 Light-Years from it, gives us a total distance of 2,536,995.75 Light-Years. This equates to 2.400183300083e+22 meters

Once again, timeframe is 5 minutes.

2.400183300083e+22 meters / 300 seconds = 8.000611e19 m/s or 266,871,656,924.73828125c

Final Tally:

Superman pushes Wonder Woman to Sun: 16.63372955833331801c

Superman punches Wonder Woman back to Earth: 33.26745911667c

Wonder Woman blocks the Shattered God: 52,594,876,486,185,656,320c (Low-End),  315,569,258,917,113,954,000c (High-End)

Superman's Super Throw: 223,317.84610805652c

Green Lantern's Construct Car: 525,974.98411051c (Low-End), 1,051,949.9682244c (Mid-End), 5,259,749.7299282c (High-End)

Karate Kid's Super Martial Arts: 1,339,907,076.6483392715c

Supermen Fly to Rao: 262,979,997,982.47091675c (Low-End), 266,871,656,924.73828125c (High-End)

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