The feat:13 Year Old Seiya, in the beginning of Chapter 1, awakens his Cosmos and uses it's energy to destroy a huge amount of rocks, creating a crater. < This is what he did

Using concrete as a basis, the result gained was about 24 Gigatons of force.

I decided to do my own calcs, using Granite as a basis. Luckly, a gentleman from OBD alredy did the calc here:

Granite Density = 2.7g/cc

Total Binding Energy of Granite = 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

Using this site to find the weight and using the same size values as the Forum (I.E, Diameter = 6.475 m and Height = 1.7 m) we'll get a final weight of 151140.9063 Kg.

Then, using this site to convert weight into volume: I got a final result of 55,978,113.444444 cc

Then, using this site: I used the Joules required for 1 Cubic Centimeter found how many would be required for that quantity, finding 119961822723960490000 Joules

Finally, I used this: to convert the Joules into Gigatons, and got a result of 28.671563749 Gt

If this calculation is to be accepted, than Bronze Saints should be placed at At Least 6-C, and Silver Saints at a Low 6-B. This would be consistent with Lizard Misty's claim that through his Cosmos alone he could burst Mount Fuji, and the anime-only scene where the Bronze Saints made an island tremble and created volcanic eruptions from their Cosmos.

I would like the calculation group to give me their input, thank you all in advance.